Posted by: metinahurricane | December 2, 2008

The King's Conclusions — Lanky Kong

oΘo Lanky Kong oΘo



Wheeee! The DK crew have always held a spot in my heart. Lanky, Chunky, and especially Tiny, I love ’em. And Lanky is just bursting – literally! – with moveset potential, isn’t he? For all his flexibility, his ability to inflate himself, plus generic DK 64 stuff like his little grape shooter… Well, let us see what you’ve got here.


Right off the bat, I see that you know your DK64. The Specials and half the standards are taken directly from the game. Reading it gave me a nice little blast from the past, remembering all of Lanky’s wacky highjinks. Good job there.

However, a glaring problem is that many of his attacks aren’t too… interesting. The Specials, for instance. B is okay, I suppose, but feels very much like any other projectile. Side B has so much more potential; I’d suggest you time delay the coconut (I think it’s a coconut? Not an orange, is it?) to give him a bit more power in controlling the stage. Up B is okay, more or less, but maybe you should add some sort of effect if Lanky gets hit while in balloon state. Down B is a bit too vague to tell.

And there’s really the biggest problem with this moveset; lack of detail. For a lot of these attacks, it’s tough to tell how interesting or balanced or original they are, because there’s so little information present. The worst culprit is the FSmash; Lanky holds his hand and swings them left and right. I honestly can’t make heads or tails of that. A bit more information about each individual attack must be insisted upon, I’m afraid.

Anyway, back to the originality… I like a lot of the attacks by description, but I can’t help thinking that Lanky has a lot of unused potential here. Where are the contortions? Where’s the creative use of his stretchy arms and his ballooning feature? To your credit, the attacks pulled directly from the game are well implemented. A few are pretty dang interesting, like Up Tilt and Down Air. The Throws especially need more work. You really shouldn’t be having only one sentence on each move.

Anothe brief note: I think Lanky should have better jumping. None of his stats are really anything exceptional, I think he should at the least be acrobatic. There are no glaring balance issues here, but that’s mostly because there isn’t enough elaboration to tell.

Organization is nothing special, I’m afraid. You do have colour and some BBCode, but it’s haphahazardly applied; adding a single colour scheme, like I used for this review, would go a long ways toward making it neater. It’s easy enough to read through, although that may be in part due to the lack of detail.

On the whole, this moveset’s going to need a bit of extra work to contend with everything that’s being pumped out in MYM 4. It may have sufficed back in MYM 2, but the standard’s gone up quite a bit, and the demand for originality and walls of detail is pressing. I’m sure that you could come up with an excellent moveset for Lanky with a bit more work; you have a solid foundation here, now you need to build on it. Still, a fun read. It’s refreshing to go back to the basics once in a while and not have to read essays for each and every attack.




  1. Just as Chief said, I need to work on detail and explanation and the same applies to Lanky and other my other movesets. I can be lazy at times but to contend in this, I definitely need to add more detail.

    For the stats, I just tried to make them seem fair. I don’t want to make Lanky look broken.

    Anyway, thanks for the criticism. I’ll improve on it when I have the time. 🙂

  2. Oh yeah, sure. A bit more detail’ll go a long way. Anyway, you’re new to this, and this is really good for a newcomer.

    And yeah, it’s more important to keep from being broken than it is to keep from being underpowered. Just something I figured Lanky would be good at.

    And I’ll be sure to have a look at any improvements you make or any new movesets coming from you. You definitely have potential. 😉

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