Posted by: The Stadium | December 14, 2008

The Lion's Review — Gaara

Its everyone’s favorite emo badass sand ninja.

At first glance, it really looks like you’ve done the character justice, especially with all of the sprites you used.

The layout is very nice and easy to read.

The description is about as detailed as you could get without extreme spoilers, so kudos to you.

The stats definitely aren’t overpowered. He seems like a Mario-esque character in the stat department.

Thats a clever neutral B. According the manual of my insanely crappy Naruto Revolution for the Wii, this move is named Shukaku, the Sand Spirit. This move may have great pros, but its cons are really severe balancing this move out nicely. I suspect that this move would encourage camping, however.

The Side B is even better. Chances are, noone will be hurt by it, but atleast they make a nice distraction tool. What happens if one of this moves on a mine?

The Up B is seriously underpowered, IMO. It is in practically every way inferior to its cousin, Wing’s of Icarius. You could atleast make Gaara invinceable or give him super armor during this move.

The Down B is an obvious very-high risk, very-high reward move. Chances are, you won’t be able to pull this off properly, but if you do, you can get a minimum of 25% damage on the opponent. Hell, with proper timing, you could probably launch a smash attack or two and then get the 25% damage, for some really great damage. Still with its start-up time, this isn’t extremely broken. Still, if you want to make this thing more balanced, reduce the time for the sand to be recollected automatically after 2 seconds. That way you don’t have all the time in the world to end it with Down B.

The neutral A is potentially broken. Character’s with effective energy or explosive projectiles should have no problem with this, but everyone else would have some serious trouble. The least you can do is increase the ending lag to an easily punishable level. You need to state how much dps (damage per second) this move does.

The Side Tilt doesn’t scream broken, but you might want to take 2% damage off of it (making it 10%) just in case.

Ok the Down tilt really seems similar to the side tilt, but it has different stats. I’m going to advise the same 2% damage reduction on this move as well.

The Up Tilt is the most balanced tilt. With its type of properties, I think it would make since if this move deflected physical projectiles.

Nothing wrong with the Dash Attack. Its well done and interesting.

The F-Smash really seems like it would have been more fitting as a tilt (and now that I think about it, the Side Tilt was rather Smash like). Still, the move is well balanced and is a good damage racking move on a character that needs it.

The Up-Smash just seems broken. Very little beginning lag. A bit of ending lag, which you have listed as the only real weakness. Good reach. Great power. Really to make this move balanced it would need about a second of ending lag, turning it into a high-risk, high-reward.

The Down Smash is… ok. You just really need to better express that these types of moves have considerable lag. The phrase “a bit” means barely any.

Nothing wrong with Nair.

The fair could use a knockback buff. Give this move decent knockback.

There is nothing really wrong with the Bair either. It is comparable to Pit’s Bair, except apparently with better reach and less knockback.

The Uair is one of Gaara’s few extremely laggy attacks. Like many of his attacks it has great reach and deals average damage and knockback. This move is a bit underpowered if anything, but better under than over right?

The Dair is good, but like the Uair, seems pointless compared to many of Gaara’s great moves. It has become painfully obvious that Gaara is no aerial combatant. Change this move from a knockback move to a downwards spike.

Gaara’s grab is simple and works just like any other far-reaching grab. His grab attack is a bit underpowered. If its slower than other grab attacks, it should deal 3% damage, rather than the normal 2%. Still, it would be kind of funny for Gaara to facepalm the foe. The F-Throw is a unique twist on a simple concept and is not broken. The B-Throw is basically just the same as the F-Throw. Nothing broken about it. The U-Throw is the same story, yet again. Big surprise, the down throw can’t kill either! Seriously, give the character some variety in the section. Atleast make the Up-Throw (which in the show is one of Gaara’s best moves hands down) a great kill move with high lag for a throw.

The Final Smash isn’t particularly broken, persay. You just need to reduce its duration to 20 seconds (or compromise at 25 seconds) and this should be fine.

Have you joined the Mendez Movement? You have NO extras, which hurts this otherwise great moveset a lot. This alone is enough to ensure that this won’t be getting a super vote from me.

Overall the moveset is good, but its far from the best thing you’ve ever made. IMO, Sagi still holds the trophy for that. The moveset has some balance issues and really needs extras. On the bright side, the attacks are well-detailed. You included sprites. Its also a very interesting moveset. It would be so much better if you implemented some moves that leave a sandtrap or something of the sort. Perhaps quicksand that acts like water or sand that slows down the opponents movement. Something to make the character more fun to play. It almost seems like you are holding back in 4.0 just so Sagi can continue to hold the throne.



  1. Thanks for the review Christopher Robin

    1) Not only is Gaara the most badass sand ninja, he’s the most badass ninja in the Naruto series overall.

    2) Will change the down B on how long the sand is collected later. i just realized the problem lol.

    3) Yeah, i’ll make it that Gaara has super armor when he’s in the sand mode for his up B. But how can you hurt sand anyway lol?

    4) Yeah, i’ll reduce the 2% damage percentages for the tilts later. I guess 12% is a bit too much for Gaara.

    5) For the up smash, i’ll add a bit more lag at the beginning and at the end.

    6) For the Uair and Dair, yeah i figured. I think it has too much lag at the beginning. I’ll change that in a bit.

    7) Upthrow, yeah, that was like my favourite move for Gaara. I’ll make it nice knockback to the opponent.

    8) @extras: Hey give me a break!!!! You know how lazy i am? I’ll add the extras later. I plan to add more extras to my other characters as well. I’m thinking that Gaara is by best moveset, besides extras, so far (though my future Guillo or Kalas will probably break that record.)

    9) So it’s worse than Sagi EXTRAS wise. How does it stack up to Ilyana, Trunks, Leonardo or Mia? My other GOOD movesets?

    10) Gaara is awesome. Believe it.

  2. Every single member of Akatsuki is ten million times better than everyone else in the series. Barring maybe Orochimaru, but he’s former Akatsuki.

    Believe it? Oh my god, not the dubs!

    /unwanted opinion

    By the way, I agree with Chris that Sagi remains your strongest moveset. After, I’d probably put Trunks, Ilyana, Leonardo, Mia. Gaara would be just below Trunks. That’s just me, though.

  3. Shikamaru is better. He’s hitting Gaara’s sister. TAKE THAT!

  4. @KingK.Rool: Psshhhh…….only Itachi and maybe Sasori is better. Gaara > You

    Also, is Trunks really better than Gaara? Huh……
    Well at least i feel that Gaara is so far better than Leonardo, Mia, and Ilyana.

    @samlionheart: Can he fight with sand? Does he become the sand village lord (or whatever they call them) at the beginning of Shippuden? I didn’t think so.

    Also, I think my Sagi is a bit overrated XD. Sure, i put a lot of effort put to it, but still, he had a couple of generic sword attacks. Maybe it’s because of that Will power technique. Anyway, if i add like a crap load of extras to Gaara, like i did with Sagi, would i then be worthy of a super vote? I’m just really pain in the butt busy right now…….

  5. Also at KingK.Rool: I might do a Itachi moveset either late in 4.0 or early in 5.0. I don’t know though…..


    Gaara loses his powers in Shippuden within the first 30 episodes.


  7. WHAT?!?!?!?

    Sagi fanboy demands proof by linking Youtube videos!!!!!

  8. Do you guys watch the dubbed anime (TWIL?), the subbed anime (Chris?), or read the manga?

    Psssh… Deidara owned Gaara. And don’t get me started on the later members. I wouldn’t want to spoil stuff, unlike SOME people. :p

    Also, Itachi pwns noobs. I could spoil some huuge stuff here… but I won’t. Maybe later.

  9. Meh, i read the manga. I watch it on Youtube sometimes, but it’s kinda laggy for me there.

    The only reason Deidara owned Gaara was because he was going easy.

    Also, yeah….i might make an Itachi moveset (or if i decide against it for some reason, Neji :P.).

    Anyway, if i add like a crap load of extras to Gaara, like i did with Sagi, would i then be worthy of a super vote? I’m just really pain in the butt busy right now…….

  10. Butbut… than why are you surprised that Gaara loses his powers? Unless you’re behind in your reading or something?

    I read the manga, too, although I personally prefer the (subbed) anime, and watch it for the more exciting parts.

    Deidara was the one who was going easy! He was meant to capture Gaara, not kill him. HA. /nofanboyexcuseforyou

    So yeah… you better make the Itachi moveset. He’s waaay better than that chump Neji. =P

  11. Youtube is gay towards Naruto and deletes episodes regularly.

    I was watching subbed episodes on….. unfortunately my computer is so crappy that it can’t load the play button anymore! o.O

    If Gaara got the proper extras, it might be super vote worthly, but there are so many super vote-worthly movesets in this contest, that its hard to guarantee that.

  12. 1) Neji is awesome.

    64 PALMS!!!!!

    2) I’m only read the Shonen Jump issues, which, right now, is at the part when the first mission with Sai happens (find Orochimaru’s head base i think?)

    3) Yay……i’ll add a stage (probably going to be the Forest of Death) an assist trophy (Kankuro or whatever his name is), trophies, and a boss (The sand demon himself =O). Plus, maybe moar!!!

    4) Yeah…..when i get to work on Itachi, he’ll be awesome probably.

    5) So thats the website i can watch Naruto shipudden episodes!!! lol.

  13. Oh and just 4 the record, i think that this moveset is better than my Sagi NOT including extras.

    Man, now i don`t really think that i`ll do as good as i did in 3.0, if i just don`t have extras =/ (though i just added Gaara with taunts, victory, and a codec, and will continue to update it.)

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