Posted by: masterwarlord | December 27, 2008

The Master's Critique — Kid Goku

Page 402

Kid Goku by TheSundanceKid

When I heard you made Ty in 20 minutes, I honestly didn’t think you’d really want to improve. I was doubtful of Kid Goku, but upon seeing your previews I was much more excited for him, considering you’re actually trying now. You’ve come a long way from the lower part of the heap to a good deal above the mid-point, and it really shows with this moveset. I only wish you starting trying sooner with how good this moveset is. Just how good is it? Let’s take a look.

Originality: Firstly I really like the use of the extensions of the pole in the various moves, they really help to give the moveset some fresh attacks, the ftilt and dair in particular. That said, there –are- some generic attacks in here. The neutral B is blaringly obvious, for example, and the up special isn’t that intriguing. You have a lot of moves that are very simple in concept here, but you make up for it by giving them unique properties that make them stand out, such as the neutral air having more range when Goku has more damage and the unique animations for the various attacks that I get the hint are filled with justice to the show/character (Such as the fsmash). You basically took what Sakurai would’ve done to the character and did tweaks to the moves to make them interesting, which is no easy feat. It’s not perfect (Some moves –are- just outright bland such as the fair), but it’s pretty dang good. I really like the final smash, and you gave it actually interesting moves that don’t relate to Donkey Kong. You made him overpowered with huge hitboxes and power like he should be, but made up for it by letting his tail be his downfall, just like in the show. Excellent job.

Detail: You detail the range, attack speed, damage and knockback, which are the only real essentials, just fine. The picture of this moveset in my mind is quite clear, and you provide other details such as uses for some moves with how they can be used for a wall or how they leave the giant monkey’s tail (Shoot me, I forgot the name) in the final smash vulnerable. You also put in details about the animations that really help to bring this moveset to life such as the earth worms in the dtilt and the pool player pose in the ftilt. You get an A+ from the detail nazi on detail.

Balance: The final smash is basically Giga Bowser for double the duration, but is balanced out by actually being able to be cut off short by having his tail attacked. I like it. As for the actual moveset, there are a couple of Goku’s attacks that just feel too laggy to make use of. The neutral B for example can’t keep the charge, but takes even longer then Samus’ neutral B to charge up and isn’t any more powerful. 5 seconds is a long time. Reduce that. Fsmash is also far too laggy to make use of. 3 seconds for a average fsmash?!? That’s insane. I think you meant that that’s the max amount of time you can charge it for, this being one of the few times where your detail wasn’t as precise as it could’ve been. Goku is a tad bit on the underpowered side what with not being as fast as the other light weak characters, but I doubt he’d get dropped beyond the top of low tier what with his range and good recovery. This is far less of an issue then if the moveset was overpowered and isn’t a major complaint, but if you want perfection, Goku should get his attack speed slightly buffed, in particular on the 2 moves I mentioned.

Relevance to Character: I find it kind of random Goku turns into a gigantic monkey of doom for his final smash, but that could’ve happened in the show for all I know, so I can’t really judge that. Still, seeing a little boy turning into a monster bigger then Giga Bowser is a tad bit awkward. But hey, if that’s the character, that’s the DBZ writers’ fault, not yours. As for the rest, it’s perfect as far as I can tell. The humorous anime animations in the ftilt and the sleeping animation are excellent, and it seems they were a good amount of direct quotes in the extras. You made use of Goku’s pole and even gave him a move that actually related to him being a kid with the dtilt. All in all, well done.

Extras: Like I said earlier, the taunts/results screen poses and animations are filled with gold, the regular animations actually being somewhat interesting for a change being very refreshing. I also like that the giant monkey of doom also has a victory pose. The symbol and color changes are top notch, as well as the kirby hat. Good idea on getting some people to help you with those. I like your reference to Twilt’s moveset in the unlock method. You should tell him about that if he hasn’t noticed it yet. As the others all said, the code to unlock the giant monkey of doom is a brilliant little tidbit that helps make the moveset feel more real. It’s not the beefiest of extras, but you have everything that relates to the character rather than the Dragonball universe, keeping this moveset short and to the point of it’s actual topic: Kid Goku – not Dragonball as a whole. I –do- think though that having the old master as an assist trophy would be quite hilarious.

Organization: The headers are good being all big and such, makes the moveset nice and easy to go through. What I don’t like though is that the text is all big, making the moveset seem bigger then it is. I’d also like the attack names bolded, but I can’t really complain beyond that. Your choice of colors and your alternating of them is quite easy on the eyes. I’ve never been fond of talking about this section and I’ve never been the best at it, so I’ll just shut up now.

Overall: A fine moveset if I do say so myself. Very fine. Damn fine even. There’s very little to critique in this moveset, most of what I criticized throughout this wall of text of a review wasn’t that important. The final smash is honestly one of the single best ones I’ve ever seen, I freaking love that giant monkey of doom. You’re playing with the big boys now, I’ll be astounded if I don’t squeeze in a vote for this excellent moveset. However, if you want to bring this moveset to the attention of as many people as possible, I’d suggest clearing up the few complaints I had with this moveset. Buff Goku’s attack speed a bit, make his ocassional generic moves such as the fair less generic, and do what I said in the organization section to make this moveset more inviting and look more professional. You’ve always been a major player in MYM what with TYATM, but that’s in all a deeper level now that you actually have a moveset to be proud of, and that you should be. Congragulate yourself, you’ve survived the infamous master’s critique!




  1. *dances*

  2. Ignore everything I say. I love Mewtwo.

  3. Ah, the power of an administrator…

  4. He did turn into a Giant Monkey on the show. Why do you think he has a tail? 😛

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