Posted by: The Stadium | December 1, 2008

The Chief Concern — Maria Renard

Maria Renard

by Tanookie


– – –

I’m seriously flipping out about Alucard now.

Okay so her throws do an unusually high amount of damage, especially Soaring Phoenix and Dragon launcher, which seem to do a whopping 22% and 16%, respectively. Her rising attack and ledge attack are tough to see in my mind’s eye, and her >100% ledge attack is just boring. The only Special Move she has that’s particularly unique is Electric Kitten, and while Genbu’s Blessing isn’t overpowered anymore, it’s become all but useless in most situations, especially considering the skim rewards for pulling it off.


That’s all I freaking have. Shit. Now what the hell am I supposed to talk about for two paragraphs?

…Hmm. Okay, so this is a really good moveset. It’s technically sound and all–the thing’s pretty easy to read, and definitely easy on the eyes (though making the % at the end of each move a different color might be a good idea). Very few moves are outright generic, and those that come close have some snifty trait or unique ability that sets them apart. Maria does seem kind of slightly cheap, considering her better-than-average stats and super-versatile list of attacks, but it’s not blatant, and really we can’t accurately judge these things without actually playing as the characters in a real game.

But the one thing I like best about this moveset is how varied it is. I personally was disappointed with the Saturn port of Symphony not because of the slowdown or less-awesome graphics, but because Maria was so boring to play as. It came as a nasty surprise to see her using generic martial arts as her primary means of offense. Her appearance in Portrait of Ruin was more what I had originally expected, but A) adult Maria > kid Maria, and B) she only had like, 4 attacks. When I finally got around to playing Rondo of Blood, I really started to warm up to her…but I ended up kind of sour still after I remembered that I was playing a game that came out well before the other games with playable Marias in them. WTF Konami.

So that said, imagine my delight as I read this and saw only 4, maybe 5 physical attacks, the rest being awesome interpretations of her various spirit/animal/item abilities. You did an awesome job, and aside from a few small quibbles, I could not be happier.

…Oh, and one more thing:





  1. Yay! Thanks a ton! πŸ˜€

    Yeah, about Soaring Phoenix; it only does 10% to the persont thrown; it does 12% to anyone around it. And I suppose Dragon Launcher’s kind of OP, but I just wasn’t sure how much damage it should do. πŸ˜› I can easily fix that.

    And, personally, I was disappointed with the PSP Maria (Symphony of the Night, mind you). Mostly cause she was almost identical to Rondo Maria…only with worse subweapons. I’ve never played Saturn Maria, but she seems like more fun, personally.

    I think I might make the damage restored by GB a bit more…that was a terrible balancing act, I have to admit…

  2. No problem! πŸ˜€

    Wait…the PSP port of Symphony has a different Maria?


    …So. Yeah. Like I’ve told you, that down special is a tough one, since there’s so much variation in it. In a 1v1 on Battlefield, it’s practically useless, but in a 3-person FFA on Hyrule Temple, if Maria breaks away she could probably get one or two uses of it off before someone else notices and goes after her.

  3. Haha, yeah. Saturn SotN has the broken uber-Maria with invincibility and healing and fireballs and such. You can pretty much rape Galamoth without any effort whatsoever.

    PSP Maria, on the other hand…yeesh. She’s like “Insane Mode” of that game. She only has five subweapons: Cat, Dragon, Cardinal, Turtle, and Guardian Fist (which is Item Crash only), and they all got worse, with the exception of the cat. She has no way of restoring health except her Turtle Item Crash–which isn’t entirely reliable–and the other three animals’ crashes are either way too expensive or short-lived.

    So, yeah. I’m on the prowl for a Saturn emulator and a ROM of SotN…

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