Posted by: The Stadium | December 1, 2008

The Lion's Review — The Joker

Ok this will be the first MW set I’m reviewing, and I can already tell that it is concentrated win.

The layout is great. Everything is clear and easy to read.

Ok, his stats would translate to rougly 4/5 power, 4/5 reach and 2/5 attack speed. This isn’t really broken. The height balances out the weight. Overall I can’t really find anything that screams broken here.

I like the down special. Very high risk, and potentially very high reward. A lot of detail went in to this move but not to the point of being unnecessary *caugh*Robotnik*cough*.

The neutral special is a real monster lots and lots of detail…  After inspecting it, I’m not quite as fond of it. Its a button mash special, which I despise. Couldn’t you just give him a set button pressing speed and you hold B? Compared to the Down Special, this really seems kind of useless, as only stupid players are going to fall for it 99% of the time. I would label this very… very high risk for potentially high reward. I would suggest 5 (of the Joker’s) button presses per explosion, but thats just me. Still, this is a very creative effort.

I like the side special. Not to detailed, not to brief. Great effect (though the damage could use a slight, decline maybe 5-6%). Mindgames can come out of this. I like the bonus effect (the quote), but why not make it a 10% chance?

The Up B is awesome. It reminds me of the bolting move I used for Pelleas in 3.0, due to the way it recovers (fire in the direction opposite of your desired direction to recover). Its effect isn’t that useful but it is awesome. Definitely a very unique and epic recovery.

Nothing really broken about the A,A,A combo. Its good for initial damage, then it becomes not so great. Its never as broken as Snake’s neutral A combo at any rate.

I love the F-Tilt. Easily the most creative one I’ve ever seen. Unlike the Neutral B, this one atleast has a good reason for being a buttton masher.

The U-Tilt is good. Nothing wrong with it at all, even though tilts are rarely high-risk moves.

The D-Tilt while creative is nearly useless, its risk outweighing its reward. Against a decent foe, you won’t find much use out of this. Now if it healed for more (like 7% and 3% for projectiles), then this might be worth using. It does have a decent anti-camp use as is, so its not completely useless.

The dashing attack is nice. No real problem with it other than it might deserve a slight damage boost. A dash attack with that kind of lag should probably do about 7-8%.

The F-Smash seems inferior to Snake’s, unless fully charged. Definitely high risk, high reward.

The Up-Smash is perfect. Great effect, not broken, and true to character.

I really like the Down Smash. It works unlike anything in Smash and is truely a high-risk, high-reward move. When used by smart players, this awesome Jokerside will blow everything to hell and back!

The Nair is creative and not broken. It sounds like a difficult move to master, but with good reward.

The Fair seems like a very difficult move to use properly. If I were you I would give its knockback a good buff. With this move, very high knockback on a sweetspot wouldn’t be broken.

As many times as I’ve complimented the uniqueness of these moves, I just can’t stop. Almost every move so far has left me in awe of its awesomeness. The Uair is awesome, dealing a potential 15-18% damage (if I’m reading it right) and being useable as a short-hopped ground move. Good job.

Bair isn’t one of the most creative moves of this set, but its still awesome, being like a double sided, reverse Ganondorf/Falcon Uair. Nothing broken here.

Your really starting to scare me with these awesome moves. Dair looks incredibly fun to use. Its damage and knockback isn’t to great, unless you have a lot of bounces under your belt, but the fact that it protects the Joker from Up Tilts, Up-Smashes, and juggles is more than enough to make up for that.

Okay I had gotten a preview of your cool grab attack a while ago. I couldn’t resist borrowing something like this for my Bastian moveset, seeing as how Bastian has such an obsession with long-winded speeches. Your version, unlike mine, does less damage and has actual knockback (very high knockback to be exact), making it one of Joker’s many KO options. Thanks for the awesome idea. Now I could see where the 2nd speech might make some female players feel bad, seeing as how it judges females on their attractiveness. Nevertheless, the moveset wouldnt’ feel the same without the 2nd speech.

The F-Throw is cool, makes great use of a movie quote, and is one of Joker’s many high-risk high-reward moves. It just doesn’t seem worth it to me, though. Then again, that’s just because I don’t like having to precisely time moves when there is a simpler substitute.

The B-Throw is cool, though vaguely similar to Bowser’s Side B. Still, its nice having another Jokerside.

Nothing particularly special about the U-Throw, non-aesthetically. It deals decent damage and good knockback, making it pretty average. Aesthetically, this move is pretty cool, though far from Joker’s coolest throw.

Holy crap! That D-Throw is satanic! I might expect this sort of thing from Darklemonade Darkserenade, but wow… Balance-wise, this is a good move, but not broken. Thanks for the sick mental picture….

The Final Smash is effective, but not overpowered by FS standards. The only problem I can spot is that there is no way to pre-maturely detonate the coats you lay on the ground. Will you still be invinceable to these coats after the FS ends?

I’m not going to comment much on the play-style. Its well-detailed and tells alot about how the Joker plays (though I can understand how he plays without reading the playstyle.)

Ok the taunts are all pretty epic, as is to be expected of someone as iconic as the Joker. The down taunt just sounds to much like Two-Face, though.

The Win Poses are just as epic, especially the vs. Batman one. That was a smart thing to include. The lose poses aren’t as epic, but they are certainly above average.

Kirby just lost his adorable image, now becoming a small demented murderer the likes of which only Chucky can compete with. Somehow I can’t resist laughing at this. Am I sadistic?

Nothing much to say about the Alt. Outfits except for Ronald McJoker…. I knew McDonald’s was evil!

Lol the Snake Codec is absolutely epic for anyone who has seen the Dark Knight, which at last count, was just about everybody!

Good thinking, making Two-Face the Assist Trophy. I like how it all comes to chance, because “The only morality in a cruel world is chance…unbiased…unprejudiced…fair.”

The last thing you have here is the item, and I must say its awesome. You have probably gotten sick of that word by now, but its true. Items with actual game-enhancing value ftw.

Overall, this moveset is amazing. It may not be your longest or “best” work, but thats only due to your high standards. Ever since Nightmare, everyone has had high expectations of you, and this moveset doesn’t disappoint.



  1. Your first MW review, eh? This is probably gonna end up being your last one unless I somehow get around to Beast Boy or Zass, as all that’s left that needs to be posted is a joint moveset I did with BKupa that we’re doing the finishin’ touches on.

    In any case, thanks for the review. I really like your new review style how you comment on everything individually. That’s in-depth for ya.

    10 presses of B doesn’t take nearly as long as it sounds, as I stated in the moveset. You’re only button mashing when you’re detonating the bombs. When you’re getting them out, you have no control over it. This is basically like Snake’s down B but harder to detonate, but the catch is you can have multiple bombs out at a time. Works, doesn’t it?

    On the fair, you can mash A and make the move not terribly laggy so. . .Yeah. Considering the move has big mind-game potential seeing as you can delay it to surprise an enemy, I think it’s too powerful if anything.

    Heh, glad you liked the Grab Attack so much. Just make sure your grab attack works somewhat differently from mine and actually fits the character. I’ll be waiting to see that one. As for it being used on females. . .I might be more considerate of that if we actually had any, and it’s the Joker’s character, not mine.

    The Dthrow is taken straight from the movie. *Facepencil* has become a big internet fad. Dontcha regognize it?

    That was an impressively done review and gave me a lot of input, many thanks. Cortex and Tiny are the longest due to their extras and obviously are the best in that department, but I feel that The Joker is the truest to character out of any of the movesets I’ve ever done and rivals Dimentio for having the most original individual moves, if not surpassing him. Dimentio’s play style beats the Joker, but the Joker’s moves on their own are some of my favorites.

  2. Its been a good while since I’ve seen the Dark Knight so I don’t remember *facepencil* and I don’t think I want to either. =/

    Well I don’t know how well the Fair really works, but I’ll take your word for it. I doubt its to powerful though.

    Don’t the multiple bombs of Down B just end up next to each other? That doesn’t sound like a huge advantage to me.

    Oh yeah and Bastian was already made. He’s on page 66.

    His grab “attack” is different. Rather than damage and knockback it does 50% damage (after a really long poetic tale) and no knockback. Bastian doesn’t have any throws either (partly because I see him as to wimpy and civilized to resort to such a tactic and partly because I’m forcing the player to use the “attack”.)

  3. I missed it? Curses! *Goes to look at it*

    The bombs are actually the neutral B input, but that’s beside the point. You can put out a bomb, cancel the move, go to a new spot, let out another bomb. . .It takes longer then putting them all out at once, but you can do it.

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