Posted by: masterwarlord | November 30, 2008

The Master's Critique — Dr. Robotnik

Page 18

Dr. Robotnik by DancingFrogMan

Ah Dr. Robotnik. . .You increased in quality before 4.0 rolled around significantly with your major overhaul of Metal Knuckles and your Tails moveset, I gave that foxy sidekick one of my super votes. I was greatly looking forward to Dr. Robotnik and Tails Doll as you were clearly taking your movesets to even greater heights, albeit they did look somewhat over-detailed. . .I excused it though, seeing as it didn’t look too bad when you just had the moves individually for previews. Now that this monster has rolled around, though, my eyes have been forced open to see how big this thing really is – It truly is indeed a tower of text.

Originality: While that opening blurb may sound rather intimidating to you, we don’t have to talk about that until the next section, and that’s a pleasure, as the rest of the moveset is a glorious sight to behold. The moves are highly original, what with the use of all the “badniks” throughout the moveset, him using some form of one for nearly every move it seems. Your specials were original creations rather than badniks, helping to keep the badniks from feeling too overused and to great effect. Robotnik’s moveset is filled with projectiles to even the throws, and speaking of said throws, they’re quite original also, the down throw surprisingly being the one to do knockback while the others deal damage, hardly like the other characters in Smash or any of the other movesets submitted here. You come up with several unique mechanics for the individual moves such as the down B making foes easier to KO that make the moveset feel so refreshingly unique despite not having an over-arching mechanic for the entire moveset. The play style is highly unique, I’ll elaborate on this later on in the balance section. I have slightly mixed opinions on the final smash. On one hand, the first two final smashes are epicly awesome, while the other two final smashes are somewhat “Meh”, and I have a 50/50 chance of getting the lame ones instead of the awesome ones, and they’re just adding on to this massive tower of text. That said, defenitely keep both of the first two as they’re very true to character and are highly original and unique. Both of those two brought back massive nostalgia, particularly with the giant Robotnik mech’s up B. All in all, you’ve done an outstanding job with this as a whole.

Detail: This moveset is so incredibly detailed to the last touch for each and every single move, and there’s no limit for detail from me, seeing as I’m the detail nazi, right? Wrong. Cortex and Tiny is longer you say? Yes, but only due to the extras, and the actual moveset is shorter despite having a hell of a lot more to explain. Your moves quite frankly aren’t that mind numbingly complicated to deserve such long descriptions. Do I really need to know EXACTLY how Robotnik moves about his arms for each and every move? You could simply say he takes the robot out for pretty much all of your descriptions of what Robotnik himself is doing in the moves. You also painstakingly describe the appearance of all of the badniks despite having pictures of them available, making more useless text. Other examples of needless detail are. . .Sorry to say, but quite frankly it’s your writing style. It was present in Tails, but not nearly on as bad of a degree as this. You go on and on needlessly about several attacks and haven’t seem to of polished your moveset by actually re-reading it yourself to cut off the fat from the lengthy descriptions. Here are a few among many, many blatant examples where your extra words are frustratingly unnecessary.
“but has quite a lot of ending lag and also has a bit of ending lag”
“so really this move is situational really”
“and you can get each Final smash equally, as the possibility of getting each final smash is the same.”

So basically, you can make this a whole lot better by shortening the appearance section severely and re-reading the moveset to cut off the fat such as those examples I’ve provided. The massive run-along sentences don’t help either in following your massive tower of text. The aerials don’t need as much work, as I literally let out a sigh of relief when I saw how short they were in comparison to the rest of the moveset. Still, they still have plenty of instances where fat could be cut, as the first two quote I gave you were from the bair. If not for the rest of the shining beauty of this moveset, reading this thing would truly be a chore due to the blatant over-detail.

Balance: While you didn’t write a play style section, which is truly a shame considering how much else you wrote, Robotnik’s play style basically writes itself. Robotnik’s play style is filled with tons of projectiles due to his badniks, but unlike other movesets over the contests that rely on tons of projectiles such as Bass.EXE, Robotnik is slow, meaning he can’t camp or spam, and unlike most powerful heavyweights can’t deal with foes up close due to his moves mostly being projectiles. Despite this, Robotnik is still able to defend himself quite well, having a ridiculous amount of disjointed hitboxes throughout the moveset and can gimp his foes to great effect and has a great recovery, which is once again a trait most heavyweight power-hitters lack. The play style is truly unique, and all the pros and cons cancel each other out excellently.

Relevance to Character: Top-Notch. Seeing that these moves are all pulled from badniks from the actual games, they fit Robotnik perfectly. The moves that are more of your own original creations, the specials, make perfect sense for something Robotnik would do, and the neutral B and first two final smashes have more old school Sonic nostalgia that really make me love this moveset despite it’s blatant over-detail. There’s also plenty of quotes from the good doctor himself that he overused in the games, although I demand “Lights out!” be in it also, as that’s another one of his quotes he overused to ridiculous extents (Minor request). Robotnik’s arrogance and intelligence is on excellent display here, this moveset without a doubt belongs to the good doctor and I could easily see him fighting like this outside his mech.

Extras: I expected more extras considering the insane detail put into the actual moveset, but considering how exhausted I was from reading the main moveset, I’m somewhat glad they aren’t in jaw breaking quantity. Let’s start from the top, shall we? The animations are okay, I’m particularly fond of the idle one, it fits Robotnik’s character like one of his own gloves. Pros and Cons are welcome and are for the most part accurate. The generic alt color swaps are generic alt color swaps, but I commend you for putting Eggman Nega as an alt color along with Professor Gerald as a full fledged alt costume. More Robotnik quotes are present in the taunts, entrance, and results screen poses and they also help flesh out Robotnik’s character further, I particularly like the down taunt’s display of the not-so good doctor’s darker side of enslaving animals. Crowd Chant I think should be in a monotone to make it sound like they’re saying Robotnik’s name robotically, but that’s just a thought. Comments on wiimote noise you say? What’s a wiimote noise? Inquring further, what’s a wiimote? Can you use such a contraption with Smash Bros.? Is that physically possible? Moving on from my hate of wiimotes, the stage is pretty good and the ugly image helps as a basic idea of getting a picture of the stage in my mind. I like the mechanics with the cannon and the electricity, although it’s a shame Silver Sonic doesn’t show up on the stage. As for stage music, an excellent selection. A couple ones I’d personally like to see that’d fit are Final Fortress (Sonic Heroes) and E-102 Gamma’s Theme (Sonic Adventure) which aren’t on there, but this is obviously just my preference and isn’t important. Beautiful job on the Kirby Hat. Despite being done simply in paint, it gives an excellent visual representation of what Kirby WOULD look like when he swallowed the mad doctor and is quite hilarious. The codec is also good, I like how you made use of the fact that both Snake and Robotnik’s IQs are confirmed in the codec, and Robotnik is one of the more fitting characters to interrupt a codec. All in all, a quality set of a large quantity of extras.

Organization: Nothing that notable here to critize. The actual text above average, although considering how lengthy your massive descriptions are, I’d recommend bolding your individual sections, “Appearance, details, use”, and increasing the size of the actual move names. The presence of pictures of all the badniks and of the four final smashes makes this moveset MUCH easier to read, I applaud you for including them all. You even made up an amateur picture that illustrated Robotnik’s down B impressively well. The great organization helps make the massive detail somewhat more bearable, although you’ll want the best you can get for this monster. Another small recommendation is that I’d make the color scheme red and yellow rather then red and green to better match Robotnik’s color scheme.

Overall: While it did take some motivation to get started reading this tower of text, once I got started it was a massive blast (From the past to boot – There’s huge Sonic nostalgia here rather then focus on the new mediocre Sonic games, making this all the more epic.). This is one of my favorites in the contest as I can tolerate detail for otherwise good quality, and outside of the blatant over detail this moveset’s as beautiful as that certain. . .Person each male always wets their blankets over as they go through puberty from the Smash Bros. series (I am the Master Debater!). Crappy comparison aside, this moveset is excellent and it’s a big candidate for a super vote, but that position would be set in stone if you toned down the detail. I hope you’ll take some of what I said about detail into account on Tails Doll before you post him as well, as I’m afraid the detail may scare people away as it did some from Robotnik. What’s this? You say I’m a hypocrite for making this review over-detailed? It’s only fitting that my most detailed review is for this extremely over-detailed moveset.



  1. ah, I just like to say that Tails Doll is indead shorter than Dr. Robotnik, although maybe the Curse mechanic details might bulk that up a bit.

    I’ll change the size and colour for it as well.

    Tails Doll will be easier to read (bright yellow colours), thats for sure

    and i’m extremly pleased with the result of it, only you would (or maybe a few others) have the balls to read such a monster. Over-detail is the biggest flaw in this moveset.

    oh and always, many grammer issues as well. (of cause a 14 year old would have bad grammer, but you should’ve seen my writing 2 years a go on the computer, it was complete Fail)

    I’ll say another massive thank you to you! Cheers.

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