Posted by: The Stadium | December 8, 2008

Lunar's Torture Sessions — Cat Clancer

No down special, no grabs, no review! Your moveset sucks donkey balls anyway, eyah hya hya hya! I’m the strongest guy in the universe! Your moveset doesn’t have nearly enough detail! You don’t deserve to be in the mighty Lunar’s presence! NOW DIE!



  1. Nyuh…

    …That wasn’t very nice, y’know. (Lunar hits me enough as is…)

    I could so have one of those downer specials, but I’m an optimistic guy, y’know? It’s my choice if I want to be a little perky every now and then. And if I were to go around grabbing people all over the place…well, I already do that, but only when they’re asleep. (Tee hee!)

    I don’t want my paws to get dirty though, so I won’t do it. You’re so mean. And totally not cool, either. (Like me.)

  2. CC, don’t even waste your time with this guy. Seriously, he has no idea what he’s talking about.

    I bet he never even played Mischief Makers.

    And geez, you could at least spell the guy’s name right…

    *admin powers ACTIVATE*

    …Sheesh. >.>

  3. Hi there…somebody-I-don’t-know. I mean…you’re probably right about this logweb post thingy, but I was taught from a young age not to talk to strangers, y’know.

    So…if you could…you know…go away? (Please?)

  4. Joke moveset, joke review. All I gotta say.

  5. Best review… ever.

  6. @CC: It’s me, Bitores. You were at my house for like, a week just now?

    @Warlord: Joke? Man, you’re gonna’ hurt CC’s feeling, talking like that. He put his heart and soul into that, man…

    …And really, I think peopl are going to see that when voting time comes. They’ll look through the Dimentios and the Super Star Helpers. The Snorlaxes and the Marias…but then they’ll get to Cat Clancer, and they’ll see that no other moveset in the contest is as pure as that one.

    If Cat Clancer doesn’t place in the Top 50, I’ll eat my hat.

    …And I don’t even own a hat, which means I’ll have to buy a hat, and then eat it.


    Whoa! Where did that link come from?! Meh… Me no know. Whatever. I’ll just leave it there in case it’ll end up helping someone out.

    This review is too good for its own good.

  8. I liked Cat Clancer’s playset! The rest of you guys just don’t appreciate fine craftsmanship.

    A sombrero. Mendez, you HAVE to eat a sombrero.

  9. I don’t know…that sherpa looks like it’d be ballin in some rasberry vinegarette…

    …Wait, what am I saying. That’ll never happen, because Cat Clancer will destroy the competition. It’ll happen.

    Just you wait…

  10. Oh, hi Bitty. (What’re you doing way out here?)

    You’re not a stranger, so I can talk to you. I’m glad you have so much confidence in my movelist, but you know…there are some other really cool ones on the net too, y’know. (You know?)

    I am pretty cool, though.

  11. Oh Lunar… did you learn nothing from our encounters?

    Don’t give up Cat Clancer!

  12. Unless something better comes up… I’m going to have to give Cat Clancer the 3rd slot.


  13. Hiii Marinaaa~

    How are you? I haven’t seen you since you left Planet Clancer with Theo. I’ve been busy. I got so totally into the SMT games for a while, and I actually had to throw out my PS2 to get myself to stop playing them! (Can you believe it?)

    Other than that…things are pretty cool. The Emperor stopped trying to take over everything once we got through with him, and now I think he runs a noodle stand with Calina.

    I don’t know though. I don’t get out much.

    Anyway…it’s good to see you still remember me. I know I think about that time you helped me beat Lunar almost every day! (Good times, y’know?)

  14. Lunar should make his own moveset too. You know, so he can fight Cat Clancer and Marina…

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