Posted by: The Stadium | December 1, 2008

The Master's Critique — Bill Grey

Bill Grey by Spadefox

I was looking forward to this moveset alongside Guntz and the King for a considerable time, wanting to see what you could do with a Starfox character to make them unique mainly. The anti Star Fox clone stance is heavily and humorously shown in the moveset what with the specials and final smash having crossed out names of the typical cloned moves for the Star Fox characters. Bill wouldn’t play anything like the other Starfox characters, but how would he do as a character all of his own accord without being compared to such low uncreative standards such as Fox, Falco, and Wolf? Let’s take a look.

Originality: I’ve never really seen a moveset where the author of it so openly admits that a good amount of their moves aren’t that original. I honestly feel you aren’t giving yourself enough credit with some of these moves, as the plasma grenades in the usmash and dair I honestly don’t feel are all that bad, as an example. The hoverboard is also a rather unique recovery, serving multiple purposes to boot. That said though. . .Several of these moves resemble those of other characters outside the Star Fox trio, such as the grounded up B to Yoshi, the uair to Ganondorf, the neutral special to Sheik, the side special to Link, the Final Smash to Pit, among some others, although those are some of the most glaring culprits. These moves thankfully have some quirks that keep them from being identical to those they’re similar to and the others are relatively interesting, being unique. . .But they’re far from amazing. The down special for example doesn’t really feel special enough, and the moves are as you stated, somewhat generic as a whole, whether or not they’re unique. This is far from bad, seeing this still makes up a fairly unique moveset, I just feel it has potential to go farther by removing the moves which are similar to those of other characters and making the specials outside the up special. . .More special.

Detail: The detail on this moveset is basically on the same level of The King’s, telling me what I need to know without ever going remotely too long. Unlike The King, though. . .This moveset has unwanted commentary throughout itself basically telling me the moves are sucky and unoriginal. This is rather annoying and makes me have a negative view of the entire moveset as I go through it considering you yourself don’t even seem to like it, and makes simple moves have needlessly long descriptions, a good portion of said descriptions not even telling me anything whatsoever about the actual move other then it’s unoriginal. I’m not going to be fond of a moveset when the moveset itself is constantly telling me it sucks. A play style section would also help this moveset along more and perhaps explain why you think it’s somehow balanced. . .

Balance: While if this moveset had more original moves this wouldn’t be such an issue, as is it bogs the moveset down with even more problems. Nearly every single move has no lag whatsoever. Sure, Bill has lousy range and priority, but he’ll survive the range problem considering he has, as you stated, 3 projectiles, as well as a good few disjointed hitboxes what with those plasma grenades you seem to hate so much among other weapon based attacks. Him being so fast and having things to make up for his range and priority would be acceptable. . .If he didn’t deal so much damage. Of particular note are Bill’s broken throws, which deal more damage then even Dedede’s do. It doesn’t help his grab has excellent range and speed as well. . . The damage Bill deals out considering how fast he is would have to never leave the single digits if he were to be balanced, but it regularly goes to up around 14%, which is very bad. Bill’s recovery is at least average and it’s not too hard for him to KO people, so. . .He’s basically Meta Knight with less range and average recovery. Not good.

Relevance to Character: You inserted what few quotes Bill had into this moveset from Starfox 64, although I still demand that he complain about you hitting his allies in some way. Bill really has very little character to insert into this moveset, and while you invent a lot of these weapons for Bill to use out of nowhere, that’s exactly what had to be done for the Star Fox trio in Brawl, so you’re excused. These futuristic weapons make sense for a Starfox character to use, and seem rather fitting of a desert soldier like Bill. I don’t think Bill would be so insanely fast though, it seems to me he’d be more balanced in terms of his speed/strength ratio, but that’s just me.

Extras: Starting from the top, the taunts are Starfox 64 quote goodness, and the entrance makes decent sense, I suppose, actually making use of an item in his moveset. The alt colors are your usual fare, and I suppose it’s good you included his designs that he, y’know, actually uses in the games for the last two slots. More Starfox 64 quote goodness for results screen poses though the loss is obviously generic, although it fits him I spose, I don’t see him doing anything special for that. I don’t feel that “he racks damage bad” is very accurate in the cons section of pros and cons, as you can see plainly from my balance section, considering how dang fast he is along with projectiles. Codec is more golden nostalgia of Starfox 64, although perhaps a bit too random. The Kirby hat is nothing notable, and there is no such thing as a wiimote, thus they cannot make sound, and therefore are physically impossible to use with Brawl. Waiting on the SSE Role, the song and logo are no brainers, and now we come to the stage. The stage is surprisingly interesting despite having no stage hazards, I like the layout and how you make a nice representative picture. It manages to be interesting even with little detail, the picture doing most of the talking, and is without a doubt the highlight of the extras. Music selection for the stage also fits. Higher quality extras than the King, but obviously not nearly on the level of Guntz.

Organization: The organization is the same as the King and Guntz, stupendous. The only thing I’d really recommend is increasing the size of your headers for each section. Your organization scheme is one of the best in the contest. My only complaint for it is specifically on this moveset though – the blue color scheme doesn’t fit. I believe it should be made up of gray (His name’s Bill GREY, you know) along with sandy shades of brown to go with the desert theme and/or green to go with the military theme. Other then that, perfect.

Overall: An above average moveset, but not nearly on the level of Guntz or even The King, or the other top contenders of the contest for that matter. Bill simply doesn’t seem as interesting as Guntz or some of the other big movesets out there like Robotnik and Electrode, and while this would be somewhat excusable considering his character, the negative tone of your writing throughout the moveset and the terrible imbalance are the final nails driven into Bill’s coffin.



  1. Well, I tried a different writing style for Bill, like, with being a bit witty and all, and obviously it failed. Oh well. Can’t have everything. =/

    Again, I never intended Bill to stand out extremely, as well, actually just as a prove that Star Fox character can be different to what they usually look like. I seem to have proven it. And that’s all I wished for.

    I was so focussed on making original moves a usual marine could do, so that I really didn’t have in mind that someone could actually have similar moves. I know about that knee attack and the Final Smash (after reading it, I recognized the similarity to Pit’s, as well), but other than that? Sheik uses her Needles differently to what the Plasmagun does. Not only Ganon has that U Air, but also Luigi and Mario, making it a bit more… well… “justified”? I dunno. I also paid NO attention to balance whatsoever… Guess that breaks my neck again. It sure is a bitch.

    I actually intended him to be a damager like MK, just with even harder to hit with killing moves. Guess I failed again. Oh dammit. *kicks the ground like Luigi*

    And he -actually- only has 2 projectiles, I don’t really count that dirt kick as one, but for the heck of it, I included it as a projectile, as I wasn’t too sure of that.

    That is all.

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