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The King's Conclusions — Anonymous


By Kholdstare


Anon, eh? How… creepy. I was very much curious about this, mostly due to an Anonymous being voted the top moveset back in MYM 1. I really wanted to check out how far we’d come by comparing it to this. Let’s see whether you’ve improved since Fierce Deity Link (the good one)!


Whoo boy. This is essentially five movesets in one, five completely unrelated movesets. You can’t switch between them on the field of battle or anything; they’re just, irrevocably, Anon. They are everywhere. They are nowhere. They are everyone. They are no one. Let us split no one into five.

///b/ – Random

Random is pretty sweet, I must admit. Plenty of hilarious references. I love Up Smash, Special, and Down Special; funny to the max. The whole thing seems to reek of the Anon concept, with the possible exception of the Aerials. I’ll speak of them soon enough.

Let’s talk originality. Some of these attacks are really awesome and totally unlike anything else. Case in point: A,A,A; Down Special; Down Smash; Neutral Aerial (pirate laser turtle WTF?). However… you can’t fool someone as perceptive as me. As awesome and funny as the animations on most of them are, they’re covering up some pretty bland attacks. Forward Tilt and Up Special are two really bad culprits. I’m sure you can give It’s Over 9000 some special property to make it a bit more different from Fox’s. And then there’s the Aerials. It seems you got a bit sloppy with them, to be frank. Sage vs Age notwithstanding, they’re kinda generic. I think you could some up with something better, even if you have to make five movesets here. Ditto detail. You have more than enough on MOST attacks… and then we come to the Aerials, which are so meagerly detailed it hurts.

Balance, I have one BIG thing; Shoop da Whoop is absolutely ridiculous. Twenty button taps isn’t really long at all, and the pay-off is absolutely busted; 19% a SECOND? Oh god, no. This has to fixed, stat.

One last thing, that carries over to the other Anons, too; The grab is just… oh my god. The thought of Anon doing this to Ness… or Snake… or Charizard… *shudder* I never thought I’d read “3% per rape”.

//Youtube Poop

 Youtube poop! Just as funny as the last one, I must admit. Chocolate Rain, Spaghetti, and all that other crazy stuff. However… I’m sad to say that many of the same problems carry over. That is to say, underdetailed aerials, funny animations covering up dull attacks, and terrifying grab.

 Other thoughts: Pingas!  is another… well… penis attack, except not as funny as rape; Numa Numa is hilarious, although I’d add some special property, perhaps interrupting elicits a weak counter?; Lamp Oil is genius and one of my favourite attacks so far; Spaghetti is also insanely unique, but needs lag description to avoid being busted; Chocolate Rain feels sadly useless with its current properties, I’d add super armor or something; Star Wars Kid is underpowered doing 8% at max uncharged; Sneezing Panda is lulz; FOR GOD’S SAKE ADD MORE DETAIL TO THOSE AERIALS.

There’s yer digest version of the review.


So this is like yer furry-style Anon? Interesting. Now, this moveset is a bit less goofy than the previous two (and the folowing two). My problems with it are much simpler.

Many of the attacks are unabashedly generic. The Tilts, the Specials (with one exception), and most of the Aerials are kinda… meh. This may be partially because this one feels much more smooth, much more flowing, and very much like a hilarious cat-based character.

Now, like the previous two, some attacks are fantastic. Down Special single-handedly lends him a unique playstyle, and his Smashes are fantastic. Forward Special, in paricular, I love, although you need to specify how long it can be charged – I assume it’s longer than the typical Smash, but I can’t know for sure. Detail?

A few more things: His A combo is ridiculous, despite what you may claim; quick AND total 18%??? Nothing else stands out as busted. Where’s his Up Air, and, for that matter, all of their BACK AIRS? Seems like a big thing to accidentally forget. On the whole, this one isn’t quite as funny as Random and Youtube Poop, but seems to hang together back, and still has quite a few unique attacks up its sleeve.

///h/ – Hentai

Okay… I read this one first, but… this is a bit… let me put it this way: this is the first moveset I’ve ever read that could simply not make it into Brawl. Until someone with a very dirty mind and a ton of programming skills hacks a SSB and edits this dude in, he’ll never be in the game. And, on the whole, that’s a very good thing.

Case in point: A combo. Aside from the fact that hand and penor deal too much, this… oh god. It… oh god!


Moving along… Up Tilt is frightening… Down Tilt references me, yayz… Neutral Special is dull, I’d make it stronger but not spammable (nobody wants to see that spammed)… Up Special is disgusting but not his most disgusting attack by a long shot…

I’m sorry, I really can’t review this one seriously. It’s funny, let’s leave it at that. Actually, though, the lack of comments makes me wonder how many people actually read this set…

///b/ – Video Games

I’m gonna break this down attack by attack: A Combo deals tooooo much damage but is fitting; I love Forward Tilt for the reference to Ace Attorney sets (with the finger-sweetspot common attack Mendez and kitsuneko have decided they should have); Up Tilt seems a bit bland but is hilarious, and needs hitbox description; how much smoke on the Down Tilt? And how much lag? Neutral Special is neeeat and doesn’t seem unbalanced; Side Special is another terrific attack, although how it starts up sounds a tad confusing; Up Special is pretty much Guitar Hero, and therefore cool; Down Special is accidentally green, go fix that, and seems a bit too good and like a rip-off of Jiggly; Masamune seems just a tad too good; low priority is no biggie if everything else is fantastic.

Up Smash’s quote has nothing on “Our princess is in another castle!” It’s a bland attack, but the talking during the charging makes it cool enough; Down Smash is also plain and could use a special property, but I like it anyway, cuz I’m such a nice guy.


And one of them is so short…

Which links me to my final thoughts. What you have here is a good blend of hilarity, highly unique attacks, and solid filler attacks, resulting in a truly great moveset. HOWEVER, it feels very much half-finished. The Aerials are, obviously, underdetailed and half-finished. Add in those dang Back Aerials. What’s more, you have NO stats and No animations. These are a big deal, and are totally needed to complete the character. Lastly, I would LOVE to see five individual Playstyle sections for the five Anons. Seriously, that would probably push this moveset to the level of being a super vote from me, if they’re detailed enough.

And I have one small problem with the costume character changing deal: team battles. In team battles, this one character makes team colour matter, as you’ve got five different characters with totally different styles on your hands. A Caturday Anon main could never play in team battles, while a Hentai Anon main could situationally.

Oh, and one more; your layout seems just a bit arbitrary. Why are the Specials between Tilts and Smashes? WHY??? I’d put them either at the very beginning or the very end.

On the whole, though, it’s exactly these subtleties that make me love the character. This is, through and through, five characters in one, but it’s more; it’s five excellent characters in one. They all have their unique and awesome attacks, and are hilarious to boot. Definitely one of my more favourite sets in the contest so far, and I’d suggest (maybe closer to the end of the contest) going back and fixing all the stuff I’ve mentioned, adding the stuff I’ve mentioned, and you’ve got yourself a Top 50-quality set right here.




  1. Okay, thanks! I know I should have finished it… and how could I forget those DANG Back Aerials?!?! Thanks again for your critique, I will fix it later.

  2. That is all?



  3. You’re welcome, Kholdstare.

    Heehee… I was wondering whether you’d catch that, Mendez. I usually put INDEED at the end, but it’s been a while since my last review, and I thought I’d slip in a little something sneaky.


  4. Also, what do you mean by no animations?

  5. By that I mean, no description of how he looks when running, standing, crouching, asleep, etc.

    I guess you could call that an extra, but it really helps to make the character feel real, and doesn’t take too long to make up.

  6. I did make animations… or did you mean animations for each individual Anon? I thought that, like the grabs, would be universal…

  7. Oh. Right. With the Happy Mask Salesman and the sleep pose diagram and all, yes? Yeeeah. Oops. Forget I mentioned that. >_<

    Although I can kinda turn that into a related point. I’m so used to seeing that kinda thing at the beginning of a moveset, it really threw me off. It’s useful to know what a character will look like right off the bat, in my opinion.

  8. That’s what a picture at the front is for 😉

  9. Oh ha, ha. I prostrate myself before your effervescent wit.

  10. i nominate Chocolate rain as the #1 most likely song to get stuck in a person’s head


    All in favor of joining me, do not edit my post.


    Kibble can be a Prime Minister, K.Rool can be Secretary of State, MT can be Attorney General, anyone else in favor of leadership can sign up here.

    Now, if anyone were asking ME around here, I’d say that this whole thing is a bad idea. After all, Khold can’t expect that, after spamming up the whole Abyss, everyone’ll just join him automatically. But then again, no one’s really asking me. I remind again, I’m Khold’s alter ego.

  12. *reinforces shields*

  13. *conquers Kholdica*

    Kibble and K Rool are my allies.

  14. My shields are reinforced.

  15. Attack, minions!


    Baloo’s powerful spell broke the shields!

  17. This city is destroyed by Khold, it was a bluff.

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