Posted by: SirKibble | December 20, 2008

The Knight's Analysis — Hyper_Ridley

<>—{ Hyper_Ridley }—<>

— by Hyper_Ridley —


This is a moveset I’ve looked forward to from the first time it was announced. The preview of the Special Mechanic later really captivated me, and now I’m honored to be reviewing what’s potentially the first great Ridley moveset that Make Your Move has ever seen. So, without further adeiu, let’s get to it!

Okay, so I’m looking at these Stats, as well as the Pros and Cons, and they seem all right. This is a risky moveset, having lots of extreme stats to either direction, but judging solely from these sections, I’d say it seems okay. His awesome strength, range, and priority are offset by his slow movement speed and fast falling speed, as well as a couple other little disadvantages, particularly when recovering. Also, I’ve seen it before, but I’m still a fan of the Lightning Dynamo mechanic. I’m more than a little excited to see how that plays out in the actual moveset, so it’s a good thing that’s where I’m going next!

All right, so I’m looking at these Standard Attacks, and I’m really liking what I see. They’re interesting (in particular, I like the Forward Tilt and even more, the Dash Attack), they seem balanced enough, and there’s enough detail to be able to properly envision these moves. The only concern I have right now is that you might want to figure out a more obvious way to show which moves use (or can potentially use) the Lightning Dynamo. As is, you have to read kind of thoroughly through the move description for it, which is fine for me as a reviewer, but might not sit as well with people who don’t have time to do more than skim the moveset. A different color for the attack names or any kind of indicator would be helpful.

Now something really good! I love these Smash Attacks! As a lot of MYMers know, I’m a stickler for creativity, about as much as Warlord is one for detail, and this is good stuff, in my book! The extra attack on the Forward Smash actually threw me for a loop about as much as it probably would’ve if I’d been playing my first match against a good Hyper_Ridley player. Needless to say, that punishment opportunity was quickly sabotaged! The Up Smash is golden, too, with a very unique method of attacking, and also involving some Lightning Dynamo. The Down Smash is probably the least creative of the three, still remaining top-notch in that department. That’s a heck of a lot of fireballs, though! Imagine a fully-charged D-Smash rocking you for up to 60% damage! Now, given how easy it would probably be to avoid this move in most cases, I’d say it’s probably okay, but I still might suggest toning down either the damage or the number of fireballs, just to be on the safe side.

Some crazy Aerials here, HR. Slap of Zeus is awesome, if only because it’s called “Slap of Zeus.” I like the snowflake effect on the Up Air as well, and I’m pleasantly surprised at what you even did with his Glide Attack. Anyway, the Aerials, while not quite as much so as the Smash Attacks, are interesting and creative, and still seem pretty balanced to me. They’re good, solid attacks offset by unusual hitboxes and fair amounts of lag, whether before or after the move, or both. Not that I’m the perfect person to be analyzing anybody’s moveset balance, but it’s got to be worth something that it looks good to me.

The Ultimate Thunder Cannon!! *reads* Whoa!! That really is the ultimate thunder cannon! Sweet move idea, and the fact that it uses ALL of his energy bars is totally awesome! You know, in a weird way, that makes the move seem even stronger than it did reading the earlier description. Anyway, an awesome concept, and very well implemented as an attack. (Honestly, it kind of made me think of Samus using the Zero Laser in that one E3 Brawl video.)

Through the Fire and Flames (lolDragonforce) looks pretty sweet as well, though I’m a tad bit unclear on exactly how it works. Does he just jump forward and land on his back, or does he slide at all? And it would also be nice to have a rough idea of how far he jumps forward. Otherwise, still a cool move, though easily beaten out by some of the others.

Headache is probably one of the coolest recovery ideas I’ve ever seen. To remove one’s head in order to grab a ledge is simply uncanny, and throwing in Bowser’s old Side Special as an attack style is perfectly awesome, as the move’s got enough creativity to merit a tiny bit of cloned implementation. I mean… HE TAKES HIS HEAD OFF!! I’m sorry I can’t comment on much else, but THAT’S JUST SO FREAKING COOL!!

Now, Energy Relocation, that’s a scary move. 30% is a lot of damage, though I guess with how Dynamo-dependent he can be, quite a bit of damage is needed. Still, I might consider lowering it just a little bit, to 25% or maybe even 20%. Just a thought, though. Either way, I see this move being used very sparingly, even by the most elaborate and skilled players.

Holy insane Final Smash!! Now, the questions I must ask: First, is it totally freaking awesome? Heck yes. Does it fit the character? Absolutely. Is it appropriately detailed? Mmm… Not so much. Admittedly, it’s not easy with a Final Smash that’s got so many different levels of power, but it’s a little vague at parts. How fast do the lightning bolts go from the left to the right, or vice versa? How long does the Final Smash last, and is the duration different for the different energy levels? These are things I would love to know. Still, it’s an awesome Final Smash, and I love how you made it multi-level. I’d just like more detail in a few places.

The Throws are pretty simple. Functional, but simple, and not worth too much scrutinizing. Same goes for (most of) the Get Up and Ledge Attacks, except the second Ledge Attack! He loses his head again!! Oh, man… I’m gonna have to move on, or I’ll start typing in all-caps again…

The rest of what I see is basically what I’d expect in the Animations and Alternate Costumes. The Taunts and Victory Poses were worth a couple chuckles here and there. The Snake Codec is fitting and mildly humorous. His Unlock Method is actually striking me as the funniest thing here, though. He he… Ah, how we love us some Ridley at MYM.

In conclusion, I think it’s safe to say that this is easily the best Ridley moveset MYM has ever seen, and it’ll be a tough one for future Ridley-makers to beat! Excellent work, HR. Your 50% self-insert, 50% Ridley, 50% OC moveset (that’s 150%!!) has done all three much justice!


PS: I didn’t know you were so close to me in school, and had my same major! Fun facts, indeed!

PPS: Hyper_Ridley’s friends also include Dawg Food!! How did you leave me out, man? How? 😉



  1. *Dies, goes to heaven, comes back down*

    I am VERY happy to hear that I’ve been able to give my fav character a good move set for once in MYM.

    I can understand why you want some more detail in the final smash, I’ll be sure to go and see what I can do about it, as well as fix up the other little things you suggested.

    Thank you for the review =D

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