Posted by: masterwarlord | November 29, 2008

The Master's Critique — YouTube Toilet

Page 21

YouTube Toilet by Sonic the Baron

This is yet another of the movesets that I’ve been hearing about for a considerable time now about it’s progress, since pretty far back in MYM 3, alongside Guntz and my own Cortex and Tiny. More mentions came up of it naturally when a youtube poop character, the King, was announced. Let’s see if you’ve improved in the gap from 3.0 to 4.0 like pretty much everyone else, shall we?

Originality: The attacks here are decently original, none of them feel like moves taken from another character. Not a one. Major points for that, gotta love the banana cream pie and scrubbin’ all the floors in hyrule. The problem here is that the moves are more often then not similar to the other ones in the set rather than those of existing characters. The down throw and up throw are basically identical, for example, and there are a lot of moves that involve tripping in some form in here. Granted, none of the attacks are generic save for the sparta kick, but that’s the only one in the moveset, so we can excuse that, naturally? The humor here is what makes the moveset, obviously, although there needs to be more “NO NEWS! NO CALLS! NO TYRANNY UNTIL TOMORROW!” and “OVER 9000!” and Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks (Actually scratch that, they’d just be generic kicks), though those are just personal pet peeves of mine.

Detail: This is unfortunately where the moveset falls flat on it’s face. . .Your detail standard hasn’t increased at all from mym 3.0, your descriptions are still as vague as ever. You need a mention of attack lag in every move, although you do at least provide me with damage and knockback. The specials are a lot better done then the rest, perhaps if you put the time into the rest of the moveset you put into the specials, it’d be better?

Balance: You claim YTT’s power is “6”, but he virtually never goes above 9% damage in damage output in the whole moveset. To be quite frank, YTT is blatantly underpowered. If his attacks were fast, this could perhaps be made up for, but you make no mention of attack speed throughout the entire moveset aside from occasionally in the specials, not even in the stats, so I can’t tell if they are. Even YTT’s final smash is blatantly underpowered, it makes him take 200% and still requires skill to hit other people with it in the process. YTT is poop tier, far below Captain Falcon. He’s Brawl’s new Pichu.

Relevance to Character: Obviously you score gigantic points here. YTT spews out quite the variety of youtube poops, and even if there are some I’d prefer to be in, that’s meaningless nit-picking. The majority of the essentials are here and healthily represented for an excellent package of lulz. I feel that YTT should say the quotes more often, as some of the references to the quotes they moves are derived from are kind of vague, but it’s not essential. This is what makes the moveset.

Extras: Taunts and results screen poses are more references, good, and I love the logo, entrance, and crowd chant, and. . .That’s it. Kinda low on quantity of extras, but hey, that’s what they are, extras, right? What you have is good, albeit perhaps with a tid-bit more detail. There’s plenty of potential for expansion in quantity in extras, but what you really need to do is beef up the detail.

Organization: Quite good. I like how you separate the sections with big red headers and the brown poopy color scheme for the moves, along with actually naming them. I feel the moveset would benefit from coloring the descriptions as well to help with the poopy feel, but this is a suggestion for improvement, not a problem. Perhaps bolding the moves names would help too. Still, definitely above average, this is far from a section you need to re-work.

Overall: Sadly, you haven’t improved nearly as much as the rest of your former under-detailed making kin such as TheSudanceKid in-between the gap from 3.0 to 4.0. This moveset has great potential and there are some excellent ideas here, but it’s going to need elaboration and buffing before it goes much of anywhere. Just insert descriptions of how much the moves lag, make the final smash less crappy (Pun intended), and perhaps buff up the damage/knockback if his moves are slow, and you’ll have a significantly better moveset.



  1. You DARE criticize YTT?!

    Just kidding. The lag descriptions and buffings will happen. I did put a note above the moveset, pointing out that he says the move’s name aloud, with the exception of his Final Smash.

    As for the rest of the sandbags:

    YOU MUST DIE! *Lightning bolts*

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