Posted by: The Stadium | December 9, 2008

The Chief Concern — Cactaur


by Pelikinesis

– – –


I love Echo Prick so much. Really, it’s probably my favorite mechanic/special move in this little contest so far. That single spark of genius takes this baby above all the other faults it has. Seriously, just for that, it’s probably worth a vote. I don’t think the 3-second time limit before the needles vanish is balanced though–it should probably be a bit more, or the only real use this move would have would be to Fair or Fsmash a foe off the edge, then push them past the blast zone with Echo Prick. Pulling off the “Dair then Echo Prick gimp” you gave as an example would be really, really tough to pull off within 3 seconds.

But that’s just a technical concern. The actual idea is still made of the purest, unfiltered kind of win you can find ’round these parts.

So. I mentioned faults, right?

Besides the above technical problem, you really need to settle on how many spines Cactuar can generate. I’m in favor of 10, taking about 3 full seconds of Spine Generation to reach. I think that’d keep Cactaur from being able to fill an opponent full of needles, and keep him using his Neutral B regularly. I really can’t say anything about the balance of this ‘set until that happens. colon backslash

I’d like to say that your problems are all of the technical variety, but they’re not. The biggest issue I had while reading this is that A) you picked a really odd-moving character, and B) don’t really explain how he moves.

Honestly I have no clue what a Cactaur “waving his arm out” would look like. And sometimes it seems like you just assume the reader will know what you’re talking about. “The equivalent of a suplex for Cactaur?” What? I think I’m a rather imaginative dude, but for the life of me I can’t picture a Cactaur suplexing somebody without breaking it’s legs.

That disconnect with the reader is prevalent throughout most of the standard attacks. Basically, you need more detail–but not the statistical kind. I’m not looking for more info on knockback, hitstun, or anything like that. I just wish for a better understanding of how this (otherwise really cool) character physically does the things you say he is.

That…is it, really.

Sure, it’d be nice if you mentioned how much damage each spine does at the start of the moveset, so I wouldn’t have thought you were lying to me the whole time before getting to the Neutral B. Sure, I’d take out your sig for that post, as well as replies to other people (coughmeatthebottomcough). But you really don’t need to unless you were aiming to get the OCD in me to settle down.

So…like I said, that’s basically it.

Everything else if ballin‘.

I don’t use adjectives that profound lightly. I think I’ve talked enough about how awesome this ‘set is in the thread (the recovery is amazing–especially after I actually read it, Echo Prick, Cactaur reminds me humorously of a swastika, Echo Prick, the Final Smash is really stonking great, the spine mechanic itself is not only cool, but perfectly in-character, Echo Prick, and lastly, Echo Prick I love his down taunt–I would spam that sumbitch like nobody’s business)…so I’ll let you off tough with a review full of complaints.

See? I can be a hard-ass when I want to be.



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