Posted by: The Stadium | December 20, 2008

The Chief Concern — Toon Link Remix

Toon Link Remix

by SkylerOcon

– – –

Oh snap, I totally forgot about the Windwaker crawl. That’s such a perfectly obvious addition…

First, a generalization: movesets like these, of characters already in the game, I’m kinda’ on the fence about. On the one hand, it’s cool to see what people think up of, and how they almost always seem to reflect the character much more accurately than the actual playable version does…but on the other hand, it directly questions the developer’s choices. I’m probably totally alone in this, and nearly everyone you asked would say differently, but I’m perfectly happy with the Toon Link we have in Brawl.

Anyway. Enough meta crap–on to the actual moveset.

The first thing that slaps me in the face is that trademark color-coding for range. I understand the reasoning behind it and all…but the colors seem totally random, and I honestly couldn’t remember what each one designated, so I ended up having to scroll back to the start of the ‘set to check for almost every move. Why not just put 3 numbers before each move, one each for range, knockback, and lag? Color code those in primary colors, and I could see things going much smoother.

…But, compared to the otherwise-great visuals, that’s a fairly minor complaint. Nothing completely off-putting, anyhow.


I…don’t really have a “chief concern” here. Phooey. Sure, I think you sort of went a little overboard with some of the tools you have Link using (the Telescope as a battering item? Really? And…Rupees?), a few attacks are sort of tough to imagine (in particular Hero’s Thrust), and a few attacks are lacking some key details (exactly how big is the Moon Pearl’s resultant portal?)…

…Oh, and I was super-disappointed to see the Grappling Hook only deals damage. I would’ve loved to see a successful hit with the thing make Link pull himself toward the foe, and then automaticaly go right into an attack (or a quick kick if you hit an airborne foe, maybe). The awesomeness of that item deserves more than just a generic projectile with unusually high ending lag.

But, as I said, none of those are really “oh God, this is bad, please fix” problems. Even though, as I said, I’m not a huge fan of these “remixes”, and the ‘set’s got it’s fair share of nettles…this is a stinking great moveset.

Easily one of the better ones in the contest, even.

…Damn impressive, sir. ^.^




  1. Thanks!

    I tried to make the moveset use a minimal amount of the sword, so that’s pretty much why the Telescope and the Rupees got in there.

    I had thought of doing that with the grappling hook, actually. I had thought of doing a lot of things with it. Pulling your opponent towards you, using it as the throw, and using it as his recovery were all the obvious ones.

    I kept it how it is though, because I wanted to use it as an edgeguarding tool. Sure, I could’ve made it so that Link would be sent towards his opponent, but think about how broken that would be! It would make recovery with characters like Mario and Marth nearly impossible. Not to mention that I’m a complete and total tourney fag, so an item with godly range like this is infinitely more useful to me than getting dragged towards my opponent.

    Anyway, thank you for the comments (I had completely forgotten about saying how large the portal was for his final smash). I’ll go and fix that right now!

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