Posted by: The Stadium | November 30, 2008

The Chief Concern — Protoman.EXE


by SonicBoom2

– – –

By acknowledging this character, a small part of my just died.

Alright, so putting aside my personal hatred feelings on the guy, overall I thi–ARGH! AAAH! GRAAAH! CAN’T SEE!! BLUE TEXT ON BLACK BACKGROUND!! EYES…MELTING…OUT…OF…SKULL!!!

…Alright. Thankfully I had a spare pair of eyeballs in my breast pocket, or else I’d be totally unable to write the rest of this review. Thank God I come prepared, eh?

So yeah. That blue needs to go. Badly. The font is suitable, and everything else about the layout is great…but I seriously had to lean in to about a foot away from my monitor to read the sections in that shade. That single flaw alone has immediately colored my opinion of this moveset. And I’m sure it has/will do the same for everybody else. Please please please change that to a lighter, more-readable shade of blue.

Now. With that out of the way, let me say my fill on the actual content of the moveset.

The first thing I noticed is that he has slightly overpowered stats. Aside from his just-below-average recovery rating (and apparently air game in general), Proto seems to be a top contender everywhere else. He’s got KO moves, awesome speed, good range, and the kitchen sink. Not really a huge deal, but still something to think about changing maybe.

The actual moves, on the choate, are…about average. I was disappointed to see a Side Special and Up Special that are essentially the same dash n’ slash maneuver, just in different directions. And that counter…oh man that counter. Those things are the bane of my existance as a reviewer. It’s definitely different…but it’s got that same air of uninspiration that a slight portion of Proto’s other attacks hold. Speaking of–there’s definitely a lot to love in most of his standard attacks–despite the total reliance on a sword, most of them sound quite original. Scary when you think that this is for a game that already has five dedicated sword-users.

That said, I’d have liked to see some more punches and kicks thrown in. Even if it was just a little bit, I think it’d serve to make for a better feel overall.

To sum all this rambling up:

The colors need fixing, the Special Moves are boring, but otherwise this is a very solid moveset. It’s actually better than that when you consider that this is your first moveset. Keep up the good work, man.




  1. So it wasn’t that bad for a first timer? Sweet.
    I’ll work on the moves.
    Srry bout the color, I gave up on that so I just decided for something random.

  2. The blue wasn’t a bad choice, necessarily. You just need a different shade, like MediumTurquoise or LightBlue.

    But yeah, if you stick with it, I’m sure you’ll get better with time. After reading this one for the review, I’ll be making a note to read your next posting…whenever it’s done.

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