Posted by: metinahurricane | November 28, 2008

The King's Conclusions — Charley's Ghost


By cheap_josh


Alright, this is cheap_josh’s first entry for MYM 4, and a much anticipated one (by me) it is. I always figure cheap_josh as one of the more underrated moveset makers in the thread, and constantly look forward to his next ‘set. Add in the fact that this one is a ghooooost, and you have a moveset that I am anxious to read.


Right, well, let’s start with the good. This is exactly how a ghost should fight. The massive amount of spirit attacks, with ectoplasm, skeletons, body contortions, and other creepy stuff pretty much summarizes everything there is to say about this category. And, as something of a supernatural buff, my life is now complete because Poltergeist is the Final Smash and Possess is the Forward Throw. This has always been something of a strength of your movesets, especially Spaceman G and Street Perförmer, but it’s especially true here. The only attack that kind of grates is the Knife Eyes (“O_o” pretty much sums up how I feel about it). Kudos, guy.

More good; DAMN, is your organization great. This is one of those movesets that’s just obscenely neat and tidy. THIS is living (dead) proof that you don’t need Warlord-esque walls of text to have a great moveset. You describe things sufficiently in relatively few words, making this an easy moveset to read through, and a joy to read. And, really, despite the simplicity of, say, the Final Smash picture, your pictures DO make a huge difference. They’re pretty much your trademark, but they allow the most complex attacks to be so, so easy to envisage. I don’t even have to read through the description.

Now, let’s talk originality. This was actually the biggest flaw in your earlier movesets – they had awesome Specials, but several of the Standards fell somewhat flat. No more, that. Neutral Special is obviously utterly unique, but with balance issues that I’ll discuss soon. Forward Special is just different enough from existing sweetspot giant attacks. Scarin’ has a purpose quite unlike any existing attack. Up B, however… I know there isn’t much room to manuever with recovery moves, btu I do feel that Charon is just a bit bland. The animation is (aforementioned) awesome, but only reinforces this idea. Maybe… if you give it some fancier properties? Lower its range, but, say, if you pass through a foe on your way, they get pulled with you, and, at the end, are in ideal position for a Scarin’ or a Banish? Something to… spruce it up, eh?

The Standards are, for the most part, great. Too many whacked out attacks result in an inconsistent moveset (I fear my Horseman was inconsistent), while too few result in a boring one. You seem to have a good balance here, although I’d, again, be overjoyed to see some special properties on things like her BAir, UAir, and DAir. Super armor, strange knockback, little things like that. Or even unique drawbacks.

And so we come to it. My only real problem with Charley is that she seems a tad broken. Or rather, her Specials seem broken. Vanish may be breakable at higher %s, and it may have to recharge, but since it can be cancelled by an attack, it seems way too easy to Vanish through an opponent’s attack, ending up right next to them, and then hit them with Scarin’ into Banish. You didn’t specify how much % Banish deals (always a useful thing to include, and I WOULD like to see that added to the whole set), but I’d assume it’s upwards of 20%. The lag afterwards doesn’t really matter, since, after being hit, you can just Vanish again and try to recycle the whole trick. To balance it… it’s really cool, so I’d just put my vote in on it having a longer wait between uses. The whole attack-out-of-Vanish trick is really neat, so I’d keep that; just make it a bit rarer to pull off.

On the whole, this is by A LOT your best moveset, and your earlier ones were no slouches. josh, from what I’ve seen, you are now among the top moveset makers in the contest. Your greatest strength, really, is the ease with which you communicate your attacks, and that really shines through here, with such a unique characters. A select few attacks could be pumped with a bit more creativity, but they’re few indeed. A quick fix-up of that Vanish mechanic, and you’ve got yourself a real winner here. It’ll be tough to top this one. At least to me. Because ghosts are just… sooo awesome.



  1. Thanks for your words K. Rool, glad you liked it.
    You have some pretty good suggestions about the attacks that I’ll take into consideration.

  2. No problem. It really was a fun moveset to read.

    And to review, actually. Writing these huge essays is so much more fulfilling than having a few lines! It helps that I only have to review movesets I actually feel strongly about.

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