Posted by: SirKibble | December 1, 2008

The Knight's Analysis — Henry Townshend

-/-/ Henry Townshend \-\-

— by MarthTrinity —


All right. First off, I should mention that the backstory intrigues me, and makes me somewhat sad I’m not already familiar with this guy. Good introduction for a character that I’m guessing at least a few of us don’t know.

Anyway, on to the moveset. Henry’s resourcefulness is a definite strong point, as I’m really liking the variety of weapons used. Seems the guy’s all over the board, from box cutters to candles to hatchets to…aerosol? Now, I’m not gonna lie; that’s pretty cool! The amount of detail I’m seeing is almost exactly where I like it. Not too much, but enough to get across the animation, plus funtionality points like damage, range, and lag.

Okay, so now I get to these Specials. I like them, for the most part, but I have a couple complaints and nit-picks. The first thing is… I don’t know exactly how to say this, but… They don’t feel quite…special enough. At least a couple of them. After such creative attacks for things like his Up Smash, Down Smash, and even the Down Tilt, a simple shot of a firearm seems somewhat bland. That, and his Side Special are the particular perpetrators here. His Side Special could just as easily have been a creative Forward Smash, is all I’m saying. They fit and all, and there’s probably not much that could effectively replace them, but really, I liked reading the earlier stuff better.

Another little thing concerning his Neutral Special is that 1/200 chance of getting the silver bullet with the pistol. One-Hit-KOs, as we know, are never really a stellar idea in Smash. Now, I’m not at all opposed to making this thing stronger and having the gun glow and it being all awesome and whatnot, but perhaps it would be smarter to increase its chance of showing up, and drop it down from OHKO calibre.

On a positive note for the Specials, the Up Special is solid, though admittedly not too flashy or groundbreaking. I think it’s better that way, honestly, as you’ve made a point that his recovery is… Well, let’s just say it’s not exactly supposed to be on par with characters like R.O.B. and Meta Knight. His Down Special is also one I like, despite it effectively being yet another counter. There’s nothing inherently wrong with counters, and this Down Special proves it. The effect is unique, and was a welcomed relief after I realized that the move was a counter. Call that one more than a bullet dodged; it’s something of a bullet caught and shot back. Nice work on that one, MarthTrinity!

If there’s one “Special Move” that’s completely and entirely special, though, it’s Henry’s Final Smash. I, for one, am a big fan. I’m figuring out by now that you like walking the line with a few things, MarthTrinity, and it’s paying off. I first realized this Final Smash had some solid range–that’s okay, so do Final Smashes like PK Starstorm and Paletuna’s Army. Now, this range coupled with 40% guaranteed damage to all those in it–that’s a little tougher to digest. We’re flirting with broken here. Fortunately, redemption follows not too long after. Henry damaging himself certainly keeps this Final Smash from being overpowered. In fact… 25% damage… Methinks that may even be a bit much. I’d have been satisfied if he did 15%, honestly, given the only moderate knockback of the Final Smash.

And here I see you’ve put plenty of icing (extras) on the cake (moveset). Trophies, stickers, event matches, an Assist Trophy, and even a short boss fight description. Not bad at all. I’ve got to admit, I’m not much of a fan of so many extras, so I’m sure others might appreciate them more, but what I will say is that I definitely admire that you’ve gone so far as to get the games and years for the trophies, and that the event matches seem quite Smash-viable, simple and sweet as they are.

In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed this moveset. I have no standout complaints, and generally feel that this is a very well-done moveset. A few of the moves may cause Henry to be slightly unbalanced, toward the overpowered end, but a good effort is made to make him balanced, and it’s done well enough that I think he’d fit in with the rest of the roster, though I still think he’d be Top- or High-Tier… There’s nothing wrong with that! A solid moveset, MarthTrinity! And coming from someone who’s been with you in these contests since MYM2, I’m glad to see you’ve stepped it with the rest of the group! In short, I want to see more movesets from you by the time this contest ends!


Oh, and I reviewed it, so I’m officially awesome now, in accordance with the note at the bottom. 🙂



  1. Awesome, thanks for the review Kibble ^^

    Uh…let’s see…what to comment on…

    I’ll admit that the specials (particularly the Side B) are a tad lack-luster (in fact I was having a hard time thinking up a Side B and stuck that one in at the last second, not proud to admit it but I will). The Neurtral B being a simple handgun/projectile I felt was neccesary considering Henry doesn’t have a particularly long range and most of his longer range attacks are quite slow.

    At the comment on the Silver Bullet, I wanted to include that mechanic somehow into the moveset as there’s only 2 silver bullets in all of Silent Hill 4…I figured since I rarely ever see Mew, Celebi or Jirachi (and there likely-hood is around 1/151, right?) that’d it’d be fine to have this fairly rare occassion cause quite a bit of havoc…but after I look at it, it may be a tad unfair…I’ll probably reduce it down to about a “9” on Mr. Game & Watch’s “Judgement” attack kind of knockback instead of a OHKO.

    As for walking the line I suppose you could say that, I tried to make him unique (which was kind of hard considering he’s only human) so I was forced to use pretty much every tool in his in-game arsenal in order to pull together this moveset. The down B as a counter was something I was toying around with but, like you said, I’m not a HUGE fan of counters (which is funny because I main Marth, go figure @_@) so I tried to make it as unique as possible while still retaining the Silent Hill-esque feel of it…Same thing goes for the Final Smash, I wanted to make it powerful, but I also aimmed to make it ballanced which I hoped I could pull off well, odd that you mention the damage Henry takes as too high, I felt it was too low xD

    And about seeing more movesets from me, you’ll most certainly be seeing some of those…I’ve got Pyramid Head already in the works (who funny enough COULD actually be in Smash because he was on some Track and Field game for the DS, go figure xD).

    Final Note: It means a lot to see you say that I’ve improved and stepped up with the rest of the group, while I certainly don’t think I’m quite up to par with yourself, Mendez or Warlord (among others in the thread), I’m more than happy to keep making movesets if people find them interesting…and even if they don’t, I still find them fun to make ^^ I’m also kinda honored that I could be your first review, yay!

    So, I think that’s it, I’ll certainly put your suggestions into action (since I feel like I can do even better than Henry ^^) and you’ll be seeing other stuff from me for sure, thanks again Kibble! ^^


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