Posted by: The Stadium | November 28, 2008

The Chief Concern — Roomba


by hyperhopper

– – –

God my cat loves these things.

Basically this is the coolest, well-executed concept for a character ever. The actual descriptions of the attacks leave metric tons to be desired, but the ideas said descriptions tell of are absolutely awesome. This is a work that’s so black and white that I can probably finish this review in under three paragraphs (starting…now).

There are two key problems here. The first and most troubling is that the descriptions for almost all the moves are terribly, horribly short and badly-written. I struggled quite often to understand what Roomba was actually doing in the course of one of his moves. If those same explanations were elaborated on, or heck–even just given proper spelling and grammar–this moveset would be many times the text it is now. Please, please, please do something about this.

The other issue is how boring it is to look at. In the event that the above concern is addressed, there’ll be no excuse for you not to go back into it and mark up those newly-elaborated sections with bold, italics, and most importantly, color.

As I go over my paragraph limit here, I’d just like to reiterate what I said earlier: this has massive potential awesomeness…but it’s sorely in need of help getting there.





    the first paragraph made me proud.

    but can you please give me some pointers on how to BOLD ITALIC and COLOR it up??

    also, which moves were hard to understand?


  2. Almost all of his standard attacks were lacking in detail. Same for most of his Special Moves. If you can write more about how those moves work, that’ll be a good start.

    As for bolding things, just edit the post, and put “[B]***[/B]” on either side of any text you want to bold (replace the *** with the text you want bolded). To color something just highlight it, then use the drop-down menu at the top of your post controls to select a color.

  3. i meant on WHAT to bold

  4. i tired to fix it up a little, if you are bored check it out!

    jst curious, how many entrants are there usually?

  5. The last contest had somewhere in the neighbourhood of 350 entrants. This one, I’d put my money on there being even more. 500+ isn’t inconceivable.

  6. thx!

    OOH!! your avatar is the wind waker bang head against wall guy!!

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