Posted by: SirKibble | December 26, 2008

The Knight's Analysis — Pac-Man

– – – >) Pac-Man (< – – –

– by Baloo –


Okay, so we’ve got a moveset for the classic wonder that is Pac-Man. Up front, I’m really interested to see how this is pulled off. Goodness knows it can’t be easy to make a moveset for a guy with such limited abilities, but I’ve got my fingers crossed and my spirits high. Let’s see what Pac-Man’s got for me!

To begin with, this mechanic is a little unclear. Is it for every 2% damage he takes or gives that he gets a Pac-Dot? Also, do the Dots follow you around? Is there a counter somewhere (for example, by his damage meter) that tells you how many you have, as well as how many Super Pac-Dots you have? I like the basic concept here, but I’d like a more elaborate description that clarifies a few things.

Stats first, I suppose. These seem a bit high, since the only thing potentially below average is his Recovery. Toning a couple more stats down would be a good idea here, although I’m hoping the actual moveset proves to be a little more balanced, and this is just a slightly skewed interpretation of it. Here’s hoping for the best as I make my way to the Standard Attacks!

Okay, so the first thing that’s sticking out to me is that these descriptions are fairly short. While conciseness is key, it’s also important to give all the necessary details, and I think most of these attacks could use a little more. In particular, I notice that few of the attacks are saying anything about their range, so there’s an area to start with. Use of the pellet mechanic is nice, though I’m hoping the rest of the moveset won’t overuse generic pellet attacks. It’s nice here, but too many swinging/throwing pellet attacks won’t sit too well with me.

So I’m assuming this Up Smash is similar to Zero Suit Samus’, which is fine, given its reliance on the pellet mechanic to make it more unique, but I’d like it’s appearance to be made a little more clear. The Forward Smash, again, sounds a lot like Zero Suit Samus’ Forward Smash, but with the pellet twist. The Down Smash has me really confused, though. So he spins on this pad, two of the Ghosts appear, and they use “Super Boo” and throw a snowball? That’s about as vague as you can get. I haven’t got a clue what “Super Boo” is, and throwing a snowball is something that can be done a thousand different ways. This really needs more clarification.

The Neutral Air looks fine, though it’s nothing spectacular. The Forward Air is a bit lacking in detail, and also feels a bit generic to me. The Backward Air, now, feels out of place, since you’ve relied so heavily on the pellets and are now pulling fruit out of thin air. Other than that, it’s all right, though some mention of range would also be nice. The Up Air is really quite generic, as at least half of the actual Brawl cast has a move that’s more-or-less the exact same thing. The Down Air, while a breath of fresh air in the department of creativity, sounds a bit overpowered, and could probably use a better description. You say the dot is explosive, but when does it explode. When it hits the ground? When it hits anything? Does it travel indefinitely? These are things I would like to know.

I can’t believe I’m seeing this, but I actually am: The highlight of his Throws section is by far his actual Grab. That intrigued me, despite the actual Throws being relatively normal. The pellet mechanic is beginning to feel a little lackluster by now, so even the Throws that incorporate the pellets don’t stand out too much. Perhaps this mechanic has been overused.

For the Neutral Special, I’d like to know how far the dot goes, and on top of that, the damage seems a little high. If you can charge up 5 of these, and they go very far at all, then 7% damage for each hit is really a lot. That’s a maximum of 35% damage, which is obviously way more than a move that’s not loaded with lag should be able to do. For the Side Special, the big thing is that I’d like to know how fast and how far he goes, but aside from that, my only complaint is how much it sounds like Jigglypuff’s Rollout. The Up Special is surely the high point of the Specials, being a rather unique recovery. I assume he hovers in the air while using it? Anyway, the only thing I’d really like clarified there is how far apart the dots are spaced, or at least a rough estimate of how many dots it would take to reach a certain distance. The Down Special is basically the Bowser Bomb / Ground Pound with a twist, though assuming it goes as fast as the one from his games, 15% is quite a bit of damage.

The Final Smash gets big points for being both creative and true to game. This is easily the best thing I’ve seen in this moveset! No complaints there.

The special Power Ups are a neat twist, kind of an extra thing, though I doubt that anyone would ever seen them without playing an entire match with the intent and purpose of getting the Power Ups. I mean, that’s a ton of damage. It’s likely that no Pac-Man mainer would ever even briefly consider the implications of this in their strategy. It’s clever, but that’s probably about where it ends.

There are a ton of Extras here, most of them pretty basic. The Assist Trophy made me laugh, simply for its incomplete status, and the Stage was all right, though it’d be cooler if the Spectral Monsters actually effected the gameplay.

All things considered, what this moveset really needs is more detail. The fact is, a lot of the attacks are just too hard to fully understand without some more information. Me, I’d also like to see some more originality in the attacks, and a little lighter reliance on the dots mechanic for everything. Still, that’s a minor complaint, and the definite need of this moveset is simply to say more about the attacks! In any case, good work, Baloo! I really hope you’ll make an effort to improve on this moveset, as I feel it’s got a good amount of potential!



  1. Thanks for the review! now…

    You got the neutral special all wrong. If he uses the super charged one, it only does seven damage, but it uses up five pellets, not throws five pellets. But I understand how you got that mixed up.

    Now off to edit it.

  2. Ah, I see. That makes more sense. Lol, I hate when I mix stuff up like that.

  3. Ok, I’m done with new movesets for a while, I’m now focusing on reforming Pac-Man. I’ve already edited it a little, and it is much better. I mean, compare old Jab with new one.

    Pac-Mans Punches forward, first with his right hand, then with his left. 2 damage for both, low knockback.


    Pac-Mans Punches forward, first with his right hand, then with his left. 2 damage for both. They have medium range, and if ended before the AAA, medium lag. This has no special properties and is quite generic, and is only included in memory of Pac-Man World 3.

    And I plan on adding even more detail. So, yeah. Pac-Man might just end up my best set by the end of this reformation.

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