Posted by: The Stadium | December 6, 2008

The Chief Concern — Bastian


by Chris Lionheart

– – –

Poetry has never been so effectively used in a moveset until now.

Let me get a few nitpicks out of the way first. What’s the point in listing what his air-dodge is if it’s just “a standard air-dodge?” In general it just kind of seems like a few of these sections don’t have a point, and you’d be better off leaving them out. Do you really need to tell the reader what universe the guy’s from? And the alternate colors…are pretty much a given, aren’t they? Is a list of basic colors really worth the ten lines it takes up?

The biggest of my nits, though, is simply that there…isn’t much unique about Bastian’s moves. I don’t mean as a whole, though. Taken by themselves, they make up a really awesome, really unique set of moves for a character archetype that would be amazing to actually play as.

The problem is…this could pretty much describe any mage/sage in pretty much any Fire Emblem game. Granted, that’s a general issue with the series, since apart from the Lords, 99% of the characters are totally identical in what they fight with…but maybe it’s just that since this ‘set is so very well done, the problem stands out more to me.

So yeah.

That’s the thing I kept thinking about as I was reading this. I think I even recall reading Rewarp (or something like it) in a previous moveset.

But like I said earlier, this is a really cool moveset. I never actually got Bastian up to S rank in each class, but I really wish I had. He’s basically the ultimate magic user here, which is totally what they guy deserves. And putting aside the aforementioned unique-move issue-thing, each and every one of these moves is perfect in execution. Bastian seems quite fairly balanced, and yada yada yada. Really I can’t complain about any of the technical aspects. They’re about as perfect as you can get with the source material.

Seriously, don’t let the fact that most of this review was me complaining. That I had to dig so deep down into the moveset to find something as obscure as I did to criticize should be all you need to tell how I feel about Bastian.






  1. Lol. Thats quite possibly the shortest review I’ve ever seen for one of my movesets.

    I guess I should be taking that as a compliment. =)

    Thanks for the review.

  2. What can I say? It’s your usually-awesome level of work, and…really, like I said the only actual thing I could legitimately say badly about is how relatively generic it is.

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