Posted by: The Stadium | November 30, 2008

The Chief Concern — AI Colonel

AI Colonel

by MasterWarlord

– – –

Needs more Directional Mic.

The concept alone is definitely among the strangest MYM has seen so far (though there were stranger in MYM3, and definitely in this one as well), which is great because honestly no matter how you spin it, a moveset for Colonel Campbell would be retarded.

Thankfully this is a much more interesting abstraction of Campbell’s spoilerific change late in the game. While personally I found this to much more unsettling and mysterious than a funny in-joke (which Sons of Liberty has in abundance–I’ll get to that later), it’s still one of the more awesome things that’ve happened in the Metal Gear games. Right up there with Guy Savage, Johnny, and Kojima’s Ghost.

I suppose the only difference is that this actually had something to do with the plot.

…Oh my. Three paragraphs in and I haven’t said a thing about the actual moveset. Lordy be…

It’s good. Stonking great, even. There are some things I don’t like, but (especially) for what you were given to work with, you did an amazing job of getting AI Colonel to work in a feasible manner. The most impressive thing here is how you took totally unrelated snippets of dialogue and turned them into perfectly good–and sometimes even hilariously awesome–moves that fit with the Colonel’s completely random playstyle.

Now…there is one thing that put me off as I read more and more. Granted, as I just said, there’s not much to work with for the character–he only has a few lines of dialogue to pull from, and never physically DOES anything in the game. So almost by necessity, all of his attacks are physical interpretations of things he said. As I also just said, most of the time this is a recipe for awesomely hilarious stuff…however, recycling the same line over and over for multiple attacks kind of marred it for me. The North American Fall Webworm bit was awesome in the Up Smash…but when it came up again in the extras, it didn’t gel with me. So, as I hinted earlier, it would’ve been nice to see you remove those extras and replace them with things inspired by other Metal Gear Solid 2 easter eggs, like the Directional Mic, the camera ghosts, Johnny, or even something so simple as the dog tags.

In a “sort of joke” moveset like this, keeping the originality coming, especially for a MGS2 buff of a reader, is really important. I’m totally splitting hairs here, as this is basically the only significant criticism I can weigh in against you (though I’ve got smaller ones too–what’s up with that huge, un-centered, oddly-underlined font at the top of this ‘set…and all of your ‘sets, actually?). Truly this is the best moveset made for an obscure plot device I’ve ever read.


I almost never talk about the extras of a moveset, simply because…well, honestly most of the characters I read movesets for are characters I either A) already know enough about, B) don’t really care for, or C) just have boring extras. In this case I do know enough about the character…but he’s so obscure and intangible as an actual character that any extras immediately grab my attention.

The Random Blabberings (which isn’t a real word, by the way), while probably mechanically impossible, are still really neat. And it’s always fun to see somebody make up a totally new section, rather than just filling in the blanks (I remember being totally dumbfounded the first time I saw someone include Event Matches in theirs). The AT was…strange, but still fun nonetheless. Everything else was very enjoyable, even if the whole Webworm thing was still going, long after it had lost it’s inital luster.

So anyways.

In short: I liked it, but it could’ve been so much more. It was original, but that comes with the territory. Great, but not good. LOL REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY




  1. Well. . .Your main complaints are that I didn’t use the other easter eggs, right?

    That’d be because. . .I don’t really know of their existence. Despite this moveset making me look like a hardcore MGS fan, MGS2 is the only one I’ve played, and I STILL haven’t gotten around to beating the Metal Gear RAYs.

    Thus I had very limitd material to work with. All I had were the quotes I were given. Towards the end I ran out of quotes, the ones I couldn’t use being turned into extras, and a quote being reused here or there. In the actual moveset this shows as well, obviously with the bair, but also with the up tilt/neutral combo/extra attacks, and the throws being all based off one quote.

    Out of all the things you mentioned, the dog tags are the only thing I know about, which could be a decent results screen pose if nothing else.

    Anyway, glad you liked it and all, but the lack of extra material is because I. . .Didn’t know of any other material. Mind linking me to a good place I can research this?

  2. You haven’t even beaten the game yet!?

    …Man, maybe I shouldn’t have been so critical then. Geez.

    Anyway, those I mentioned are the only MGS2 secrets that’d really work as moves–the camera ghosts you can only see by taking pictures of seemingly random places, the Directional Mic is used on E.E. when you’re protecting her with the Sniper Rifle as she crosses the struts (this is also where Johnny comes in), and then obviously the dog tags are…dog tags.

    Uhm…let’s see…

    …Okay, so Google gave me this page on the Metal Gear Wikia:

    …Which seems to be pretty comprehensive. I didn’t even know about some of those.

    *goes to play MGS2 again*

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