Posted by: The Stadium | December 15, 2008

The Chief Concern — Jonathan & Charlotte

Jonathan Morris & Charlotte Aulin

by Spadefox


– – –

Une grab + Zamus = Awesome Photoshop opportunities.

Also I don’t remember Jonathan ever playing the air guitar in the game. But whatever–on to the actual critique.

This will probably be the shortest review I’ve written so far, which is ironic since this is probably the longest moveset I’ve read so far. In my defense (if you see the brevity of this article as a negative, that is), I already know what’s here very, very well (both from playing PoR so much and from proofreading the thing), and also because this moveset…is just so terribly black and white.

In short, I have the same issue with this ‘set I did with Tanookie’s Alucard: there’s very, very little originality. It’s awesome to think of characters like this in Smash Bros…but despite how much I like these two, I can honestly say I’d be disappointed if they ended up playing like they do here.

About the only part of this moveset I unconditionally love are the grabs/throws, as even though they all make use of abilities taken directly from Portrait of Ruin (I find it awesome that like me, you used the Axe as an Up Throw), they’re nearly all used in totally different ways. If only the same were true for the other attacks!

To draw another parallel, think back to Junahu’s sole MYM4 moveset. What’s the one thing people really got on the guy about? Originality. The issue most of us had with it is that his version of Mega Man plays exactly like he does in Mega Man 9–even down to the physics and animations.

While Jonathan & Charlotte certainly aren’t that far gone, it’s still kinda’ boring to read a moveset like this, where I know what virtually every move does before I actually read it.

And that’s not because I knew most of them through our PM sessions.


So basically, that’s my only problem with this moveset. Unfortunately, it’s a very big one, but that’s all I have to say about that.

As for the everything else–the visuals, the BBCode, the organization (If extras ever make it back into my movesets, I’m so totally stealing the Find keywords), the extras–oh boy the extras–and even the writing, which traditionally you’ve suffered in, are all top of the line. And I don’t say any of that to make up for the bashing I gave above, man.

If these two didn’t play exactly like they do in their actual game, this would easily be one of my, if not my only, favorite moveset(s) in this contest.





  1. And for that you had so much delay? 😦

    Sad Spadefox is sad.

    I tried to make ’em true to game… Guess that was a bad idea. ;-;

    Oh, and about the air guitar thing… You know when you press Up on the control pad where Jonathan then brushes through his hair and then strikes a pose? Well, hold it longer and he’ll do the airguitar stance.

  2. …Really? Wow. I did not know that. (Air guitar)

    Maybe it’s just me being so familiar with the source material, but I get the feeling that there’s a reason the actual Smash Bros. characters aren’t super true-to-game like J&C are. DK only has like…one move that originates from his actual games, but if you hang around SWF long enough, you’ll see that there’s no shortage of people who think he’d be better off with a Coconut Gun or his rolling attack or whatever.

    …I hate to reference my own stuff, but when I originally cooked up Simon, which was actually waaay back before Brawl came out, I had pondered making ALL of his moves based on various sub-weapons, but eventually decided against it.

    The thought came up again when I revamped him for MYM3, and again I decided to make up most of his moves.

    Coincidentally this is also why I’m having so much trouble with Deoxys–I realized that all of his moves are just Pokemon attacks, and nothing else.

    I know this is a pretty…odd thing to harp on about, but I just calls em’ like I sees em’.

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