Posted by: metinahurricane | December 24, 2008

The King's Conclusions — Tonberry

==( Tonberry )==

By Pelikinesis


Okay, honesty time: I have never played a Final Fantasy game. I’ve watched others play, but that’s as far as I’ve gone. I watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, if that counts for anything. Nevertheless, this lizard-looking dude is pretty damn awesome, and you’ve been sitting there for weeks waiting for a review, to no avail. So here comes K.Rool, the nice guy (NOT Kibble), to save the day!


Point # 1: Where’s your picture??? It took me all of five seconds on Google to find a decent picture. The whole thing doesn’t really feel like a moveset at all without an opening picture.

Point #2: So he’s your typical heavyweight, just smaller? That’s a really neat niche, and pretty dang interesting right off the bat. Heavy lizard men with daggers and lanterns are awesome.

Point #3: In general, your standard ground attacks are all hard to nitpick about. Obviously, the biggest thing here is the lack of detail. You fit a lot more info than one would think into a very small space, but I still must ask you, what about priority, lag, uses? I also prefer full sentences for the best effect, rather than short dot-jot style points. The attacks themselves are in general nothing too wacky, but at the same time, not too dull. A few could use additional effects – Up Tilt comes to mind – but they all make use of his two rather unique tools, and stay fresh and interesting. His Smashes in particular are excellent, actually. The Down Smash is one of the better things I’ve seen in the whole of the contest.

Point #4: Your Aerials aren’t quite as interesting, I’m afraid. They still use lantern and dagger, adding to the unique playstyle, but start to get a bit repetitive. I’d love to see a few more attacks with big fiery explosions or something, for the lantern ones, while the dagger ones are neat enough.

Point #5: Let’s talk Specials. This is, in my opinion, the best part of the set. Slow is really neat, although seems a bit vague the way you’ve worded it. I found myself wondering how quickly it moves, how big it is, what arc it goes on, how long it lasts, only to find out in a random part of the attack. I don’t like how you split it up with the green text, and, aside from how cool the move is, I think it could use a rewrite. Karma is another great concept, but, again, feels like it was written with you unsure of what it was, adding in effects and properties as you went along. So it only absorbs projectiles? Please, please, rewrite this, because you’ve got a great idea marred by how it’s expressed.

Point #6: Actually this is pretty much the same as the above point, but it was getting too long. Chef’s Knife is a bit less awesome, and seems to me like some sort of charge that also sucks up attacks and kinda reflects them back at the owner. From that primary concept, it seems overpowered. Again, rewrite it! Now, Voodoo is probably the sweetest thing in the whole moveset. I mean, this thing is crazy. Not only is it just about the coolest damn recovery I’ve ever seen, its strange property if it sticks onto a foe blows my mind. Seriously, I could see a whole moveset based around this one mechanic. Very, very cool stuff, although I’d need more description about how much you can control its arc and how far it can potentially go before declaring that it’s not overpowered.

Point #7: Tonberry has a really excellent playstyle. This guy is so insanely cool, and well thought out. I’m really, really enjoying it. With that said, I do think he’s a bit on the good side. His main drawbacks are his bad speed and his bad approach, it seems, but for the approach, I’m thinking that short-hopp’d Neutral Airs would be a pretty good way to approach cautiously, while a hyphen-smash’d Up Smash would smack them while still remaining at a safe distance. Quite frankly, though, I’m just saying this to sound smart. Changing just about anything about the guy would take a lot from his charm and excellent playstyle. My only suggestion would be to downtone his grab game, so that he has at least one other drawback.

Point #8: It’s sad how ignored this and your other movesets are. I’ve enjoyed this one (as well as Cactuar) immensely, despite its low detail and how awkwardly the Specials are worded. I realize many people will never read it, as how long it has to wait for a review proves, but it’s definitely a great moveset in my book, and it’s a shame you say you won’t be getting any more up any time soon.



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