Posted by: metinahurricane | December 26, 2008

The King's Conclusions — Venger

{{ Venger }}

By Lenus Altair


I never go back on my word. It may have been a bit upwards of a week, but when I say I’m going to comment on something, dammit, I do it! Even though I’m not familiar with this guy, like, at all… Oh well, on with the show! I think I’m going to carry over that handy Points system from my last review… From the top!


Point #1: So Venger’s essentially a heavyweight, but a bit lighter, more ranged, and floatier, eh? Sounds like a heavier, stronger Mewtwo. Now, you say that he has really good damage output, but this evidently isn’t the case: a heavyweight usually does upwards of 20% with each Smash, and all of Venger’s do less uncharged. He does have KO potential, but he’s missing the damage racking completely, making him decidedly underpowered.

Point #2: Your Specials are the most detailed part of the moveset, and maybe too much so. I’d try divvying those chunks of text into several smaller paragraphs, one for what the attack looks like, one for what it does, and one for when you’d use it; that’s a method I’ve found works excellently, anyway, and really helps you organize your thoughts, aside from being impressive in its own right.

Point #3: Now, for the attacks themselves. The B is a rather bland projectile, but I’m sure it’s pulled directly from the source, and I kinda like the Flare Blade-style chargeable-not-holdable projectile concept, it’s not currently in Brawl and all. Still, maybe you could add some property to make it more interesting? Lingering clouds of smoke, perhaps? Side B is vaguely described, to tell the truth, and I’m left wondering whether it’s just a long-range grab or Venger holds them there and can move forward and punish. The first is somewhat neater and I think that’s what you’ve got, but I can’t really be sure. His recovery is actually really cool, passing through solid terrain makes it quite unique, if tricky to use on any place that isn’t Smashville (where it’d be absolutely busted as a recovery). Again, description issues abound, although they’re not as crippling. They return with a vengeance, though, on Down B. So it’s kind of like a counter-reflector that doesn’t actually counter attacks? I can’t truly make heads or tails of it, although it seems like a pretty cool concept.

Point #4: Venger’s A combo, I like, and it has surprisingly good damage output, which works here to counteract the low damage of his Smashes. His Dash Attack is another one that’s described strangely (hand over hand?), but sounds interesting. My problem here is that they could both use something unique to set them apart, aside from their animations. Still, it’s not a huge complaint.

Point #5: F-Tilt… how does a disjointed attack have low priority? This sounds like a pretty dang good attack, I’d bring the damage per hit down to 3%, just to be safe. I like it, though. U-Tilt is one of the more creative, dynamic attacks in the set, if a bit wordy. For D-Tilt, again, disjointed attacks can’t have low priority. I like this one, too, even if it is a bit plain beyond its animation.

Point #6: Aerials before Smashes? Odd order there. Now, in general, these all sound pretty cool, but I have to say, I’d like you to spend a bit more time with each one, explaining what’s special about it and so forth. You give me the vital statistics, but in a very cut-and-dry manner. Uses, for one thing, would be highly appreciated. Now this is a load of complaining, I suppose, but the attacks themselves are very interesting, on the whole, and that’s the most important thing.

Point #7: As I mentioned, the Smashes should all be dealing more damage, for a heavyweight. They’re unique enough in all cases, though.

Point #8: On the whole, this is a solid enough moveset, although it doesn’t quite match up to your more recent works. On the plus side, its few problems are the problems of the MYM newcomer, and I think you’ve already fixed them in more recent movesets; skewed damage %s, wordiness, messed up attack order, etc, etc. You’ve proved yourself among the more powerful newcomers with this in terms of creativity and with your more recent movesets. A powerful effort that could easily be cleaned up into something more, although it may not be worth the effort; this obscure character is unlikely to get much attention, I’m afraid.




  1. Thanks for the review as always! I really appreaciate a good critique.

    1: Ok, an easy problem to fix, Ill boost the damage of his smashes somewhat. Better under then over right?

    2: I think thats an excellent way to organize, and I may reformat it and my other movesets to match! By the time this contest is over, I doubt any off my movesets will look much like they did when I first posted them.

    3: I could add an aditional property to the projectile. I would want it to be kind of subtle though, as you yourself assumed, it is pretty much a direct translation. Ill defiantly emphasis exactly what the Side B is better. I don’t think busted is the right word for his recovery on smashville, but it certainly is much better (he doesn’t have the jumps to make it broken and appear wherever he wants from underneath). It seems my description in general arn’t translating well here and need to be redone. Something I will fix and update as well as work on in future movesets.

    4: Descriptions again, Ill work on. Might work in a extra variable fo intrest.

    5: I’ve always thought have projectile/disjointed hitboxes as having a priority becuase some things interupt/overide them and some things just clang with them. I guess thats wrong? Work on wording again.

    6: I will fix this implementing your suggested organization.

    7: Mentioned in 1

    8: Thanks for the critique and compliments. Ill still work on this along with my other characters despite some beign more obscure then others though it will take time of course.

  2. Sounds like you’ve got a good grip on what to change. And yeah, your later movesets will be TOTALLY different from what you have now. Mine are, anyway; looking at my very first MYM set, there are practically no resemblances to anything I make these days. It all changes with experience, and your layout and technique should evolve with each new moveset.

    Anyway, I’ll probably be the one to review Yami Yugi, as well; I’m actually familiar with that one. =D

  3. Sounds great, but if you follow through with that, give me some time to update him with the advace you gave here. I would like to aviod a review that emphasises the same improvements. 🙂

    Maybe I could even knock that out tonight, but if not tonight, saturday.

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