Posted by: The Stadium | December 1, 2008

The Chief Concern — Marina Liteyears

Marina Liteyears

by Shake~

– – –

Holy crap. I just read the word “transcendental” in a moveset.

First, I’ll start by saying that I love Mischief Makers. Easily one of the most well-hidden gems of the N64, and home of the best boss in any Treasure game ever (who I might be doing a moveset for later on). The game was long (comparatively), fun, funny, and just super awesome. There’s not much more I can say about it. Just so you know that I’m familiar with the source material, and, y’know, actually know what I’m saying when I say that…

…this moveset is half awesome and half blah. Clearly you know your Smash Bros., and you’re no slouch at actual writing–both key elements of a good moveset…but Marina’s just kind of boring outside of the Special Moves and grab/throws. Simple punches, flipping kicks…I realize most of these were probably taken from…that scribbly Dreamcast game Marina appeared in, but still…they’re all very simple. Of note is the Back Air, which is awesome, and that I wish had spread some of it’s awesomeness (namely the use of Marina’s booster in the attack) to other moves. As a basic example, right now the Forward Tilt and Forward Smash are almost identical in animation, so why not have the Smash use the booster to gain distance, rather than just Marina stepping forward?

Also you never explained how to make Marina shake things she grabs. Obviously her pummel is shaking her foe, but that wouldn’t work for items, obviously.


Most of those concerns are lessened seeing as this is your first moveset. Quite frankly, even with the bland attacks I still love this moveset–it was really fun and easy to read, it looks really nice, and in spite of the unimaginative moves, it still feels like Marina. In fact for me, the moves aren’t so much of a deal, since I’m familiar with that unique…weight that Marina has in motion as you’re controlling her.

Unfortuantely not everyone has played Mischief Makers.

Bottom line: if you can think up of some more interesting standard attacks, I can die happy. Or just love the moveset more than I already do. Whichever comes first.




  1. Thanks for the review. I’ll try my best in improving her moveset and adding details I missed like the shake thing.

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