Posted by: masterwarlord | November 28, 2008

The Master's Critique — General Grevious


~ krool

Page 14

General Grevious by Hyper Ridley

Ah, General Grevious. . .I thought he had a bad-ass design and fighting style, but it wasn’t done justice in episode 3, as he was too busy coughing and what-not, though he looks incredible with the Computer graphics. Naturally in the not nearly as good clone wars series, Grevious is awesome. Strange. . .Anyway, an excellent choice for a character to do, I was instantly interested when you announced him. So much moveset potential here. . .And your use of it does not disappoint.

Originality: As the others said, there are basically no generic slashes in here at all, which is very rare for a sword character. You make heavy use of his four sabers/arms, having him go into all sorts of crazy formations with them. The emphasis on the four sabers is staggering, I like the bold statement you make by giving him a four part neutral combo, the “AAAA”. I’m particularly fond of the uair, which emphasizes how he somewhat looks like a vampire when he has his cloak wrapped around him. A shame you didn’t give him that pose. . .But that’s for the extras. The specials are well done, the side special and the up special being particularly interesting. The Down Special doesn’t sound interesting in looks, but very much so in gameplay, particularly with the potential for mind-games. The Final Smash is somewhat basic, but it’s a hell of a lot more then a PK Starstorm clone, and I like the easter egg for it on Lylat Cruise. Overall, a very diverse set of moves that would make Grevious a truly unique addition to the roster, he’d be very well received among the casuals for his diverse moveset, while expert players would be attracted to his excellent defensive skills and difficulty to master, as Grevious’ potential for mind games, a highly important department in the eyes of tourney goers, is massive.

Detail: This isn’t under-detailed for the most part, although you might want to sandwhich the four parts of the neutral A combo into one section so there aren’t a bunch of one liners for the first three parts. Aside from that, most of this moveset is adequately detailed. It could do with a bit more detail at times, but you say everything that’s essential, leaving no questions in my mind about the moves for the most part, and of course this also makes the moveset to actually, y’know, read. The Final Smash could use a bit of elaboration in particular, though, as I’m left wondering how many rockets appear/how long it lasts. I’d complain about the detail more if not for your play style section, which I’ve grown quite fond of over your movesets. It’s what made me more sure of Grevious’ balance, and was an enjoyable summary of the moveset as a whole.

Balance: At first I was alarmed at the ridiculously low damage percentages on Grevious’ attacks, but you made up for it by making all these moves multiple hits with all of his sabers, which made him all the more unique. Granted, some attacks still feel like they have too low of damage for how slow he is, but this is made up by Grevious’ unpredictable nature, able to attack in any direction whenever he sees fit, having an excellent defensive game, making it very hard for enemies to find an opening, covering up his weakness of being slow which normally leaves one vulnerable.

Relevance to Character: Perfect. Nowhere else could you see any of these moves being used but on Grevious, what with his four arms, and you take some moves directly from the movie out of his limited on-camera footage, so it’s hard to complain here. Some of the moves feel a bit too ridiculous for a dark sith lord, but Grevious is an eccentric kind of guy, not being nearly as level headed as most dark overlords such as Palpatine or Darth Vader. Grevious’ infamous coughing is also present, and even a lesson with Count Dookou in one of his victory poses. Kudos to you. You could perhaps make use of Grevious’ being robotic in a move or two, but really, the moves are so unique that this is just a very obscure second thought.

Extras: I demand to see you make a Kirby hat of that, it’d be hilarious. Some actual reference to him being a robot in taunt 2, perhaps I spoke too soon. Speaking of #2, I love the second win pose. People need to get more creative with their win poses as you have here, as there are really no limitations in that department, unlike taunts, as you can use props and even other characters freely. You’ll see what I mean with one of my epic Joker win poses. . .Moving right along, good nice basic alt colors, short but humorous codec, an unlocking method that actually makes sense. Kudos to you. Despite how short your SSE Role was, it’s one of the favorites I’ve seen, as it puts in the original cutscene that Sakurai cut of Dedede meeting with Meta Knight on the Halberd. You replaced Duon with Grevious’ appearance, but you still didn’t cut out Duon, excellent job. I like how Grevious is an actual boss while still being playable, and “Mr. Grevious and Watch” is priceless. I feel that Grevious should have an actual playable role, but then again none of the villains were playable outside the Great Maze, so you’re alright I suppose, though Grevious could still use more screen time. Of course, your SSE Role is leagues above pretty much everyone else’s besides mine. What’s with the SSE Role hate? The only thing you MUST change with the SSE Role is an epic typo: “Kind Dedede”.

Organization: Basically all good, I prefer the entire moveset to be colored, but this opinion is apparently controversial, as others such as K. Rool prefer it to not be so. Your oganization is good, being above average, particularly with the good naming of the moves. The only thing I’d really ask for you to do is to bold the move names so they stand out more.

Overall: I don’t see why you were initially somewhat ashamed of posting this wonderful moveset. It easily beats out Bass and your other MYM 3 entries, and I honestly feel the moves are more original then the large amount of moves you’ve shown me from Nack, as his large amount of tail swipes, no matter how unique they be, are still a bunch of tail swipes, in comparison to Grevious’ wonderful display of move formations shown here. This is partially due to Grevious having far more moveset potential then Nack, but I still feel this bad boy’s a serious contender. Still, I’d best wait and see Nack before I claim Grevious better then the rotten weasel. A slight suggestion: Perhaps you could consider adding in back attacks like with my Voldo moveset so long ago? With Grevious’ four arms, he could logically do this, and it’d help this moveset shine through even more, but that’s just a thought. I really love this moveset, if that’s not obvious by now, despite not being as flashy as Guntz, the originality of Guntz’ moves pale in comparison to Grevious. I’m not going to go out on a limb and say Grevious is better then Guntz, but I think they’re on relatively equal footing. This moveset has shined through despite you criticizing it yourself, showing it’s true beauty.



  1. Honestly, I think I was so hung up on how relativley short some of his move descriptions felt, which is why I didn’t feel as good about him. So, I think I owe myself and Grievous an apology

    As for back attacks, I think it might be difficult to put those in, considering several of his moves attack to both sides already, like the down tilt.

    Now, while I do feel better about this guy, I’m still hoping that Nack ends up trumping him, as I felt infinitley times more confident during his construction than during Grievous, so, yeah.

  2. Eh, we’ll just have to see about Nack. He’s really good from what you’ve shown me, but I still say Grevious is excellent too. If there’s anything Nack is gonna slaughter Grevious with for sure, it’s detail. I love me some good detail.

    On back attacks, it was just a slight suggestion, not a serious recommendation. You’d probably of had to of planned that from the start if you were gonna put it in.

    Looking forward to reviewing Nack next.

  3. Congrats K Rool, Kibble, or Agi.

    You win absolutely nothing. But at least say if you saw this.

  4. Seriously, Baloo? Did you really think no one would find this?

  5. I’ve never used WordPress before, I didn’t know how much power you guys had to find things. Apparently more than I thought. Or maybe you just subscribed to this review long ago. 😦

  6. Yeeeeeesssss. I have subscribed to all reviews and regularly check them all in case you have posted.


  8. Well… it took me five months and nine days, but I found ya. (h)

  9. (CLAP)

    That deserves some kind of medal. Not sure what kind exactly, but all the same.

  10. (SHOCK)

  11. And then Wiz comes a-rollin’ in! It’s… it’s a months-stretching PARTY! =o

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