Posted by: SirKibble | December 26, 2008

The Knight's Analysis — Fiona

))) ~ Fiona ~ (((

– by Tanookie –


All right, first and foremost, I had no idea who this character is, so I thank you kindly for the detailed backstory, Tanookie, as well as the short trailer. So now that I’m familiar with the character(s), and understand just how bizarre and somewhat creepy this game sounds… I guess I’ll get crackin’ on this moveset!

Taking things one step at a time, I’ll say that these stats seem both fair and fitting to the characters. Fiona seems to be a generally all-around type of fighter, with a couple defining Pros and some counter-balancing Cons. Hewie is… Well, he’s a dog, so he’s got stuff that’s what a dog would have. No complaints there. Let’s see what the actual moves have to say for this moveset!

The Specials first approach, I see. I’ve never been a huge fan of that style, as I tend to like a little buildup to those moves, but that aside, let’s see what they have in store. The Neutral is a bit boring, sort of a typical pistol attack, though I suppose it’s fitting. The Up Special gets my attention better, and actually has me interested. It’s a nice spin on the normal tether Up B, as it can grab any part of the stage, and the risky parts of it are worked out well also.  Good to see Hewie capitalized on in the Side and Down Specials. The Side Special in particular is interesting, and I imagine it would be key to any player’s game.

Reading her Standard Attacks, I immediately remembered something I forgot to mention earlier. I’m thouroughly impressed at how you’ve managed to fully describe the moves while keeping the descriptions fairly short. I like that a lot. Anyway, on to these actual moves. The Standard Combo and Dash Attack are relatively simple and boring, but given their from-game basis, I think I can let that slide. The rest of these are fun enough, all varying in their uses enough that Fiona players would undoubtedly employ them all to be successful. My only problem is with the Down Tilt. If she sets this trap that won’t disappear until it explodes, and, as you say, “it’s one of Fiona’s best killing moves,” this seems like it might be a bit too good. I mean, Snake’s got a similar move in his Down Smash, but the traps explode on their own if left alone for too long. And if you can lay three of them around the stage at the same time… Well, I just think it’s a bit much.

The Side Smash, while a bit ho-hum, is practically necessary. The Up Smash would be pretty bland if not for its self-damaging properties, so that’s a little redeeming quality. The definite highlight of the Smash Attacks is the Down Smash. I’m a big fan of that. It’s probably even one of the better moves I’ve seen in this entire moveset so far.

The Neutral Air scores big creativity points! Not sure I’ve ever seen a move that works quite like that before! Major props for that! The Forward Air works, though it’s far from being a highlight. The Backward Air is sort of boring, the real thing going for it being that it’s a two-part Aerial, which I have to admit, is pretty cool. The Up Air, sadly, is nothing special, but the Down Air, now that’s a cool concept. Reversing opponents’ controls is always a fun trick, and this method of making it happen is both fitting and unique.

The Throws are pretty standard, with a little exception for the Backward Throw and the Down Throw. The Down Throw is just straight-up an unheard-of idea in the world of Smash Bros., as it’s incredibly violent and gruesome. For the pure sake of Smash Bros.-ness, I might suggest a change on that. Anyway, the Backward Throw is easily my favorite, giving Fiona a running start like that and all.

Pretty good Ledge and Get Up Attacks. Definitely among the better ones I’ve seen, at least. Now, onto the Final Smash. I’ve got to admit, you had me going, and I really was thinking “This Final Smash is totally useless…” until I read the second part. Nice implementation of Hewie there. Definitely a good and fitting Final Smash, and a nice way to cap off the actual moveset.

Among the Extras, the surefire strong point is definitely Fiona the Frog. Combined with Stuffed Hewie, I would so main that. All I’m sayin’.

In the end, I felt like this was a solid moveset, with just a little room for improvement. Being the Creativity Nazi I am, I’d like to see a few attacks made more unique and original, though their from-game basis prohibits me from feeling too strongly about that. With that said, it’s still a moveset I’d definitely recommend to others. Good work, Tanookie!



  1. Dangit, Kibble, you broke my review streak! Curse you! And whatever happened to you bolding the crucial points of the review? I kinda liked that, it set you apart.

    And I notice you’re making yourself a reputation foe being Warlord’s counterpart, a Creativity Nazi. I s’pose that’d make Mendez the Organization Nazi, and me the Playstyle Mafia. Chris, the Balance Tyrant?

  2. “The Side Special, while a bit ho-hum, is practically necessary. The Up Special would be pretty bland if not for its self-damaging properties, so that’s a little redeeming quality.”

    I was confused until I realized that you were talking about Smash attacks. 😀

    Thanks for reviewing; I realize it can be difficult when you don’t know who the characters. That would be the reason I put such a detailed backstory in there in the first place!

    Hm…Down Tilt OP. I admit I was a little skeptical, but hey, I can always change it. And I was very proud of my Down Throw–even though I was nervous about that too.

    But hey, I’m just happy for a review! Thanks a ton!

  3. Oops. Crap, I’ll edit that. I meant to say Smash. *feels dumb*

    And K.Rool, I just realized I forgot to bold points. Crud. *feels dumber*

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