Posted by: The Stadium | December 7, 2008

The Lion's Review — Scizor

I’m going to start by saying that Scizor is one of my favorite Pokemon. Lets see if you did it justice.

Nice layout. Very easy to read.

Clever use of the Pokedex as a backstory.

Also a clever use of a Pokemon’s average base stats to help explain his character stats.

Speaking of stats, you really need to add an attack reach stat and an attack speed stat. He looks like a typical heavyweight so far. Nothing blatantly broken or underpowered.

You’ve included a nice selection of animations. None of them seem out of character.

You also included a Pros and Cons, albeit a small one. I would like to see this expanded and with more detailed move-specific pros and cons (ex. F-Tilt gives super armor frames as a Pro. F-Tilt has bad reach as a con.)

Another thing you might want to include is a Playstyle section. While not really necessary, it really helps others envision things like comboes your character can perform and stuff like that. Warlord is really big on this.

It was a good idea to include a scale key. I should start doing that.

Ok now we get to the actual moveset.

The neutral A combo is a bit interesting, certainly not just a punch, punch, kick. I would like to see the first hit buffed just a bit. Give it better reach and it will be fine. Ok the next hit makes this do average combo damage. Why does Scizor have low reaching claw hits? His arms would provide atleast average reach.

The Dash attack is high-risk, high-reward. Nothing particularly broken or unique about it, though it could use a % or 2 damage reduction on the sweetspot. A nice amount of detail was put into this.

The F-Tilt is a unique move. I can see why this move would be low reaching and have super armor frames. The knockback sounds about right. Low lag on both ends. I would take 2% off of the damage if I were you.

I like the Down Tilt as well. Another decently unique move, kind of like a faster and less powerful Ganondorf U-Tilt. Nothing particularly broken about it. 3/4 of a second is longer than it sounds for stuff like this (a Warlock Punch is about 2 seconds charge up) but fortunately the attack is just good enough to make up for this start-up.

The Up-Tilt seems a bit underpowered. Its start-up is bad and its not like its a projectile, so the reach isn’t quite enough to fix it. Just add 1% or 2% damage and this move should be fine. Another decently unique move, especially for a tilt.

The F-Smash is just a bit overpowered. There is no way this is as slow as Ike’s F-smash and the damage is just to much. 14%-19% sounds much better for this move.

The Down Smash isn’t broken persay, but with its current stats and a re-balanced F-Smash, there is almost no point in the F-Smash. Reduce this to 11%-16% damage (an addition of 5% on full charge is pretty standard, IMO.)

Ok, the Up-Smash  is just a bit broken as well. For opponent’s in front of you, this is just to devastating. For opponent’s above you on the other hand, the Up-Tilt sounds like a better option. Reduce the damage to 15%-20% on both hits and make the knockback medium for foe’s in front of you and high for foes above you. Just like many other claw based moves, you are seriously under-estimating the reach of those bad-boys. This should realistically have a medium reach.

The Nair is fine as is.

The Fair is quite possibly the most broken move so far. You weren’t kidding when you said it is one of Scizor’s best. It looks like a suped-up version of Mewtwo’s/Sheik’s Fair (in melee). The only down side is easily avoidable if you have half a brain. Reduce the damage on this one by atleast 3%. If it only did 12% at the most, then it might be fine.

Ok his Bair really sounds like a reverse Fair. This move is definitely not as good as Fair so you may want to buff its damage by 2%, making it 14%. The best feature of this move is the mind-game possibilities.

Nothing really broken about the Dair. It sounds kind of like a more elaborate Falcon Kick with 2 different hit types.

The Uair is my favorite of his aerials. Unfortunately its a bit underpowered. Give it Medium knockback on a sweetspot and it should be fine.

Unfortunately the specials don’t really look like specials. Their names make them sound like normal attacks. Maybe their descriptions will warrant being specials.

The Fury Cutter WOULD result in stages being banned. I’m talking Castle Siege, Shadow Moses Island, anything with a minor hittable surface. All you need to do is hit that until you get your fury slices up a bit and suddenly your a ****ing OHKO juggernaut.On top of that, this move is hard to avoid. Like I said for many of his attacks. HIS CLAWS AINT SHORT. He has medium reach like it or not. To fix this move, add a new knockback to your scale (very high, which is Ike F-Smash) and make that the knockback of your last hit. Reduce the priority to low.

When I saw the name of the Side Special, I thought Rock Smash… This move is like Rock Smash from hell! Reduce the damage to 10% or something!

Down Special is probably one of the most unique moves in this set, sadly. I’m a bit confused by this one… how many times does it hit a person that it passes through? If its only one hit this could use a damage boost of 1 or 2%. How fast does this thing move? I think it would warrant atleast an average projectile speed.

The Up Special looks ok, but it needs more detail. Why don’t you give us an estimated maximum recovery distance (one easy solution is to compare it to its obvious cousin, Pit’s Up B.)

Now on to the grabs section.

Nothing surprising or broken about the grab itself.

Ok the grab attack needs more detail. How much lag does it have on both ends? Most grab attacks deal 2% damage, so this one needs to be a bit more laggy than the average.

Ok the damage & knockback ratios on the throws are just bad. As a general rule of thumb when it comes to throws, always give lower knockback throws better damage. And a no knockback throw should probably deal no more than 12% damage. If you keep the current knockbacks, give the up throw 5% damage, the back throw 7% damage,  the down throw 12% damage, and the up throw 9% (seeing as how it takes more to KO vertically). Ok that fixes up this section.

The Final Smash is omgwtfBROKEN! It is like a “single target” version of Marth’s Critical Hit that kills the first thing it hits and will probably kill anyone else caught in the slashes. To express why this is bad, compare it to Ike’s Final Smash. It practically does the same thing, BUT he doesn’t dash across the screen, making his much harder to hit with. On top of that, the damage is rediculous, allowing you to kill or almost kill anyone other than your target who is unfortunate enough to get caught in this.

The extras section is small and not anything really special. I would love to see Scizor Kirby.  Nothing seems out of character and the codec wasn’t boring persay.

Overall, this is a good moveset… its just not a great moveset. I’m not trying to be harsh like MasterWarlord but I’m not going to be Mr. NiceGuy like Kibble either. This moveset needs a lot of effort put into balancing it and could use a larger extras section if it wants to compete. On the bright side, the organization of the set is wonderful and the attacks are fairly creative and detailed for such a generic subject. Don’t get me wrong. If I had 50 votes, this would probably get one of them. But I don’t have 50 votes.


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