Posted by: metinahurricane | December 4, 2008

The King's Conclusions — Kenny


By Snowstalker


Okay, Kenny. South Park… I used to love it, but these days I’m finding it more and more boring. In fact, I haven’t seen an episode since… Night of the Living Homeless, I think. And I don’t find Kenny too funny either. He’s got nothing on Cartman. Personal bias aside, let’s get to the ‘set!


Uh oh… an ill omen that you yourself wrote “Some moves are very similar to each other”, isn’t it? Putting that aside for the moment, I think I can handle this review in a lot less space than most. Let’s put it to the test, shall we?

Preliminary Note: You’re missing your Nair.

The attacks themselves kinda vary. Pretty much all of them are references to South Park, which is great, making it kinda fun to read through. However, beneath the crazy animations, his B attacks are actually really… bland. None of them really do anything crazy or outrageous, or even too interesting. It’s actually really easy to add some specials properties to something like his Down B. You’ve got concept, now add application. And… OH MY GOD ITS A LANDMASTAAAA!

The rest of his attacks vary. I actually love the few attacks where he swings rats, it’s inspired me to make a rat-based moveset (EVERYONE LOOK FOR IT IN MYM SOON ITS GONNA BE AWESOME). However, other attacks seem really plain, and don’t really use all the crazy stuff Kenny could do if you made more use of the show’s in-jokes and stuffing like that.

However, that’s more or less all acceptable. The really glaring problem here is the lack of detail. As a general rule, you’re gonna need more than a sentence for each attack. I can’t make any balance judgements, because I don’t know range or more importantly speed. You don’t really describe them in enough detail, either. There’s lots of ways to interpret “Punches forward with both hands”. And Down Throw does 15%? Is it a chaingrab? I don’t know. And you don’t have a playstyle section either, so it’s impossible for me to actually make a call on how balanced he is, just from his stats and some brief attack descriptions.

On the whole, this was a fun enough moveset, but not really a serious contender without some work done. You need to better describe how the character works, and try to think up some more unique attacks. The potential is there; tap into it.



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