Posted by: metinahurricane | November 30, 2008

The King's Conclusions — Nack the Weasel

 ¬¬¬Fang the Sniper¬¬¬

By Hyper_Ridley


Whoooo, it’s Fang! This guy is actually incredible. My #1 favourite Sonic character. I meant to make a moveset for him back in MYM 3, did I mention? It never really panned out, I didn’t get anywhere. You, on the other hand… well, let’s just go and see!


Okay, now let’s start with an overview. Fang has a good mix of gun blasts and tail swings. Nothing feels generic here, though. The ones that come closest – the kicking attacks – are acceptable in my book because I know they’re pretty much based exactly off of his games. As a character, he seems largely balanced by a low priority.

And therein lies the only really glaring problem; low priority isn’t enough, by itself, to balance a character who has everything else going for him. You say that reloading takes a bit longer than a Falcon Punch, but is it not pretty easy to just get them up to high %s with a barrage of bullets, then hit them with high knockback and reload while they’re away? His tail attacks aren’t really weak; many of them are highly versatile and serve multiple purposes depending on how many times you tap A. And his bullet attacks… well, his B may be awesome, but isn’t it a tad too easy to snipe a foe, paralyzing them, then quickly switch and hit them with an explosive bullet? And a more specific problem: is it just me, or is his Down Air ridiculous? A really fast spike that serves a second purpose if needed? Low priority, yes, but it totally rapes many recoveries, no? Speed reduction is needed.

Those are the balance issues. Now let’s talk originality. I love how you implemented his gun in general. The whole mechanic reeks of uniqueness and awesomeness, and your playstyle section – you always write, along with Warlord, the most detailed playstyle sections – serves to reinforce this; the whole Western showdown thing, where you’re trying to save your bullets for the opportune moment, is pure gold. Another small note – Smashes are just great. Fun fun. Now, the tail attacks are, for the most part, almost as good. The fact that repeated taps add to the attack serve to give them something special, although it does feel a bit arbitrary at times.

The Specials… B is fantastic, despite my balance qualms. His Up B is very suiting, even if it may not be all that unique. It’s tough to make recoveries particularly interesting, and to do it, you really have to make up some stupid stuff (coughElectrode), so when something presents itself like this, grabbing it is perfectly fine. I’ll admit, though, that his Down Special feels… tacked on, and kinda arbitrary. It doesn’t really fit or flow with the rest of his moveset, and I think it would end up kinda like, say, Mario’s FLUDD as an attack that everyone WANTS to find a cool use for, but nobody really can. These are minor caveats, though.

This is actually among the easier movesets to go through. A few attacks could use a touch more elaboration – I think that, to someone who hasn’t played Sonic the Fighters, AAA, Dash A, and Forward Tilt would all sound kinda similar. Also, the FSmash’s range isn’t really specified, which is pretty relevant for such a vital finisher. On the whole, though, the detail level is just right.

Now, a few general notes – this feels very much like how Fang should play. The Ledge Attack – you know which one I mean – is insanely creative for what I consider a meaningless extra attack that isn’t even worth mentioning much of the time. I’d like to see an attack where he runs forward, bringing his gun up and down in an arc above him, firing all the while – you know what I mean, it’s in Sonic the Fighters. Can’t recall the name just now. It would pretty much waste his whole clip, but hit foes all around him with multiple hits. Or something.

One last note – I really like the organization here. It may be just two alternating colours, but it’s very easy to peruse. However, I’m gonna have to urge you to enlarge or at least bold the attack names. Personally, I’d also make the headers a bit bigger, and center them, but that’s not really a major concern.

On the whole, this is indeed your best in a long line of good work, and I’m not just saying that because I love Fang. This is a truly exceptional moveset, and one of the top contenders thus far. I foresee great things for this moveset in MYM 4. Aside from a few balance issues and some minor problems I’ve mentioned, this is as close as I’ll ever read to a perfect Fang/Nack moveset.




  1. Heh. Nice review.

    I don’t really think you could just hit them wit ha finisher right after you use up all of the bullets, considering the enemy can DI out of them, and all of his straight-up KO moves are kind-of slow, with the esxception of USmash, which is hard to hit with since it attacks behind himself at an angle. And while I suppose you could theoretically reload while they’re recovering, at that point you’re better of just trying to edge guard first. As for the B move, would making the ammo chaging slower resolve that issue?

    For the stats, I don’t think he has “everthing else going for him”. I don’t think there’s a single move that has every single good trait listed, usually one or two. And even then, it’s only a 6/10, which is what Mario would probably have in every stat, so it checks out.

    On the other hand, I do agree with you about the Dair, I wan’t so sure of that myself. I’ll be sure to slow it down a little. I’ll also add an exact range to the FSmash, though it’s not really, vital, Nack’s supposed to gimp instead of outright KO.

    Down Special… eh, I can understand while you might feel that way, but I was trying to make this an all-inclusive move set of everything there is about Nack. I was quite proud of myself for thinking of a way to implement his wolf-side, which is never touched upon in the actual games.

    Still, I can only complain so much, this is still a glowing review and I’m glad to see the extremley warm reception he recieved when I posted him.

  2. By “everything else going for him”, I meant that he has average speed and jumping, good gimping, power, and pretty good speed. Not to mention range. However, the individual attacks all seem to check out, each of them having some sort of drawback, with the possible exception of that B, which should be better if ammo reload takes longer, yep.

    As for the Down Special, hey, I see where you’re coming from just fine. Trying to encapsulate his whole character and whatnot. It’s just a personal kinda thing, not really a flaw.

    Anyway, I enjoyed reading and reviewing it, so all my complaints were actually pretty minor. I look forward to Black Doom.

  3. Okay then, glad to see you judge the balance of each move individualy instead of being one those people who just look at the stats.

    And like I said, I’ve changed the Dair kick’s startup from “almost instantly” to “average” so now there’s a chance for the enemy to evade. B’s ammo change time was also increased to a full second

    Just wait till you see Back Doom, I like him better than my Nack move set.

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