Posted by: masterwarlord | December 1, 2008

The Master's Critique — Electrode

Page 90

Electrode by KingK.Rool

To be quite honest, I wasn’t looking forward to this one as much as the others as I wasn’t nearly as interested in the Pokemon as Snorlax, and a moveset for a random Pokemon sounds rather bland, whether or not I’m a Pokemon fan (Despite the direction Pokemon’s going in being terrible, not having nearly enough emphasis on it’s excellent competitive play or online and being far too kid friendly with that cursed anime.). Anyway. . .Despite not anticipating it like I have some of the other movesets and how I am now with Zant, this moveset turned out quite good. I mean, honestly, it’s quite an accomplishment to make a moveset for a friggin’ circle.

Originality: There are a few attacks here that aren’t that original, mainly anything that doesn’t involve electricity. . .But it’s just a friggin’ circle. What really can you make it do? Even with those attacks and animations, you manage to make an impressive amount of variety for an incredibly bland character. As for the rest of the attacks that DO involve electricity. . .This is amazing. The up special is one of the single most original ideas for a recovery I’ve ever seen, and I love the bair, side special, bthrow, uthrow, down special, and up special, and I mean LOVE. There are several other good attacks in here too that really show what can be done even with the most basic of Pokemon, you really push this normally lifeless character to the limit. The charged/fizzled mechanic adds all the more to this, making it even more varied while not getting redundant, not being present on that many moves. What’s really got me hooked above anything else though is Electrode’s play style, though, as he’s basically forced to KO with self destruct or the dair, having no other choice. Racking damage is far from boring either, as you’re constantly charging yourself whenever you’ve got a spare moment, making Electrode play like nobody else out of all the movesets in MYM, not a one, much less the unimaginative movesets actually present in Brawl. This is simply beautiful.

Detail: At first glance I thought your descriptions looked too short, but as I started reading the moveset this was far from the case. You told me everything that I needed to know, never leaving a question in my mind about anything, still managing to make your moves highly interesting. How you separated the parts of the moves into sections only helped in making this moveset all the easier to read. This was truly a pleasure to read through, taking little effort for a massive pay-off. This is the prime example of a moveset made interesting despite small detail. Your mechanics aren’t that complicated to require that much explanation, but you still manage to make them interesting and highly original. An amazing job.

Balance: This is the only part of the moveset where I really have any complaints. . .And very unfortunately, they’re very, very, big. To be quite frank. . .Electrode is blatantly underpowered. He’s bottom tier without a doubt, down on the level of Captain Falcon, if not below him, as the new Pichu of Brawl. How you ask? Firstly, Electrode requires a ton of skill to play, seeing his play style is so awkward, so only then will he be played exactly as you described in the play style section. More importantly though, the actual moveset itself. . .Electrode only has a single KO move in Self Destruct/the dair, and this has terrible consequences that can never be fixed. You’ve only got one shot of ever getting a KO, and after it’s done all you can do is hope to rack up a tidbit more damage on the enemy, which doesn’t really matter as Electrode is already decent at that anyway. This basically means Electrode has to get everything set up perfect to get a single KO, and even if he does get the KO, he may as well have gotten KOd as well, as he’s utterly useless in his fizzled form and can never get out of this status once having exploded. Racking up the damage means nothing if KOing is next to impossible. . .To ever win as Electrode, you’d have to hit with each and every one of your self destructs on every stock, it basically KOing you along with the enemy, finishing them off on the last stock when being fizzled doesn’t matter anymore. Electrode’s final smashes are also all blatantly underpowered. The charged version just helps in racking damage, which Electrode is already good at, not helping him with his actual problem, KOing. The regular version KOs Electrode, basically just like Self Destruct, but safer. Still. . .Having to KO yourself makes it ridiculously underpowered in comparison to the other final smashes. The fizzled version also obviously sucks, I don’t think I really need to explain that. What do I suggest? Makes the final smashes suck less, and let Electrode be able to use his down special to go back to his normal state once he’s fizzled. Another 7 seconds of charging to go back to normal, not even fully charged, sounds plenty fair to me. The terrible balance is violently raping this sexy, beautiful moveset.

Relevance to Character: Now that we’re done with that little section, we can move on with the rest of this otherwise excellent moveset. The play style, whether or not it’s underpowered, is spot on for this Pokemon, exploding being what he’s known for and all he can do in Pokemon competitive play. I like how you have fun with Electrode’s facial expressions throughout the moveset, giving this otherwise friggin’ generic circle some actual personality. Kudos to you. This is for the most part spot on, the only thing I’d really suggest is implementing screech and swagger, the two moves Electrode actually uses in Pokemon competitive play to accompany Explosion. As with most Pokemon movesets, it’s also highly fitting that all the moves are actual Pokemon moves.

Extras: Okay, I lied. The lack of extras is also somewhat depressing in comparison to how spoiled we’ve become by movesets with tons of extras these days, even your own Snorlax with it’s highly amusing Muchlax clone. Speaking of clones, where’s my Voltorb clone you promised, hmmm? Looking at the actual extras you have. . .His taunts and results screen poses make use of his facial expressions which I talked about earlier, so they’re certainly above average in my book. Only 4 alt colors? 5 is the bare minimum man. You don’t have to make a picture for them all if you’re too lazy, just tell me what they are briefly with text. The codec is slightly humorous and is actually fitting of Electrode’s play style without making the Colonel or Snake go out of character, so it’s pretty good. Somebody actually showed creativity with a non legendary Pokemon entrance? Blasphemy! There is no such thing as a wiimote, and it’s physically impossible to play Brawl with one. Looking forward to the Kirby hat pic, sounds quite funny. The music is fitting I ‘spose, although I’m not fond of it. . .The extras you have are pretty good, but I feel a top contender moveset like this (If not for how horribly imbalanced it was) deserves more extras in terms of quantity.

Organization: Excellent. This is better then Mendez’s Dracula in this department without a second thought, as you actually tell me what you’re going to talk about before each paragraph with the basic idea/details/uses/fizzled/charged sections, and otherwise great headers along with the symbols to further separate them. I’m loving this thing, and I should really take my organization to the next level with this kind of organization my next go-around. Not a single complaint, the move names and the occasional pictures helping all the more.

Overall: This would easily be one of my favorites and a top contender for one of my super votes if not for how horrible sucky it was. All it takes is one simple change that I suggested in the detail department. Let Electrode charge back up to normal after becoming fizzled. It’s truly a crying shame when a character in a fighting game has a unique mechanic that’s really fun to use, but it’s too unpractical to ever see any actual use. This fits Electrode’s bill perfectly. . .So fun to use, but eventually you’ll get too tired of losing and move on from him. If you ignore this glaring flaw though, this moveset is da bomb, quite literally.



  1. Nice review, Warlord, thanks. I guess I went a bit overboard with making sure that his damage racking skills didn’t make him overpowered. Still, that’s easy enough to change (and Junahu already suggested letting him Charge from Fizzled). I’ll also try to make one or two other moves do enough damage to maybe, just maybe, KO at higher %s.

    The Voltorb clone is coming, have no fear. And maybe, since you say it’ll just make it better, I might toss in a stage or something.

    Anyway, I’ll get right on fixing that. Glad to hear that your reaction is so positive, Warlord.

  2. I know Junahu suggested it, but you didn’t seem to take it into serious consideration. He didn’t really elaborate on how mandatory it was either. . .So yeah. I put on the emphasis which I thought was necessary on it. Electrode has to play perfectly if he wants to have a chance at winning a match.

    I’m surprised you considered that positive considering I did a good bit of bashing in that review, but in any case I do find it to be a very good moveset, and it’ll soon be one of my favorites once you fix up the balance with a couple simple changes.

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