Posted by: metinahurricane | December 21, 2008

The King's Conclusions — Oume Gouketsuji

~~~ Oume ~~~

By Spadefox


Now, I can’t really claim to be familiar with Power Instinct, but I did do my research, and checked out a few videos of it on Youtube. Seems very much similar to other fighters like Street Fighter and what-have-you. I’m still looking forward to actually reading this, though, for two reasons: old ladies are awesome; and it’s the first Spadefoxian moveset I’m reviewing! And everybody needs to review a Spadefox at some point or another.


Okay, now, the very first thing that I notice, unfortunately, is that many of your attacks here don’t have the same intense creativity and uniqueness of some of your other sets, namely Guntz, Johnathon & Charlotte, Lyon, and even the Kovomaka Students. They’re not your typical generic fare, but they’re certainly nothing incredible.

But let’s not just start with bad stuff. I’m gonna go ahead and counter what I just said, because this is a character from a fighting game. That means that standard hand-to-hand combat attacks have to be included for it to be at all true to character. I recognize the blazing kicks and pretty much all of the attacks in general from the videos of Oume in action I saw on Youtube. It seems to me that you captured the character extremely well, albeit at the cost of some individual attack creativity.

Now, the Specials… it’s always been your greatest weakness, having Specials that don’t quite match up to the rest of the moveset, and that’s true here to some extent; you’ve got two rather plain projectiles, a deflector, and… a very weird, neat Down Special. However, I really think you should switch the Down and Up Specials. As you have it now, they feel really awkward, and I can see lots of newbie players accidentally launching giant faces instead of recovering.

Some individual attack notes: I really like the Forward Tilt, but I have to ask, does this do multiple hits or just one? Down Tilt probably shouldn’t trip 100% of the time, that’s just begging to be spammed ridiculously. I’d make it 75% of the time, myself. The Aerials are the most interesting attacks of the set, especially the oddball, multi-purpose Examination. Feels very old-lady-like. I feel like the Flying Dentures could be given some property or something to make them a bit more interesting. Maybe, if they hit a foe, they grab onto them briefly, so Oume can come in and punish them? I dunno, but it feels like it’s missing something.

This has much lower detail than your early MYM 4 sets, on the same level as your Cornell set. Unlike Warlord, I’m not complaining about this; I feel that there’s pretty much enough said for me to understand each attack individually. I’m not particularly going to concern myself with priority and other details like that. One thing, though: I would definitely like to see how all these attacks work, and their uses in a bit more detail. A Playstyle section would be appreciated by me.

I can kinda put her playstyle together in my head; she’s based mostly around close to mid combat, and needs to pester the foe from afar and force them to come in close, where they can be nailed by a bunch of relatively speedy attacks. Oume can’t catch the foe; she needs to force them to come to her, where she can start spacing and hitting with decent-range aerials. From a distance, Oume’s pretty weak, but no less than solid; with two projectiles and a cool moving deflector, she may not have the upper hand, but the foe won’t either. Just like Warlord looks for detail and Kibble looks for originality, I look for these interactions and a clear connection throughout the moveset, and Oume definitely doesn’t disappoint, as you can tell.

However, even with my fancy impression of how she’d ideally play, she’s just really, really, underpowered. Seriously. Oume has all the makings of a quick “annoyance” character who runs in and combos like mad, but without the speed. She’s like a less floaty Mewtwo, and his floatiness was his best property. Her attacks are all pretty weak and, as a rule, have bad ending lag, making it pretty much impossible to combo with her in any way. She’s easily knocked out with a risky recovery, and her only KO moves are all slow as hell. It seems that the only way she could get any KOs, ever, would be edgeguarding with her Back Air, using her good jumps to her advantage, but that’d really end up in a predictable character who would end up at Bottom Tier in no time. This isn’t hard to fix, at all; I say, keep the stats where they are, they fit an old lady character, and just take the ending lag on most of her attacks down and bring their knockback up.

The organization is your usual thing, and I’ve always liked it. It’s simple and so easy to read through. This, combined with the shorter description, makes this moveset really enjoyable to read. Good stuff.

So, overall? This is really a good set. I really did like reading it, and picturing how she’d play in my head. It doesn’t go nuts with originality like some other movesets do, but it has just enough to keep things unique, and it really captures how an old lady with some mystical powers from a fighting game SHOULD play. Fix up the balance to bring her up out of the bottom of the tier list, and maybe work on a few of the things I’ve outlined, and this will skyrocket in my esteem. It may not be your absolute best moveset, but it’s still a great read. 



  1. You think she’s underpowered? Huh…

    And the swap of making Down B the recovery definitely was intentional. I don’t want to make it too easy. =D

    Also, I don’t see many too generic attacks even with rather generic attack concepts. :O

    Good point about Flying Dentures with trapping them… I might use that.

    So. Thanks. :3

  2. Yep, I do. I don’t care about a moveset’s balance as much as some others do, but I do like to point it out. Makes the review seem longer.

    Tricky tricky…

    No, there aren’t many generic attacks at all. Of the top of my head, only the dash attack and the down tilt are truly generic, and that’s okay, as they’re typical fighter-style attacks.

    You’re welcome.

  3. Hmm… I might look into that. I will reform my whole movesets as soon as I’m done with all of them, changing balance errors, some more generic attacks and all the like.

    Fufufufu… of course it’s tricky!

    Yea, I know. But I needed to throw in some “normal” attacks into the mix, as well. D:


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