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The King's Conclusions — SSH: Poppy Bros. Jr

~~ Super Star Helpers ~~

By SirKibble


Part II – Poppy Bros. Jr


Well, here we are with my second Super Star Helpers review. Have I bitten off more than I can chew? Naaaah. I’m just not quite a big a fan of Poppy as I am of the other Helpers. He’s probably the one I’m least enthusiastic about before reading. Let’s see if you managed to make him interesting, Kibble.


Ahem. Firstly, allow me to reiterate: “Well now. The first thing that really leaps out – even though I’ve had the chance to peruse this moveset in the past – is how much you managed to do with such a simple character. This also leapt out at me earlier, in your Waddle Doo and Cutman movesets. Seriously, you’ve captured the very essence of [Poppy]; this is exactly how he should be playing.”

Just as true as for Knuckle Joe. It seems you really analyzed the psyche of Poppy and perfectly summed him up as a Brawl character.

I’m pleasantly surprised at how much you managed to do with him. Bombs aren’t ridiculously overused while still remaining the obvious focal point for his playstyle. All of the bomb attacks are incredibly fresh and interesting. The overall feel is quite advanced, but truly fitting of a Speed/Range character, stressing his weak points and all. Since there’s no single mechanic, I really can’t give you any sweeping complaints; as a character, Poppy is quite impeccable.

But I’ll talk more about that later. On to the actual attacks!

Standard Combo – Tornado Kick – This is pretty neat, if a bit hard to envisage; I can’t really see Poppy’s feet being used as a pinwheel kinda deal. Still, it not only works, it’s a unique Standard Combo. How long does this take to come out? It has very good properties just about everywhere, so I’d make it a bit under a second.

Forward Tilt – Pirouette Kick – Cool. Although, if he spins as quick as Jiggly, he’ll get through two kicks really quick. Jiggly spins like a top or something. You sure that’s what you meant?

Up Tilt – Twirl-a-Whirl – Eee… isn’t this a bit too similar to Pirouette Kick? It’s, like, the same thing, minus the foot and with more spins. Personally, I’d make it holdable for up to five seconds if you hold A, and make it possible to move him slowly as he spins to either direction. Otherwise, its low priority and range makes it seem kinda useless.

Down Tilt – Foot Clap – Not a thrilling attack, but then, how much choice did you have? There’s a definite limit to how much Poppy can do. Anyway, high knockback makes it much more intriguing. I like.

Dash Attack – Super Slide – This is really cool, but isn’t half of Final Destination a bit too long? I’d also like a mention of how quick he slides; that really decides whether the attack is broken or not. Still, a very interesting and possible concept.

Forward Smash – Pinwheel Spin – The attack itself is rather awesome, but I had to turn on Brawl and go to training mode to remind myself how Mario looks in his Down Taunt. Maybe you should explain that the old-fashioned way. It’s fairly weak, but that’s really fitting, and I love it just for how odd it is, with its back knockback and unique effect upon charging. Good stuff.

Up Smash – Rocket Bomb – Meh. I could call it a Snake ripoff, but I can easily appreciate the difference. It’s actually quite different from Snake’s. It doesn’t give out much damage, and is harder to land, but seems quicker. Again, encapsulates Range/Speed.

Down Smash – Bomb Party – Probably the coolest attack in Poppy’s set. I have nothing negative to say about this, as my only concern – its applications for edgeguarding – I shared earlier, and you’ve fixed it since. It leans towards the good side, but is certainly not broken.

Neutral Air – Swell Up – Aside from the natural awesomeness of this attack, I’m thinking it’s a bit on the good side. It obviously has high priority, it doesn’t take too long to use, it has the ultimate hitbox, and it’s really easy to follow up on. I’d scale down its already small damage or bring up the knockback to ensure you can’t chase.

Forward Air – Dud Toss – The ultimate in Speed/Range. This one seems like it could use a bit more elaboration – I’m getting that it bounces up off of a foe it hits, but then what keeps it from repeatedly spiking a recovering foe? Seemsa bit vague at some parts. It’s not my favourite attack, but it’s a neat application of Poppy’s bombs.

Back Air – Launch Kick – The question that leaps to mind: How quick does this come out? As is, this is a ridiculous edgeguarding move. You can jump as far off as you want and be confident you’ll KO them and recover safely. On another note, the animation sounds a bit awkward; he extends his legs, but if he hits a foe, he bounces forward? What if he just skims a foe with the tips of his toes? It’d look weird if he goes bouncing off of next to no contact. This is a nitpick that can’t really be fixed, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

Up Air – Juggle Bomb – I gotta admit, this attack feels very meh to me. It’s not necessarily bad, but… it just doesn’t captivate me at all. No comment.

Down Air – Bomb Dunk – I’m not a huge fan of stall-then-falls, but this one is a bit more interesting since it has the bomb and since the explosion also affects Poppy. Nothing else to say here, really.

Special – Bomb Toss – As you say, this is pretty much how the ability works in the game. This would probably be the single most important move in Poppy’s arsenal, and massively useful for controlling the stage. The blast radius is maybe a bit too giant, I think, for such a useful and vital attack, but otherwise, this is all good.

Forward Special – Spitfire – Now you’re getting crazy! This falls into the category of attack that feels like something Poppy can and would do. It’s very versatile and handy. I’m a bit worried it’s too effective at what it does; it’s not to hard to fully charge when the foe is recovering, and then catch them no matter what they try to do. Despite that point, I think it’d be neater if he breathed fire for longer then just one second. Does the final hit of the flames deal any knockback or no? Maybe you should make it so if someone hits Poppy while he’s charging, he blows up. I think it’d be a cool touch, and more reasonable than having the bomb he swallowed just vanish upon being hit.

Up Special – Kick-Off – This is really cool, and an interesting way to have Poppy recover. Your description is a bit wordy; after you say that it goes on indefinitely, it’s more or less already clear that they’re unaffected by gravity. I’d cut down on length here. Otherwise, it’s very cool as another bomb-based range attack in Poppy’s game.

Down Special – Firework Show – So does he come in and out from the background with this? This thing seems a bit ridiculous. I’d give Poppy more lag at the end, to be punishable if he misses. You say Poppy is vulnerable, but where is he? Above the explosion, or what? Hmm. Pretty cool, all in all, but needs a bit more description.

Final Smash – This Final Smash is really cool, if a bit underpowered, I think. For him to be mobile at all, you need to sacrifice a hell of a lot of power. It can definitely be brought up a bit, to make the rewards if you land the big one or even the small one a bit better.

Throws – Grabs are plain. Forward Throw is pretty cool, I must admit, and Down Throw is very interesting indeed. I’d love to try and string that into a Bomb Dunk. The rest are not bad, but nothing really captivating.

On the whole, I see what you mean when you say that Poppy is no beginner’s character. Quite a few of his attacks have him bouncing all over the place, and it seems like it’d be pretty easy to bounce your way into KO’ing yourself. He also has a masterful projectile game, but a Poppy master must be aware of all of them and all their uses before trying to apply them. If Knuckle Joe is the berserker, where you can just try to beat the snot out of the foe and keep up a relentless assault, Poppy is the weapons tactician, equipped with tons of tools that he needs to wield equally and properly.

I don’t really like Poppy as a character, as I said, but you’ve done a LOT with him. Knuckle Joe, I still find really interesting, but Poppy is just as tempting to use. You’ve, again, captured every facet of this character and turned much of it into very unique, fun attacks. Most of all, though, you’ve again really captured that Speed/Range bearing of his. That, and his lack of Power/Weight, really help to balance the character as a whole. I may have individual attack complaints, but overall, Poppy doesn’t seem broken in the least.

So, yeah. Good stuff, good stuff. You’re making it very hard for me to decide who I’d main out of these guys. And, with that, let us leave Speed behind for good, and move on to our heavyweights: carry over the range and move on to Sir Kibble!



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