Posted by: SirKibble | December 9, 2008

The Knight's Analysis — Stickman

<<[[ Stickman ]]>>

— by Akiak —


So… This is a moveset for the generic stick figure we see in a variety of games across the internet… An interesting concept. Let’s see how Akiak pulled it off. Time to put this moveset to the test!

Standard Combo, first, then! This… Well, it’s kind of boring. That, and these descriptions are really short. To be honest, there’s not much more you could say, except to explain the move so it doesn’t sound so generic. Tough to do when it actually is that generic, though. I’d definitely consider throwing in something more unique and exciting here. Same goes for the Dash Attack. It’s just so normal. Such a big–as you call him–“internet phenomenon” should have plenty of places to pull more interesting moves from.

His Tilts are slightly improved, but basically more of the same. The Forward Tilt is the most deserving of praise, but it still sounds kind of boring. It’s not that the concept isn’t worth putting into the moveset, it’s just that the description really makes it seem quite uninteresting.

Moving on to the Aerials, I see a lot more kicks, and I’m really starting to wonder when the good part’s going to come. I really didn’t expect this moveset to rely so heavily on basic hand-to-hand combat, and I’ve got to admit, I’m a bit disappointed about it.

Now the Smashes… The Side Smash and Up Smash are more of what I’ve already talked about, but the Down Smash is a bit different. I like the idea. Too bad it’s not very elaborately described. How big is this eruption of flames around him? How long does it last? What’s the lag like? Oh, and one more thing about these Smashes: They only have a single percentage of damage following them. Does charging not increase the damage here? If not, what’s the point?

Specials, then! I certainly hope you pull out all the stops here, Akiak, as this is really a time Stickman could shine. Let’s see… A pretty direct translation of the bow and arrow from Bowman, there, pretty good. The Side Special is interesting and cool, though I think it could use a little more description for the mechanic with the line drawing. The Up Special, um…sounds interesting, but I really can’t tell exactly how it works. A picture or at least an example use of it might be nice. The Down Special, while strange, is unique, but I suspect it wouldn’t be favored by most players. More often than not, your opponents would set themselves up to hit you as soon as your invincibility wore off, so I really only see this move as being useful for avoiding Final Smashes like the Zero Laser and PK Starstorm, where you’re able to avoid a powerful attack, and your opponent can’t make use of your immobility.

The Final Smash is a little basic and somewhat boring, but is by no means a major offender in that category. The slow-motion would be fun, but doesn’t really serve any other purpose. I really can’t say anything about this that I haven’t already said somewhere in this review.

The Grab and Throws are more of the same, and then there are a few Extras, which are all pretty basic. So I think I’m ready to sum up: I think this moveset has a lot of potential, but really needs to capitalize on creativity and fix some detail problems. The fact is, a lot of the moves are boring, and those that aren’t are made to sound boring. The Specials are really the only intriguing part of this moveset, despite the subject character being so versatile. Not bad, Akiak, but I think you can do better!



  1. Thanks finally someone rated it!
    Thanx a lot I understand perfectly what you mean. Do you think i should change some things and repost it?

  2. You’re definitely more than welcome to, and I’d like to see what improvements you’ll make. Just remember that if you make changes to it, you can’t repost the whole moveset, just a link to it.

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