Posted by: masterwarlord | December 15, 2008

The Master's Critique — Dexter

Page 229

Dexter by Akiak

I remembered somebody else said they were gonna do Dexter and how people would be so happy if he was done. . .And then you suddenly do it out of the blue to little response, much less the fact the moveset was followed up by Hyper Ridley’s Death. A shame this moveset got looked past so much considering how many fans of the boy genius there seem to be in the topic. I’m not exactly huge on Dexter’s Laboratory myself, but I still did watch the show somewhat regularly as a lad, so I’m without a doubt familiar with the source material. Let’s begin, shall we?

Originality: You’ve got a lot of good moves in here that really help to give the moveset some life, without a doubt much better then Stickman. Most of the smashes, some of the aerials, and the specials are all quite good. I like the robot used as a wall/to push people off for his side special and the method of recovery he uses. . .Even if it is basically the same as AI Colonel’s, although I doubt you read that. The only real things that jump out here as bad are the dtilt, fair, bair, fsmash and the neutral combo. . .Which isn’t really that much. It wrench is the main culprit of unorginality here, but it’s excusable for not every single move to be a bonanza of originality. . .Although Dexter easily has moveset potential to eliminate the wrench attacks. In any case though, this is very good, MUCH better then your previous works, but I feel it could go a teensy bit farther.

Detail: You tell me basically everything there is to know about these moves, granted some of them aren’t that complicated. Range, lag, damage, knockback, it’s all there. The picture in my mind of the moveset functions quite well, and it’s all very brief to make reading through this moveset a breeze, even while you still give me all the juicy info. A couple moves could use a tad bit of elaboration here or there, but for the most part it’s perfect, and MUCH better then your previous works, once again. The play style section is a welcome addition and helps this moveset all the more. . .Or rather it would, if it were more accurate, as you’ll see in the next section.

Balance: You claim Dexter has a lack of KO moves in your play style section. . .But this is clearly completely untrue when you take a brief look at the smash attacks section. The fsmash and usmash are excellent fast KO moves with little lag, and the dsmash is a third possible option, albeit not as good of one. Considering Dexter is at least average in pretty much every other category, he’d easily crack the sacred seven on the tier list. This is easily fixable, just make his smash attacks weaker and perhaps a bit laggier also.

Relevance to Character: This helps to really make the moveset. Everything in here reflects the Dexter I remember from my childhood without a second thought. The ftilt is a particularly nice touch to show Dexter’s weakness, and while his wrench attacks are indeed bland he did use his wrench considerably in his cartoon. The other moves are various gadgets he used in the cartoons, and the extras help to beef it up all the more, especially the Deedee assist trophy. The taunts being direct quotes of course doesn’t hurt either. All in all, superb job.

Extras: Starting from the top, the taunts/victory poses are direct quotes from the boy genius and help to make this moveset Dexter, I’m quite fond of them, particularly the up taunt. The entrance is also from the show whether or not it’s slightly bland, so that’s good, and I really like the fact you made pictures for the alt colors, plus including that exceptional alt costume for the 8th slot. Shouldn’t Kirby get Dexter’s hair for the Kirby Hat you think? I LOVE the Codec. . .It’s pretty much the only codec that’s ever made me lol, even if Snake’s age in reality is unknown, it’s worth it for the punchline you gave there. The SSE Role is a decent general explanation of it, but could use some more detail. I LOVE the stage, it’s very detailed and has lots of fun stuff to interact with, capturing the atmosphere of the cartoon very well. The Deedee assist trophy is practically a requirement for this moveset and it also is quite detailed, and a welcome addition. Overall a very healthy amount of quality extras that helps to prop this moveset up. The only real flaw in these extras is the SSE Role.

Organization: A massive step up from Stickman. The headers are beautiful, the coloring shines through very well, and best of all you separate the basic description of the attack from the detail to make this moveset with brief detail all the easier to read. This is honestly one of the best organized movesets in the contest, the only thing I can really request is that you bold the attack names.

Overall: This is a gigantic improvement from your previous works to the point I can’t even recognize that the person who made those movesets and Dexter are the same author. This is all very good and is almost to the standards people have come to expect. Really. . .There’s not much if anything that needs to be done on this set besides weakening the smashes and bolding the attack names, all the rest of the commentary is more or less nit picking. It’s a shame most people passed this moveset up.



  1. Thanx A LOT

    I appreciate the review its very helpful.

    No I did not read AI Colonel so that came out of my mind and i’ve always had some doubt on the smashes.

    Thanx again

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