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The Master's Critique — Kelsey

Page 24

Kelsey by Chris Lionheart

I’ve watched this moveset grow up from an early age as you showed it to me before MYM 4 came out. I wasn’t as excited for it as Ashencroft and Michael, but I was still somewhat interested, her at least not being as stereotypical a fantasy swordsman as Sam, what with her gender and fighting style. How does Chris’ second entry into 4.0 stack up?

Originality: This moveset has some original attacks within, such as the specials, nair, dair and final smash, but the rest of the moveset isn’t anything too special. Even then, the moves I listed aren’t the most original in the world. The moves not listed for the most part are either terribly generic or a move very similar to an existing sword character, such as the utilt and fsmash. This is excused, though, due to the character having very little moveset potential. You did quite well with what you had, better then Sam Lionheart and most certainly better then any of your 3.0 movesets, save maybe Ashencroft, but a demon overlord has far more potential then a girl with a sword. That said, you’re not excused entirely, as I feel you could still manage to not have the rip off moves such as the utilt and fsmash. She’s an original character, why not give her some extra tricks to make her more interesting, such as magic or an extra weapon? She’s already made now, but just saying, with an OC created specifically for Smash, you’d generally want to give them lots of moveset potential, and even as is you could give her another kick or two in there if you’re looking for something different. . .Tired of hearing me bash it? I like her potential for mind-games and her general play style feels more unique then the boring FE Lords, her having decent mind-games with the simple addition of the side special and the ftilt looking identical to it, and the unique mechanics are also a very nice addition, what with the reflection blade and the charging of smash attacks adding priority rather than power. Thank you for not making down B a counter. . .

Detail: At first glance, this looks horrendously under-detailed, the basic descriptions rarely exceeding a sentence, but you list all the necessary information below the moves, such as damage/knockback/etc. The only thing I really think should be changed about this is to have the “other properties” section be merged with the basic sentence. You still me pretty much everything I need to know in an impressively small amount of words, making this moveset informative yet not hard to read, unlike that nasty detail nazi. I still feel the main sentences are a bit too short, but there’s really not much more to be said, I suppose. The play style section is welcome, but could do with some expansion, there being pretty much no limit to how much you can talk about how she plays.

Balance: So, Kelsey is weak. . .But has quite good attack speed, running speed, range, priority, recovery, mind-games, and automatically reflects projectiles? Everything is above average here, albeit maybe gimping, but still, that’s a lot of positives there. She wouldn’t get out of high tier, but she’d be at the upper end of it, which is generally too high then you want to be aiming for in balancing a character. I suggest toning down the recovery to be somewhat bad if nothing else, as that’s not as much of an essential part of the moveset as the rest of her strengths.

Relevance to Character: It’s your character, so technically she’s perfectly in character, but how do the moves fit your average tomboy swordswoman? She’s quick and weak, fitting and typical of a female, although you’re not really helping the tomboy image by dousing the moveset in pink. Little to no character is shown in the moves, leaving her be somewhat generic, although she seems to not really want to fight with the constant “Sorry I had to do this” and such, so I suppose that’s some character display. She sure displays a lot more character then those cursed FE lords. . .

Extras: Kinda awkward having some of the extras listed at the front, but okay. That said, the backstory at the start is correctly placed and very welcome, helping me to care about this character a good deal more, it being more then a female fantasy sword user template, being well written, along with the very descript section on her appearance. I’ve always liked how you showed a picture of a character then listed differences. Taunts/Victory Poses are above average, impressively good pros and cons section that’s more descript then the play style. Why are the rest of the extras called crap? You’re not helping yourself there. . .Stages are rather under detailed, particularly hell, although I like Castle Lionheart’s stage hazards. The items are large in quantity, but bland and uninteresting. The Assist Trophies are in large quantity and actually interesting/detailed, showing some personality for them. It makes me think that you used all these characters in some sort of role play. . .Lol at Kirby saying “Hi!” when doing an attack. *Doesn’t get the codec*. Very nice crowd cheer, I never thought of actually messing around with that. Long detailed trophies. . .Kudos to you! Somebody does them besides me! They provide more insight into your original characters. The Ashencroft boss is still rather under-detailed, but he’s far, FAR better then he was back in your 3.0 movesets. Overall a very exspansive amount of extras, although I wouldn’t put them on the level of, say, Guntz.

Organization: It feels kind of awkward having some of the extras at the start of the moveset, such as the alt colors and entrance. . .They generally belong at the end after the real moveset. Aside from that, it’s good, but I think the general scheme for detail would be better off if you put everything in simple paragraphs instead of listing off all the bits of information one line at a time. Other then that, this is good, although I think a brown color scheme would make more sense, as you emphasized her not being girly and her color scheme isn’t supposed to be pink according to the differences from the picture. . .

Overall: It’s a shame this character’s original, as otherwise Kelsey would get much more praise for you doing so well with how limited you were. I’m giving you credit for that right here though, if nowhere else, you prove that original movesets CAN be made for generic fantasy sword using characters. The sky’s the limit, really. This moveset may get over-looked due to not being as flashy as some others and not being that interesting due to the character herself, but I salute you for being able to do something I could never accomplish.



  1. Good review for the most part.

    But how dare you call her a tomboy.. jk. She kind of is, but not to a huge extent. Unless they are a dyke, tomboy’s have their own feminine qualities (they can’t really be called a guy now can they.) I wasn’t going for girly or manly, but rather a nice middle ground. She is tough for a girl, but doesn’t completely reject her female side (the rose references in her moveset were one way of me trying to make that apparent.) Another example of feminism is the fact that she wears a skirt or a dress instead of pants. Thats why I chose the purplish color (the actual color being “magenta”… *goes and does something heterosexual*), as I thought it would be a nice ground between the feminine pink and the masculine red.

    And why do you have to diss the FE lords so badly… its not their fault they have been mis-represented… its Sakurai’s.

    She doesn’t auto-reflect projectiles. I figured it would be common sense to know that the projectiles must come into contact with her sword to be reflected. So, realistically, to reflect she must be on the offensive or using another move like Parry.

    Some of the moves were just modified versions of Marth’s, though I find that unavoidable. You can’t be called a fencer, or a rapier user for that matter, if you don’t stab (fencing is actually primarily stabs, so you’re lucky there weren’t even more generic moves in there). Unfortunately for me, stabs were already present in the Marth moveset made by that accursed Sakurai (for the love of God, Sakurai, do some research or have an expert of the series make the movesets….)

    The Up-Tilt is a particularly hard move to make original. It has to protect the user from above. A sword user realistically only has 2 options… stab or slash in the air (both possibilities already being used by one or more of the 1…2…3….4….5 sword characters already in Brawl…)
    So aesthetically, that was bound to happen.

    If you are wondering about the extras placement, I’ll answer that for you as well. I base the placement on relevance to the player. The first thing that player is going to hear when he selects a character is that Wii-Mote Sound, followed by seeing the icon, and choosing the outfit and color. The other extras tend to go after the moveset.

    Oh and btw, she may be an OC but she wasn’t made for the sole purpose of this contest. She was made to tell a story, and in that factor, she definitely succeeds. I didn’t want to tack on an extra weapon or gimmick (for some reason I was just really into Assassin’s Creed when I first made Chris… so I gave him a *shank*.)

    Overall, though I’m happy with the review.

    Thanks for the review.

  2. This is the post with the fewest views. Make of this what you will.

  3. Tiny bit bored there Rool? ;P

  4. More nostalgic than bored. =(

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