Posted by: masterwarlord | December 22, 2008

The Master's Critique — L.O.G.

Page 259

L.O.G. by Airsmasher

So first you decide to try to do Klump, but then you hear Bkupa and I are doing both Klump and Krusha. Sorry about that. In any case, you still managed to make up a moveset eventually and as I suspected, it’s from Banjo Kazooie. I can’t say I’ve played the 360 game, although I’ve heard it’s not nearly as good as the N64 titles. That said, this character looks like a very humorous one that’d fit well into the world of BK as well as Smash Bros.

Originality: Considering this was your first moveset and it was rather underdetailed, I wasn’t expecting too much, but I was pleasantly surprised. This obviously isn’t stellar like some of the other movesets in the contest, but there are few attacks in here that are just outright generic, and even that attacking with his cloak is more original then just whacking foes with his head or something. The mice were also a nice way to get some more interesting attacks in. I particularly like the final smash, although it’d be rather boring in 1v1. Perhaps you can make it so the LOG has to compete against the enemy in the quiz in 1v1, and if LOG loses the enemy doesn’t turn into the inanimate object? LOG would still be invincible so it definitely wouldn’t be a waste. This is much more then what most random people asked to make a moveset could come up with, your time in MYM has done you well.

Detail: There’s an impressive amount of detail for a newcomer in the specials and final smash, I commend you for that. The rest of the moves have very little description unfortunately, you not mentioning knockback or attack speed much throughout the moveset. I’m rarely getting more then just a damage percentage here, although that’s certainly better then nothing. Descriptions of range, attack speed, knockback, and damage percentages should be in every move. That’s not really me being a detail nazi. . .It’s a standard. It’s decent enough for a first moveset, but I’m just telling you for future reference, okay?

Balance: Due to the lack of detail I can’t really tell how balanced LOG is, although his recovery does seem blatantly overpowered. 7 seconds of free flight?!? That makes Pit’s recovery look mediocre. That could be okay if, say, LOG can’t come out of it until he gets to the stage making him highly gimpable, but I can’t tell that due to the lack of detail. LOG also has mad gimping skills himself with his down B as well as superb stalling what with being able to go to ledge to ledge in an instant. Don’t forget the bair, Which is a multi hitter for 21% damage and sounds decently fast. It could be slow or it could send them away so they don’t get hit by all three hits for 21% damage, but I can’t tell that due to the lack of detail. LOG probably isn’t as imbalanced as I’m making him out to be, but that’s because I don’t have the same picture you do of him due to you not accurately describing his moves to me. A little detail goes a long way.

Relevance to Character: I honestly know nothing about the character, but you make use of his monitor, his mice, his cloak, and his general godly gaming status what with moves like the neutral B. The generic video game quiz final smash is icing on top of the cake. This is a highlight of the moveset, from what I can tell you captured LOG very well. Perhaps more funny dialogue could be displayed in his various taunts that’s typical of the BK universe, but at least you still make creative poses for them.

Extras: More extras then most newcomers. As I said, I like the taunts, but they could perhaps use some dialogue. That’s far from a major issue obviously, just a slight nitpick. Another nitpick is that LOG only has four alt colors. Every character in Brawl has at least 5. The codec makes Snake and Otacon go somewhat OOC, but it’s decent enough. The animations are fairly standard fare, nothing special, but it’s nice they’re present. An impressive amount of extras for a first moveset, I commend you for that. Obviously not up to the standards of the higher up moveset makers, but decent none the less.

Organization: What’s this? A newcomer who actually uses BBcode? Thank god! As far as to what could be improved, you could bold the move names, change the blue coloring for the headers to an easier one to read (Say, green), and increase the size of the headers. Also, you were so close to getting the image code right but just missed it. In the second [img] tag, you put a / before the “img”. In lamen, the exact code you need is [img](Your image url here)[/img].

Overall: A decent first entry. It’s nice to see that in these later MYMs newcomers are putting in a much larger effort to make new movesets. It’s more obvious with some of the other newcomers we’ve gotten, but you shouldn’t be forgotten either. A shame you posted this moveset as the last post on a page. . .Perhaps you could post more in the topic to get the users more famaliar with you? The more you comment, the more likely it is you’re gonna receive comments. In any case, decent enough first moveset, mine wasn’t exactly much better. I look forward to seeing how you improve in the future.



  1. Thanks! I’ll be sure to add much more detail to my next moveset, MissingNo. Don’t miss it!

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