Posted by: metinahurricane | November 28, 2008

The King’s Conclusions — Dimentio

Okay, here we go. This is my very first review out in this crazy Stadium, so you’ll have to excuse the lack of neat organizing stuff, for the most part.


By MasterWarlord

Alrighty, so let’s have a look-see. At a glance, this moveset is… kind of daunting, to say the least. Hey, it’s the Detail Nazi, what do you expect? On with the review!

Ω RELEVANCE TO CHARACTER — Well, duh. Boom boxes play a major role, along with all of his other tricks in Super Paper Mario, with almost nothing excluded. Meanwhile, his remaining attacks really suit his mischievous character and his mastery over his dimension, with some generic jester attacks to mix it up (juggling, anyone?). My only caveat in the whole thing; Piranha Plants should be able to just go ahead and bite into nearby foes.
Ω DETAIL — Cough, cough, detail nazi. Everything is here. Of course, Dimentio is slightly less detailed than your average moveset, I think. Mention of priority doesn’t crop up much. Tsk, tsk, guy.
Ω BALANCE — As much as I may search, there’s really nothing standing out around here. Dimentio may have great stage control, a fantastic recovery, and the Boom Box, but the rest of his stuff holds him back just enough to keep him all balanced. Even the giant FSmash doesn’t break it, since it’s so hard to charge.
Ω ORIGINALITY — Oh my god. Most of the standards are just fascinating. And then there’s the Flora Sprouts thing, mentioned below. Simply put: you’ve taken what’s there and pumped it full of hot air and awesome juice.
Ω PLAYSTYLE — OH MY GOD. Flora Sprouts mechanic is the coolest thing ever. Down Smash is the coolest thing ever. CLONE TO MAKE A BOOM BOX ON YOURSELF TO GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE TO PLANT A SPROUT??? And then Up Air makes the Plants blow fire up??? Dimentio has such an incredibly twisted playstyle that he would almost certainly be the #1 character of casual players.
Ω ORGANIZATION — Beautiful. I usually don’t like making the whole text coloured, but you make a splendid argument for it here. The purples and pinks put one in mind of something otherworldly. I still don’t like the abbreviations – UTilt instead of Up Tilt and so on – and some headers aren’t immediately recognizable (Basic Attacks should be bolded and underlined, go fix that), but still, much nicer than Cervantes or Cortex and Tiny.
Ω EXTRAS — Whoa, man. Just as much as ever, although at a readable amount. Not that I read them. I’m no fan of extras. Anyway, they’re there, and I know that they’re quality.

Ω OVERALL — Wow. All I can say. This is, by a wide margin, my favourite of all your sets (including Cortex and Tiny). And that’s saying something. The definitive moveset for Dimentio ever made by the hands of man. It doesn’t get any better than this. I can suggest almost nothing in the way of improvement.

Well, that was fun. I actually added in rankings as I went along, only remembering here at the end that we weren’t doing that anymore. However, if you want to see what mark he WOULD have got, go ahead and PM me, Warlord.

And sorry I couldn’t suggest more to improve. It’s not easy when faced with such… excellency. *bows*



  1. You didn’t read extras for Dimentio, of all people? You, sir, are no Dimentio fan![/whiningabouttimeiputintomakingextras]

    I agree with you on the Piranha Plants, but I felt that’d make them too powerful. I’d end up giving the bites realistic knockback/damage, which would make them too strong.

    Dimentio is slightly less detailed then my average moveset? With that fsmash? Wow, my moves must be more detailed then I thought. . .

    Heh. . .I didn’t think I was that good, I’m pleasently surprised. My goal was to make a character that’s fun to use in casual matches with the surprising uniqueness of his attacks, but be deep enough that there’s plenty for a skilled player to tap into, there being lots to learn about him.

    *Goes to correct organization mistakes*

    You haven’t even seen AI Colonel or the Joker and this one’s your favorite? Granted, this one still has excellent potential to be so, but wait until you see em all first.

    Heh. . .At least you pointed out the organization errors if nothing else. It was a good read. Thanks buddy.

  2. Hey, hey, I read O’Chunks. Very cool how you made Dimentio have a direct connection to him, although I worry it may be a bit of a stretch. In general… Bosses and SSE roles bore me. Original SSE’s are MUCH more interesting.

    How about the Piranha Plants exhale poison onto nearby foes? They did that in Paper Mario, I believe. Wouldn’t be too overpowered, and would remain true to their roots (PUNPUNPUN!).

    The FSmash may be huge, but your standard attacks – tilts, mostly – seem somehow brief. Maybe it’s just cuz everyone’s starting to step it up, and your level of detail no longer seems unholy. 😛

    I look forward to both Joker and AI Colonel, but I’ll tell you, if they top this, I’ll eat my hat. Things fell together here in a way unlike almost any moveset I’ve read. I don’t want to make early judgements, but…

    And you’re welcome. 😉

    My next review will be more useful, I can guarantee you that.

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