Posted by: masterwarlord | December 11, 2008

The Master's Critique — Death

Page 231

Death by Hyper_Ridley

This moveset popped out of nowhere in comparison to your other movesets which we’ve known were coming well in advance, but I’ve none the less anticipated this one, as you’ve said it could potentially surpass Black Doom himself. While that’s up for debate, it’s certainly another top contender to go alongside Black Doom, and the quality of Death’s moveset certainly rivals that of his master, Dracula, without a second thought.

Originality: Excellent. Most of the attacks are simply overflowing with originality, from the multi purpose usmash to the unique recovery system to the obscure attacks, such as the ledge and dash attacks. You’ve gotta love the sheer originality in many of the moves here. Also. . .Your side special involves a magical box, which automatically means the moveset is on the level of Dimentio. There’s plenty to praise here, and this is without a doubt worthy of it. You even incorporated an extra final smash like attack into his down B while still keeping it balanced, I applaud you for that. I could go on and on praising it, but what makes me feel this moveset isn’t on the insane level of Black Doom is mainly that there are still a few cookie cutter attacks in here. The neutral combo is excusable, considering that’s his most basic button input, but his dair feels too basic in comparison to the rest of the set, along with the fsmash. Still. . .He’s gotta have a few attacks where he actually uses his scythe in a traditional manner, right? Just like my Joker had to have a few basic attacks with his knife. This would still be on the level of Black Doom if Death’s play style were a bit more interesting, but as is there’s no way he can compete with Black Doom’s “create your own play style”. It’s not that this moveset is bad, far from it, it’s one of the best in the contest for sure, it’s just that Black Doom is an impossible act to follow. Really nothing should be changed here despite the Black Doom comparisons, as on the whole it’s still excellent. Gotta love the uthrow and side special, no matter how useless they are.

Detail: Basically the same amount of detail as Black Doom, not going on about basic attacks more then necessary and being somewhat brief yet precise in your descriptions of Death’s more complicated attacks. You don’t mention range quite as often as I like, but unlike me you constantly talk about priority, which is a welcome addition. There are a single instance here or there where not everything is said, but you’re only removing a tiny piece of the picture, so it’s excusable. Spot on really, the perfect amount of detail IMO.

Balance: Nothing throughout the entire moveset really jumps out at me as imbalanced. Death’s weight balances out his recovery, and everything else for the most part is on the same level of Ike, who’s smack dab in the middle of middle tier. Granted, Death does have a projectile and more range/mindgames then Ike, but I doubt he’d get beyond the bottom of high tier, if that, so he’s about at exactly the right spot. I really don’t have much to say here, Death’s final smash also seems decently fair. Good job with this, plenty of time and thought has clearly gone into this moveset, as I’ve come to expect from you.

Relevance to Character: I haven’t played a single Castlevania game, but in his side taunt you show how his deathsickles are actually used, and his moveset doesn’t use them in the way the games do. Still, they play an essential part of Death’s game despite this, and otherwise they’d end up being a somewhat generic projectile, so I feel you’ve done his signature attack excellent justice. The rest of the attacks are fitting for a typical grim reaper figure to do what with his scythe attacks and heavy reliance on magic, and his dialogue feels chilling and helps to give the feel of the moveset. Direct quotes perhaps? Not that I would know. Spot on, this wipes the floor with K. Rool’s Grim Reaper in MYM 3 as far as accurately depicting a typical Grim Reaper figure.

Extras: The animations for the most part are rather basic and uninteresting, and could perhaps, dare I say it, do with some cutting. I personally wouldn’t do that, but they’re for the most part the standard animations, and Mendez would probably tell you to cut off that fat without a second thought, as he did in Lionheart’s Bastian review with similar animations. The special animations on the other hand are much more interesting, I like how you still incorporated the traditional use of the deathsickles even if it wasn’t an actual attack, and his bone chilling dialogue is the icing on top of this moveset. I like the codec considerably as well. . .And I just noticed nobody uses Mei Ling for the codecs. Ever. Unless they’re having her orgasm over some guy. What the hell? Moving on, the rest of the extras are the copypasta from Dracula and the other Castlevania sets, and the list is becoming quite impressive. Seeing you used the winner of MYM 3’s extras, this one will surely win too, right? I was never too fond of Dracula’s stage and the very short trophy descriptions, but I like the item and the two assist trophies. . .Although it feels awkward that Stella’s basic sword slashes only do 4% damage despite doing respectable knockback. Your copypasta extras help to give the extras a good quantity, although as far as this section is concerned I feel Nack did the best with his excellent SSE role, being probably the best I’ve ever seen.

Organization: I like how, unlike foolish detail nazis, you put the animations at the end of the moveset, as they’re not really essential to understanding the moveset. Moveset first, extras second, please. Aside from that it’s the standard organization from you. As per usual, I would appreciate more use of bold and color, but it’s perfectly fine as is.

Overall: Another excellent entry. As I focused on heavily in the originality section, it’s not as good as Black Doom, but that’s basically impossible to beat, as I only consider it the best bloody entry in the whole contest. I very well might end up super voting both Black Doom and Death, I’ve become a REALLY big fan of your sets. There’s basically nothing at all to improve on here and I’d expect it to place in at least the top 10. Excellent work. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful in pointing things out, but this is just that good.



  1. Whoa, didn’t expect to see a review for this guy so quickly. And before HR even!

    I’ve been waiting for someone to say that the misc animations aren’t needed since forever. I hate making those things, so I kinda like to hear that they’re not necessary. Maybe I should only include animations when it’s an interesting one?

    Glad to hear that I’m able to live up to my own rediculous standards. Here’s to hoping that Wheelie and my final move set in MYM5 are able to do the same!

  2. I use Mei Ling in my codecs. Not insanely often, but I do.

    Also, the Stella & Loretta AT is done by Tanookie and the Werewolf is done by me, so yea.

  3. My bad with Stella, guys. I thought if they did TOO much damage, she’d be OP. 😛

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