Posted by: masterwarlord | December 4, 2008

The Master's Critique — Mach Rider


Page 131

Mach Rider by Chief Mendez

To be honest, when you announced Deoxys and Mach Rider side by side, I obviously was more eager for Deoxys, seeing my disgust with retro characters and actually knowing who Deoxys is. But I was wrong. . .Mach Rider is far more interesting then what you provided for Deoxys, having a kick-ass mechanic and a very intriguing play style. It’s a shame Deoxys didn’t turn out as well as this monstrous moveset. Even if you don’t wanna fix him up though, why let the effort go to waste? May as well release Deoxys, and if you’re too lazy to find flaws, that’s what reviews are for, right? Back on topic. . .

MACH ORIGINALITY!!: Mach Rider is a truly unique character. For one, he fights while riding on a huge motocycle. For two, he fights while riding on a huge motorcycle. Moving on from that tidbit, Mach Rider’s shifting gears mechanic is what makes him so interesting, having to build up speed to be used effectively, his insane movement speed actually being useful, unlike a certain blue hedgehog. The in-transit moves are beautifully implemented into the moveset to allow Mach Rider to actually attack without losing speed, making all too much sense. Basically, half his attacks can be used as dashing attacks, and while it’s so simple, it’s brilliant at the same time. What I don’t like is that you can just skip building up your speed with the down B, although since you raised the chance on that it’s probably not worth the risk of basically being instantly star KOd, and provides all the more tactics for the Mach Rider player to carefully consider. Despite being so limited in what you have to work with, you still manage to come up with some pretty weird ways to use the motorcycle, such as him bloody flipping it over and torturing his enemies with the bike’s gears for the usmash. Even your grab system is quite interesting with the in-transit mechanics, I love the grab attack, and despite having a big over arching mechanic you still put in that cool little extra with the wall riding mechanic. The Specials aren’t as amazing as the rest of the set outside maybe the down special, but they’ve got tough competition against some of the moves in here. The Final Smash I feel to be a bit random, bad ass or not. I think it’d be better if it tied the moveset together more by having something to do with the shifting gears mechanic. Perhaps, dare I say it, make him go into 5th gear and make all of his attacks in-transit and Mach Rider invulnerable? Just a suggestion

MACH DETAIL!!: The moveset only uses as much detail as is absolutely necessary, making the moveset nice and easy to read through. You give a basic idea of the moves and explain them despite them appearing so awkward with precision and speed. Not many questions left. I feel the play style section could be expanded to further explain how Mach Rider is best used in competitive play, but you do thankfully have a play style section present at all, which is brief and helps to give a good overview of the character. Unlike this review, the moveset is short and to the point. Like I said though, expanded play style would help, particularly for such an awkward character. Up B in particular could use elaboration on how far it recovers.

MACH BALANCE!!: . . .This is where I really start to wish the play style section was expanded. I can’t really tell that well how Mach Rider would play in comparison to other movesets, so Detail isn’t as good as, say, Black Doom, which is still fairly brief in it’s descriptions. Moving on to the topic at hand, Mach Rider’s Mach stat needs to be toned down. He’d be top tier from the manliness. It’s also impossible to beat someone who fights on a freaking motorcycle, that’s far too big of a pro. Moving on once again. . .Mach Rider seems somewhat overpowered. He can go really fast to damage people well, then slow down and use his more powerful moves making use of the bulk of the motor cycle to finish them off. Mach Rider at first seems like the jack of all trades. . .But he’s only a little bit from being the master of them all. Mach Rider obviously has mind-game potential what with his gears mechanic to boot, and is also quite heavy while having an average recovery what with his up B, which you failed to elaborate on. Basically, Mach Rider needs less KO power IMO to balance out his skills at damaging, and it wouldn’t really be fitting if you took away his damaging abilities, seeing he’s a speed character.

MACH RELEVANCE TO CHARACTER!!: This is basically how a motorcycle racer would fight in Smash Bros, particularly how manly one would. You’ve made Mach Rider my top pick for a first party retro character. Good job. This –would- be perfect. . .If not for the large amount of ridiculous moves in here. The up special in particular makes me think Mach Rider is a robot. . .He explodes and reforms above his original position? So Mach Rider’s a magical robot now? Okay. . .That’s the worst of it, but some moves, despite being original, feel a bit OOC to actually be performed, such as the afore-mentioned Usmash. He flips his bike over and holds it on his back? That’s not random at all. . .That said, Mach Rider’s bad-assery and Captain Falcon style manliness are on prime display here.

MACH EXTRAS!!: Gotta love his taunts being in-transit. Just hope they find a bad ass voice actor to do Mach Rider justice. Mach Kirby is very nice, although I’d like an explanation of how he performs the awkward neutral B which would require a motorcycle. That has good potential – Make him ride Wheelie! Mach Lojo is a no brainer and some good Mach tunes. . .Wait? It’s already mach over?!? Granted, there were some animations at the start too that helped explain some awkward poses Mach Rider would have to do which were good, but it feels kind of a let down for such an awesome moveset to have so few extras. People will still read the moveset if it’s short, long extras won’t scare them away. You don’t even have results screen poses, which irks me to no end. Those are pretty much mandatory, and if you’re not gonna include them, completely remove the reference to them, don’t just cross it out. Like I said in my initial commentary of the moveset, Mach Rider could begs for a stage. Doesn’t even have to be tourney legal, Mach Rider would love a really fast scrolling stage or something, just give Mach Rider room to ride. The quantity of the extras here is a big let-down for me after seeing how awesome the main moveset is. Yes, the supreme lack of them has THAT much of an impact. Oh. . .Almost forgot. The picture for an actual visual representation of the manly machness is epicly epic that it causes even Captain Falcon to hide in fear.

MACH ORGANIZATION!!: MACH EPIC!! Best part of the moveset, and that’s saying something. Helps to give the feel of Mach Rider as you read the moveset all the more with the truly unique headers, even more then your Megaman moveset, which felt slightly forced IMO. Everything about this is extremely well put together, showing the time, and time. . .And time that went into this moveset. 20 hours. . .Albeit 17 of them were for the picture.


MACH OVERALL!!: This review is just a bunch of nit-picking, but that’s my job. I’m the bad cop, Kibble’s the good cop. I really love this moveset and it’s unique mechanic, and while your cutting down on moveset length helps to an extent, I believe you took it too far with this moveset. Mach Rider could really use more on his play style and more extras. It’s easily one of my favorites and I’ll vote for it without a second thought. It’s godly. . .But there are other movesets which are more godly due to not holding back so much, such as Black Doom.




  1. En sequential:

    > The Final Smash is actually one of the few things taken from the actual game. On the final level of Vs. Mach Rider, your guns fire endlessly, which is necessary since there are so many Quadrunners there. The explosion thing was just something I cooked up to give it that extra BANG at the end.

    > Did fix the Up B for detail. Apparently I forgot to mention how far it goes…yeah, it’s shorter and slower than Luigi’s.

    > You think his stats are imbalanced? Really? …Hm. Yeah, he’s got above-average strength, and his weight’s a plus…but everything else is either average or below. In particular his jumps really suck, and his recovery is slow and short-ranged. He’s not a top contender in any one area, but…I guess I can tone down the KO potential.

    …Wait, this is weird. When you first commented on this in the thread, you told me he had TOO FEW killing moves, and now he has too much?

    > It’s funny you singled out the Up B as out of character, since that’s one of like…four things that actually come directly from his game. When you die in Mach Rider, he splits into 5 fragments that slowly drift away. If you have no lives left, then GAME OVER. If you do though, the pieces reform right where they started, and the game continues from right there–no restarting the level or going back to a checkpoint.

    The Up Smash is just a communication error. The bike’s not on his back, he’s on his back, sitting on the bike as normal…but since he’s flipped, the bike’s bottom is facing up, see? Like is he canceled a backflip halfway through.

    I’ll probably rewrite that to hopefully be a bit clearer.

    > If I ever get around to posting Deoxys, it’ll only have taunts and a Kirby Hat. ^.^;

    So will the rest of my stuff. I am considering throwing together a stage for Mach Rider, considering…but otherwise you know how I feel about extras.

    I’ll just leave that at that.


    I’ll see what I can do about that playstyle section…though it is already like, four paragraphs long. In all, thank you very much for the review. ‘Twas a pleasure and an honor.

  2. The first time I read Mach Rider was late at night, and I didn’t have to write an in-depth analysis, thus my attention wasn’t grabbed on the exact quantity of moves for balance. I took a more in-depth look when I did the review mainly for balance purposes, so I’m much more educated to judge the balance now then I was then.

    . . .And I obviously haven’t played the game. I just think it would be really, really random to see an otherwise somewhat realistic motorcross racer split into a bunch of pieces and then reform. It works on the NES due to such low graphical detail, but not so much on the Wii.

    It’s a shame to here you feel that way about the extras. . .Don’t expect any more Draculas unless you come up with an actual moveset that’s so phenomonal it just blows everything out of the water. . .Although I doubt that’s possible with your newfound restricted level of detail. If people don’t want to read your moveset, they don’t deserve to see the epicness within.

  3. Well that’s their loss then! :p

    I ain’t in this to win, man. I’m in this to have fun. If I don’t win because I didn’t take half an hour out of my day to throw together some quotes and hunt down some YouTube links, then that’s just the way things go.


    Uh…maybe just the bike will separate then. And Mach Rider can…magically float upward, or something. >.>

    …I’ll work on that.

  4. I know you aren’t in this to win, but I’m a reviewer, I’m just trying to tell you what can be done better. . .Which quite honestly, isn’t much, what your mad moveset skillz.

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