Posted by: masterwarlord | December 27, 2008

The Master's Critique — Ken

Page 407

Ken by BKupa666

I’ve only been hearing of you intending to make this moveset since Ken was announced to be on survivor. . .So that’s a long time of anticipation for this moveset, but it’s finally here, performing for you! If you know the-. . .Moving on. I tried to catch the first episode despite not normally watching survivor, but I couldn’t find the bloody channel on my cable network! And then I just gave up hope on watching it. Reading this moveset makes me wish I was more persistent in trying to see the show. . .Anyway, on with the review?

Originality: Excellent. The mind-game mechanic is an impressively unique way to make extra effects for all the various attacks under certain conditions. I really like it. Some moves are relatively simple on their own, such as the dtilt and utilt, but their unique properties under the effects of mind-games more then make up for this. The specific uses of all the various moves throughout here are very good, and the animations are obviously also most unique what with the heavy use of props throughout the moveset. The extra effects to the various moves with mind games aren’t enough to warrant a player to spam the neutral special for them especially seeing one hit is just one powered up attack. There are three possible attacks to hit with in the neutral special as well to ensure a player isn’t just spamming the same attack endlessly to get mindgame power. Very well done with the playstyle. The mindgames contribute a lot to Ken, but his play style doesn’t revolve entirely around it, keeping him fresh and interesting.

Detail: The majority of moves are amply described and don’t get particularly wordy, you pass here for the most part. Not too much to say there, good job. Some minor criticms though are that you say a downside of a move, then say “But this is balanced out by *Insert another downside here*”. It basically boils down “This attack has bad priority. . .BUT WAIT! It also has bad range!”. There are a few periods also where you occasionally don’t tell me enough about the properties of the move, but these are very rare. These are VERY minor criticisms and hardly high priority for you to fix up, I just felt like pointing them out.

Balance: This moveset for the most part is very good. . .But I can’t help but feel good old Kenny seems a bit underpowered. All of Kenny’s attacks are very weak, and virtually none whatsoever have any KO potential to speak of. Thinking back, not really a single KO move comes to mind as I look back through it besides through gimping. Ken also has some laggier attacks that leave him open while still being weak. It’s rare for Ken’s damage outputs to ever go into the double digits. I know Ken is above average at damage racking and has good mindgames and this helps make up for it, but I still see Ken being around the top of low tier. Good players would be able to take advantage of Ken’s mindgames, but I think Ken would be shunned by those not willing to learn him, being rather noob unfriendly with his lack of power. I’d suggest either giving him a bit more power all around or making an individual move a decent KO move just so Ken can manage to finish his enemies off. This isn’t nearly as much of a problem as if you’d made Ken overpowered and his underpowering isn’t to a severe extent, but I feel it’s worth a mention.

Relevance to Character: The amount of references to Survivor in here are astonishing. I didn’t watch the show, but I can tell how these are far more likely then not direct references. Every single move in the entire set is a reference to something or other, and there are even some references to Ken’s competitive Smash Bros. play. This is more or less perfect. If rewards were given out for individual categories, Ken would be a prime candidate to take home the prize for this one. Really now. . .Only every single move is perfectly in character. How do you beat that?

Extras: The animations are fitting, the immunity necklace was a nice touch to Ken’s shield in particular as well as the Melee entrance. The taunts/results screen poses are more justice to Ken, and the up taunt/taunt with crystal are gold. The icon and win theme are good mixes of Ken’s survivor and Smash Bros. identities, and it’s nice you actually have pictures for all the alt colors/costumes. I wouldn’t know about Bob seeing I didn’t watch survivor, but it sounds like you implemented something he did into the show into his assist trophy quite well so that’s looking good. I really like the stage and it’s all the more justice done to survivor, but I’d like to know the actual platform layout of when the stage lands. Ken’s SSE Role is good for what it is, but you of all people I think would be able to make a true SSE role for Ken. I liked your MYM 3 SSE for what little it lasted, and think you could make a good full SSE, if not at least a good SSE Role in your moveset. Anyway, this is a healthy set of quality extras and doesn’t really take away from readability.

Organization: Perfect for the most part. I like your use of underlining. The only thing that I’m starting to want to see in all movesets that isn’t present here is bolding. Aside from that this is very well put together and I couldn’t really ask for more. The use of pictures really helps this moveset come alive.

Overall: Without a doubt, your best moveset, BKupa. The time you put into this moveset really payed off. The only thing I’d honestly suggest you look into in this review is the balance section, but that’s not even too terribly necessary. This is one of the best movesets in the contest without a second thought. I’m definitely voting for this, and it’s one of the few in the pool that I’m considering super voting.



  1. Good point about the KO potential attacks. I wanted to emphasize Ken’s mind over matter playstyle, but looking back, more knockback couldn’t hurt. The SSE Role was a last minute addition; I assure you that if I get ideas, it will be changed drastically. That, and I might add a Codec and a Kirby Hat.

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