Posted by: masterwarlord | November 28, 2008

The Master's Critique — Guntz

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Guntz by Spadefox

I’ve been waiting for this moveset for quite some time now. You promised to improve with this moveset over your standards for MYM 3 significantly, Spadefox, and that most certainly is true. You’re playing with the big boys now with this beast of a moveset. Welcome to the club. I can already tell this is going to be one of my favorites for the contest’s whole duration, but let’s take an in-depth analysis, shall we?

Originality: Very good. Guntz uses a wide variety of firearms in his games as is, and you took this even further with your creative influence by giving him additional unique weaponry. There’s virtually no generic attacks in sight here, I don’t think I spotted a single punch or kick at all, or even a head butt. Every single move bloody move is unique in using Guntz’s weaponry, I really can’t find anything to complain about for the most part. The only things that drag the moveset down in comparison to the rest of the beautiful moveset in originality is surprisingly the specials, which are a rather low caliber of originality, the neutral special being an altered version of Shiek’s and the side B of Wario’s, the up B being your average tether. Still, you do at least make notable changes to the specials, I’m fond of being able to shoot a gun while riding the bike. That’s quite bad ass, if I do say so myself. That said, once again, the rest of the moveset is spotless, you even making highly unique ledge attacks which I applaud you for.

Detail: You describe all the moves with just the right amount of detail. You tell me everything that’s necessary without ever being redundant, keeping your descriptions from being overly long like a certain Detail Nazi’s. Basically no complaints here, particularly with the final smash. . .If not for some slightly confusing moves. It’s mainly due to English not being your first language from what I can tell, as you sometimes word things somewhat awkwardly to understand, the dtilt being an example. It’s much better then you were originally and it does little to hamper the set, but if there’s anything to improve on relating to detail, this is it, although this will naturally come to you as you gain more and more experience crafting your now high quality movesets. An overall play style section would make me fall in love with this, but it’s not necessary.

Balance: As I said in my initial reaction to this moveset in the thread, I’d love this moveset to pieces if not for it’s balance issues, this really drags down this otherwise beautiful moveset. Guntz has good range and high power while being slow, that’s perfectly fine, but your damage percentages are skewed. You claim Guntz has a lot of lag in your summaries of this moveset, but some moves are very quick, still doing as much damage as the others. This isn’t too bad, but the real glaring flaw here is how much damage he deals with all of his attacks, the percentages he racks up are insane. He does as much damage as Bowser and Ganondorf, if not more. 8-9% on a ledge attack? Average damage output for moves is around 15%? Ouch. . .The Final Smash also seems somewhat overpowered. Even if it’s easily blockable, an instant KO? That’s too awkward. . .Just make it do insane knockback. Considering you can even shield the final smash though, it’s not too bad, perfectly fine in comparison to the rest of the moveset’s blatant top tier damage outputs. This guy’s damage outputs make Snake’s ftilt and utilt cry in fear.

Relevance to Character: Seeing he’s never actually been in a game outside of Japan, it’s fitting Guntz speaks in Japanese, like Marth, it’s a nice touch, although I’d sensor out the limited swearing if I were you, as you said you were trying to keep this as a realistic inclusion in Smash Bros. . .That said, you display Guntz’s bad ass anti hero attitude very well here, his dialogue being cold and heartless, and him doing plenty bad ass acts throughout the moveset with his weaponry such as the nair, and the earlier mentioned shooting while on the bike. Excellent job here.

Extras: Firstly, I applaud you for actually hand drawing a Kirby hat. Very nice. The Taunts/results screen poses/Wiimote Noise/entrance’s use of dialogue help to show Guntz’s personality, good job on ‘em. Alt costumes are standard fare, although I feel they overuse some colors, especially black. The codec is actually in character and makes good use comparing Snake and Guntz’ usage of firearms, kudos to you. Information on Guntz’s personality is much appreciated and well written. The stage is surprisingly over detailed for being so basic, you might want to tone down the detail on how the two platforms at the sides shift, otherwise great. Good assist trophy, although kinda strange Klonoa is both on the stage and an assist trophy. . .Janga’s a good boss, I fully intend to use him in my SSE after reading him, and you detail his personality effectively. Janga’s attacks oftentimes feel too similar to each other and some are just redone versions of each other, but I particularly like the illusions move. The King of Sorrow is better since you added in that extra attack for more variety, and he’s rather balanced, although I see him as somewhat uninteresting in comparison to Janga. Somebody else who actually detailed their trophies besides me? Impressive. Further information on these characters is present here. Many thanks. As a whole, a very deep dish of detailed quality extras, they’re a great side-dish to compliment the main course.

Organization: Plenty of use of color, bold, and italics make this moveset easy to navigate through, along with headers. Kinda strange that the ledge/rising attacks are located before the throws, but that’s just me. Otherwise, it makes perfect sense. You actually describe your attacks in your attack names rather than giving them dumb alliterated names like mine, which is much appreciated. Good job.

Overall: Really, the only thing that needs to be improved on is balance. If you just chucked down all the percentages by 3%, it’d instantly become much, much better. Some moves are in worse cases and would require to be lowered even further, so you’d have to look through it yourself, but that’s a good start right there. Other then that, the only other thing that would help this moveset as a whole a good bit would be a more unique neutral special, the current one isn’t cutting it. I like the charging, just make the bullets fired from it more different from Shiek’s needles. Balance issues aside, this moveset does such a good job of glorifying it’s source material and has so many unique moves that it’d blind Sakurai with it’s sheer beauty if he read it.



  1. The Master, indeed. This review… geez. You make me look bad, Warlord. Curse you.

    Of course, I personally prefer reading brief, concise reviews. /excuse

  2. Whadda expect? I’m the detail nazi. I’ve been doing this for a long time with 37 MYM 3 reviews. . .I’ve had experience. Just keep on goin’ K. Rool, you’ll find your groove sooner or later.

  3. No worries there. I wrote Dimentio’s whole review without remembering that we weren’t rating sets anymore. If I’d remembered that it was just comments, I woulda elaborated on most of that.

    As for Guntz’s review… good luck, Spadefox, is all I can say. Have fun.

  4. Hah, oh wow. That does kinda flatter me. ^_^

    After reading this review and going over the moveset again, I recognized that you are absolutely right about the damage – I will change that today. The Final Smash can be shielded, which makes the OHKO less devastating imo… but I can change that, too. <.<”

    For the Neutral Special, I might think of something else. x_X

    And, last but not least, I didn’t draw the Kirby hat myself, I accidentally found it on deviantArt, and was very heppy for that. So ya.

    Thanks for the review, I’ll change Guntz during the workday, and I hope that he’ll be perfect, then.

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