Posted by: The Stadium | November 29, 2008

The Chief Concern — Kerrigan, Queen of Blades

Kerrigan, Queen of Blades

by Adapt


– – –

I hate hate hate ImageShack.

Holy hell. This is awesome. I’ll admit that going into this, I wasn’t expecting too much. In fact I was kind of expecting another short, two or three-paragraph-long review. Actually, I’ll still probably end up talking less than usual, but not because there’s so much to criticize, but because there’s so little. It’s a crime that this moveset is so ignored (I’ll bet I’m the only guy who’s actually read it), as it’s easily on the same level as some of the other big movesets already posted in the thread.

But before I continue on that, let me get out the one little kink this moveset has. In short, Kerrigan’s Specials are broken. She may not have much knockback on most moves, but she does have great range, high damage-dealing capacity, and more importantly a move that restores her life without penalty. Life-restoring moves are a risky card to play since A) there’s no precedent for them in Smash Bros. already, and B) it’s so easy to accidentally break them. In this case, you took an already-awesome move (Wario’s Bite), and added on the ability to remove damage from Kerrigan at the same rate the move damages. Which means at any time she can regularly get back 10 or 15% at the start, and way more as time goes on. A good Kerrigan player could, through judicious use of Consume, use their foe’s ever-increasing damage to Consume them longer, letting her stay in the lower %s while her opponents take damage.

Not nearly as bad, but still a bit iffy, are her Final Smash and Ensnare. The latter sounds like Din’s Fire (an already broken move) combined with the Timer item (an already broken item). If I knew a little bit more about how long the effects last, or how long the projectile can fly, I’d probably feel better.

Zerg Rush, on the other hand, is simply overpowered. The closest move in the actual game I can relate it to is Peach Blossom, which does no damage. Not only does Zerg Rush last longer, but it has the same “make everyone vulnerable” trait, and does a good deal of damage to boot.

Also I think being able to use her tether recovery twice before going helpless is probably kind of cheap.


That’s really it. Everything else is perfect. It fits the character to a “t”, it’s imaginative, and it’s impeccably well put-together. Awesome job, Adapt. I hope to see more of this caliber from you in the future.




  1. I guess I didn’t qualify ensnare and consume enough
    and I’ll qualify wing latch and zerg rush while I’m at it.

    You will not be about to hold onto people as long with consume as with wario’s bite. I agree that would be broken, You will most likely be doing 3-5% and getting that back at the start. Even at 200% you will prolly not get much more than 10% back.

    Ensnare: Is not much like Dins. It only goes as far as wolf’s blaster, and you cannot control the direction, only the original trajectory. It does no damage/knockback, and it has a smaller area of effect. I forgot to add the time that the effect wears off, but it would probably be 5ish seconds. I guess I can understand the misconceptions.

    Wing latch – ZSS can use her tether as many times as she wishes without going helpless. I personally think Ivy should be able to use it twice as well because her recovery is so bad.

    Zerg Rush: keep jumping, go on a platform, hang on the ledge. These are several easy ways to avoid the Zerglings. Perhaps 15 sec is too long, I bet most characters can avoid the attack for 8-10s.

    Thanks for the review, I have learned that I need to qualify how long certain effects last much better in my next one.

  2. Glad to.

    Yeah, see, if you had made note of all that stuff in the first place, I’d have had to complain about stuff like the not-ideal-but-still-good BBCode and decorations, or the size of that picture, and other insignificant stuff like that.

    …Which I would much rather do, honestly. 😀

  3. could you give me some idea as to why the bbcode is “not ideal” ?

    Are you going for pretty? or readable? or what?

  4. Okay so I went back to the moveset, and from skimming it, it is pretty good, but there are a few things out of whack:

    1. I’d take off the stuff at the top, before the actual moveset. It makes the whole thing look like an afterthought, and just less professional.

    2. You really could do with a full-scale picture. That tiny thumbnail isn’t grabbing my attention and showing off the character like it should. If the pic you have is too big, just scale it down in Photoshop Express or PhotoBucket’s browser editor.

    3. In the Alt Colors section, I simply can’t read the words “navy blue”, “maroon”, and “black” without pressing my face up to the screen. You could just try using a lighter shade of that color, bolding the text, or both to make it easier to read and less distracting.

    4. Finally, that isn’t the easiest shade of green to make out. If it was bolded, it’d be much better, and easier to tell each move apart to boot.

    Everything else is just gravy, honestly. In general readability comes before beauty, so try for that before you get all fancy. After you do a few movesets though, you’ll figure out what works and what doesn’t, and will be able to write up an entire ‘set that looks and reads good, without having to go back and edit it later.

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