Posted by: metinahurricane | December 27, 2008

The King's Conclusions — Kefka

~~~ Kefka ~~~

By Spadefox 


Oh man. This one’s getting me excited. I’ve already read most of it, and, from the looks of it, it’s your best moveset so far, and even one of THE best altogether! Anyway, let’s break it down a bit more…


Right off the bat, I notice that this moveset is simply bursting in unique animations or, better still, unique attack effects. But, as is the norm in my reviews these days, I’m gonna break the review into segments (not points anymore!).

So your jab combo is different enough. I frankly don’t remember Lucas’s Idle Stance, but I’ll take your word for it. I’d like to know, here, whether the hits pull foes in or shove them out, but that’s my only minor complaint. The Dash Attack is… well, anyway, it reminds me of Oume. Moving along, Forward Tilt is the first of the attacks that really excite me. This thing is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, barring perhaps Mario’s Cape. Let me rephrase that, it’s unlike anything I’ve seen in MYM. And its name is frankly hilarious. Up Tilt could use a wee bit more description on lag, priority, etc, etc. I’m loving how you wrote this thing, though; seems every other attack has some sort of joke integrated into it, which really helps to reinforce who you’re writing about.

Down Tilt, meanwhile, is my favourite attack in the ‘set, and probably one of the best I’ve read in the whole contest. I don’t even know how you thought this up. However, despite the awesomeness factor, it could use a bit more description, too; you don’t mention how long this takes to use, or whether the blue one does damage and knockback to Kefka as well as foes, or whether he can freely move while the red one is in place. I love this attack, which is why I want to see more about it and how it works.

Okay, Forward Smash time. This thing is pretty unique, I’ve never seen a towel-based attack. The writing style you tried for this one shows itself again, to some effect. But, again, you don’t mention start-up lag; you just say that it can be charged. I’m guessing it can come out pretty quick, in which case it’s a bit too good; fast, strong, and long-ranged? Up Smash is my second-favourite attack in the set, as I mentioned earlier. Great stuff, I really have no suggestions or complaints with that one. Where does the liquid in the Down Smash suddenly pop out from? Anyway, this one is neat enough, but seems underpowered; the pond only stays out for a short while, right? Too easy to avoid, I think. I’d make charging change the size of the puddle instead of its duration.

Neutral Aerial needs a bit of elaboration on what and where exactly the hitbox is, but otherwise, it’s kinda like the earlier Pink Elephants attack, isn’t it? Hmmm. I think this attack’s purpose is kinda lost on me; it’s pretty much a slower Cape that can only be used in the air, from what I can see. Forward Air and Back Air seem bland on their own but awesome because they’re just so juicy for mindgames. Does the forward air move him through the air or just have the loop-di-loop animation? Up Air is an absolutely awesome concept, I really like this one. Even though it wrecks Wispa’s recovery. Down Air is a bit… odd. I kinda think you could come up with something a bit more interesting on that one, like you’ve done with pretty much all the other attacks.

All right, specials. The trend with most of your movesets since MYM 3 is really cool, unique standard attacks and bland, disappointing specials. But here, that’s only partially true. Variety Fiagra is a bit boring. I’m sure it’s got its basis in the game, but still. Maybe if he threw three big bouncy balls at the three angles, then you tilt up, down, or forward to make only one of them burst into flame? That’d be really good for mindgames and tricking the foe in general. You could probably come up with something way better, though. Now, his Forward Special is a huge improvement. It feels like it could use a bit more general description, but it’s very unique and interesting. Up B isn’t the most exciting recovery, but it’s still different from most and I have no real complaints. And then there’s the Down B, which is again written in that rather unique way you used for most of this set. It feels vaguely underdetailed, somehow, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Anyway, it’s a sweet attack.

The balance looks more or less solid on this moveset. Kefka’s main advantage is his good projectile and spacing game, and all the mindgames he has at his disposal, a dangerous combination, but this is balanced out by none of his stats really being all that good. I mean, aside from him being kinda floaty, that is. And no one attack really jumps out at me as broken, so you’ve got yourself a pretty dang balanced moveset right here.

Kefka’s playstyle gives me great joy, and that’s what I usually look for most in a moveset. Even though he uses a great variety of tools and props and has no overriding mechanic, the overall flavour is certainly one of trickiness, whimsical pranks, and mindgames all over the place. Kefka is largely about keeping the opponent guessing, controlling the stage and chasing them no matter how far away they run with his nice arsenal of projectiles. This is one unpredictable character; he has so many options that no one could ever guess what he’s going to try to pull of next, out of his impressive arsenal of strategies. A good Kefka player would just have the other player thinking they’d figured him out when he pulls out his next trick and shows that it was all part of another plan.

There’s nothing to say here on organization; yours is among the best in the contest, and I’m glad you’ve been cutting out detail since your Guntz and Lyon, those were pretty hard to get through, while your more recent ones are easy and enjoyable.

On the whole, this is my favourite of your sets, and a really strong competitor. I have no major complaints, just a bunch of little nitpicks on individual attacks. This moveset was largely overlooked, which is really a shame, because I think, with some promotion and a few tweaks, it could easily crack the upper half of the Top 50. Great job.




  1. Whee. :3

    I have no idea how I came up with that Tilt either… I guess that’s what you get for making a moveset at 4 AM. 😀

    I actually like the Down Air as it is, since it fits Kefka very very well.

    You may be right about other stuff like his Forward Smash, I’ll look into that when I’m at home tomorrow.

    But I’m very glad you enjoyed Kefka so much – I really enjoyed doing him (even though it was insanely late).

    Wait until you see his Extras… you’ll love the AT and the Boss. 😀

    And you guys are crazy, btw, posting 50 pages while I’m gone. x_X

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