Posted by: The Stadium | November 28, 2008

The Lion's Review — Mega Man

I’m going to start by saying that I’m glad you stuck to your promise of not using many extras, otherwise this moveset would be a beast.

Starting with format… you are far from a hypocrite in this area. You preach BB code more than just about any other sandbag, and you practice what you preach. Good job.

As for the backstory… its pretty comprehensive. I’m used to giving OC’s comprehensive backgrounds, but I rarely expect to see four paragraphs on an existing character. Kudos to you.

I like how you included a playstyle. It really helps me to envision how the character works, rather than just what moves they have.

The stats are also useful but it brings up a question. What is the MEGA stat?

Ok the Neutral B is the true monster of this moveset… the one move that makes this look like a really lengthy sure-winner for the contest. How is this move when you inspect it more closely? The default blaster is reminiscient of Samus’s, Mewtwo’s, and Lucario’s Neutral B’s, but its reach (I think) as well as other statistics seperate it from the bunch.  As for the other properties of the move, I must say I’m quite impressed. You chose a unique way to make the buster change (had it been me, I would have probably made another special for that purpose.)

The problem with most of the changed blasters is that they are reminiscient of another character’s move. Neutral B is like R.O.B’s laser fused with Mario’s fireball (but thats understandable. Shouldn’t the fire buster involve a controllable duration and slight lingering effect after ending instead? Pound Shot is one of the more creative ones, though its like another form of Donkey’s Down B. Why does Gale Grenade feel like Pk Flash (I’ll excuse this because Gale Grenade does no damage.) Morph Bomb is predictable, but in this move’s case, that may be a good thing, and it does add versatility to the character (now that I think of it, this blast is similar to Mario’s Fire Ball.) The Plasma Twirler seems like a useless version of Samus’s Side B (though you failed to specify firing rates for the shots, which really hurts detail.) Vacuum is a nice variation of Kirby’s Neutral B. The reflector rocket is hands down one of the most unique things I have ever seen. Very nice job. Oil Spread is very nice, though its balance is questionable (this can be fixable if you specify how much oil can be on the field at one time, and how long the oil slicks last.) I like the Green Buster, its very unique.  When you made Falco’s reflector rocket identical to fox’s I was a bit dissappointed. You could have atleast made this move a reflecting version of Mario’s Fireball. Ok… now I see why you gave the Flame Buster its current effect… My version went to the Flame Blower.  Lol @ Aether Blade. Just plain awesome. The C4 blaster is questionable in balance…. its placement speed is very fast and its damage is about as good as the real thing. I would suggest making the damage 5%. Overall, great job on this move. If I didn’t comment on a move, then I feel that it is good as is.

The side special seems like a solid move. Poweful but very slow (you should really state how long wind-up takes.)

The Up Special is one of the most unique recovery moves I have ever seen. I like it more than the Neutral Special, but thats just me. Its a great recovery, but it has a huge potential risk factor, so its not to be used by an unskilled player.

I expected Slide to be the dash attack, but this makes for a very unique Neutral A move with good balance.

The moves are creative, as to be expected of a Megaman moveset, and you’ve done a good job of this. The tilts are among the most creative I’ve ever seen. The Down Tilt is really a Smash in disguise though. In all honesty, the Crash Bomber seems more like a tilt than a Smash (and the Side Tilt is very smash-like), but the ability to charge it (might I suggest 3 damage uncharged and 5 damage per hit fully charged) is irreplaceable. I like how it’s basicly a Light Rune from the Fire Emblem series, except that it can be quite painful. The top is a nice variant of a sex kick, but might I suggest making it deadly if the foe is caught under the bottom tip of the top (dealing its damage and then spiking them down.)

What makes Megaman really unique is his largely projectile based air game.

The Bair seems kind of like the Dairs and Uairs I give some characters (namely MYM 2’s Altair and Zero), but its still awesome. Great effect, small vertical hitbox, and 10 second recharge.

The U-Air seems even more like these moves, but it goes through obstacles and deals very little knockback. So I like it.

Search Snake is potentially broken. 7% on what is effectively a fairly spammable projectile is hardly light damage. Sure the slithering direction is random, but by your description you can keep 3 on the field at a time and they don’t disappear after hitting something. This move can be fixed by reducing the damage a bit (5% should do it) and having the snakes explode if they come into contact with each other (dealing 7% damage and good knockback to those in the vicinity.) They can still go right through players.

Ah the grabs… one of my least favorite parts of making most movesets (particularly more generic characters.) By the looks of these more unique throws, you may have had some fun with this section.

The grabs are unique and there are no real questions of balance (there rarely are with grabs, so long as they can’t chain grab.) My favorite throw is concrete block as it also serves as a stage obstacle. Tornado Blow may be one of the most inventive throws to date and its potential aerial manipulation value is quite versatile.  I like the Black Hole, but I would like it better if it would suck in projectiles such as bullets, dealing 1% per shot.

I like the Final Smash. It is almost impossible to kill with, but you can give the opponent hell with its damage capabilities.

The extras leave a lot to want for but you had said earlier that you wouldn’t be focusing on extras, so I’m not going to be so harsh here.

That Kirby hat is just plain adorable. It may not be as awesome as Kirby with Snake’s beard… but you did a great job with it.

The inclusion of music is nice, but without a stage, feels a little out of place.

The taunts are good, and true to Megaman’s character (he can’t exactly be arrogant like Sam now can he?) The Down Taunt is epic. I haven’t even played that game and I still appreciate it.

Overall, I rather like this moveset. It is kind of like MYM 3.0’s Bass.Exe… just better. A lot more creative (and thats saying something.) Most of the movesets flaws were just me nitpicking.



  1. The MEGA stat is just an indicator of how Mega Mega Man is. And he’s pretty Mega, as you can tell. ;D


    I expected there to be issues with the Mega Buster. It took me a really long time to iron out all the bugs, but you gotta’ gimme some leeway here man–I basically had to come up with 39 projectiles for one character. Yes, a lot of them are similar to actual moves, but that’s intentional–in the actual Mega Man games, when you defeat a Robot Master you basically get the same weapon he/she fought you with. I really didn’t want to just make a Kirby ripoff that got new powers by KO’ing rather than inhaling, so I did my darndest to use moves besides the Neutral B for inspiration…but at the same time I tried to take inspiration from each character’s most iconic move (within reason–it’d be awfully tough to turn Link’s Spin Attack into a projectile).

    Hence, Mario’s copy is basically his Fireball. DK’s copy is basically Ground Pound. Obviously I tried making things more unique whenever I could (Gale Grenade may seem like PK Flash, but Mega Man can move after firing it, and it generally has a different speed/arc to it), but sometimes it comes out looking almost identical to the characters’ moves (Zamus’ copy is taken from her Up B).

    And I actually did have some different ideas for Falco and Wolf, but I find this to be much more fitting. 😛


    I’m…on the fence about Search Snake. It’s basically the same as the actual Search Snake from Mega Man 3, which if you’ve played the game makes it a fairly useless–if totally cool–move. Yeah, the Snake’s do decent damage…but they’re so small and thin that avoiding them is painfully easy. Imagine if Pikachu’s Thunder Jolt was only 1/5 the size it is, and half the time it fires behind him at random.

    …But yeah maybe 5% would be better.


    …Are, yeah, an afterthought. The exception being the music, as it is freaking awesome. R.O.B. has music but no stage, right? Right!?

    Also the Kirby Hat’s not mine, for the record.


    I’m really, really glad you liked it. I was afriad non-Mega Man nerds wouldn’t get much out of it beyond the Mega Buster, but I’m proud to say I’m retarded! :B

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