Posted by: The Stadium | December 28, 2008

The Lion's Review — The Dragonfly

Looks like I’m reviewing a comic moveset… thats really more of Mendez’s style, but unfortunately he isn’t here right now. I haven’t really seen the movie before. All I know its one of those joke movies that blatantly rips off of another movie for humor purposes (like Meet the Spartans). I can see why that kind of movie would be critically screwed over, but I actually find th0se joke movies funny.

Ok I couldn’t resist checking the quotes section first. And speaking of quotes you added one for Sam Lionheart… lol. Its not just funny, its true. All of the quotes are pretty funny, except Marth’s. Marth is a girl jokes are NOT funny.

The layout is great, but I shouldn’t even have to really comment much on layout with someone of your experience.

But the reason for this review was balance wasn’t it?

Ok the Neutral B seems well balanced. Maybe you should phrase the stat boosting phrase a bit better. His speed rises by 1 could mean anything right? For all the reader knows, this could be Fire Emblem and he just got a +1 speed level up. If you said something more along the lines of “his speed increases going from a 7 to an 8” it would be more clear. That was really just me nitpicking though.

I like the implementation of the Side B. Powerful effect if you win. An embarassment if you don’t. I’m not fond of Button mashing contests…. I never seem to win those…. but I can’t really figure out a better way to implement it. I have two issues with the move, both of them minor. The first is that you don’t state how long the wrestling contest lasts. The second issue I have with this move is the quotes… no its not the quotes of choice. They are awesome. Its just… when does he say them? Is it while he wrestles, if he wins, or if he loses? Fortunately for you, you can fix both of these issues in one fell swoop by stating that he says the quotes while wrestling the opponent. Sure it will give the wrestling contests unequal durations, but thats not really a problem.

The Down B is more of an issue…. are you trying to make my job hard? I don’t really see how you can judge the balance of something like this. I mean the move has balancing aspects (like a 50% fail rate). Its just that turning your opponents into The Dragonfly is a pretty powerful effect. Imagine using this move for gimping purposes… you just screwed your opponents recovery (seriously Dragonfly’s recovery sucks). The move’s balance is really more related to your opponents skill with the Dragonfly than the player though, so its hard to say its broken persay. The only thing I can suggests is to state how long the dragonfly effect lasts on the opponent and don’t make its duration over 10 seconds. I CHOOSE YOU DRAGACHU!

Ok his Up B made me notice the biggest drawback to the character. His recovery sucks big time. His two jumps average out to be… just average. This recovery only lets him recover 2 stage builder blocks which sucks anyway you look at it. On top of that there is no attack. Still a bad recovery is fitting to the character from what information you’ve given me. Better underpowered than overpowered, right?

The neutral A combo is a bit broken. 13% damage from a fast Neutral A combo is nothing to shrug off. Its not terrible, its just the A,A,A comboes should rarely go above 10% damage. I don’t know if the opponent would have an easy time breaking out of it or not…. by the sounds of it, an opponent of a high enough skill level would be able to throw himself out of the combo at any time. If this is the case, then disregard the damage comment. The move itself is a funny concept. Makes me a little more interested in the movie.

I don’t see anything wrong with the Side Tilt. It sounds fun to use.

The Up Tilt is pretty much the same story. Hard to hit with but potentially rewarding.

The Down Tilt is a bit different. Even though it is practically the same as the other tilts aesthetically, it is more useful functionally. It sounds like the opponents are in the perfect place to be comboed. You might want to state that this move doesn’t chain well into itself atleast. Other than that there is nothing wrong with this move.

The tilts were all very similar, making the opponent have to guess where they are going to be thrown. I’m no tournament player, but I think that would make DI a pretty hard thing to do (not that its really necessary with moves that only deal OK knockback.) If anything it takes variety from the character and in Dragonfly’s case really hinders his game especially against opponents who strike him from above.

Ok the dash attack is more of a “wait…. what?!” situation. By your description of the move, they are still stuck to your hands after the move. If this is the case, then why not make it to where you can hit with the 3rd hit of your A,A,A combo if you successfully hit your foe with this move. It would certainly be unique. In fact, the sticky palms effect which is present on this and the Neutral A attack so far should be listed as a unique mechanic so you can go more into detail on this.

I REALLY like the Side Smash. Seriously. A forward smash that hits behind Dragonfly? Thats the kind of uniqueness that Sakurai needs. Theres nothing really broken about this, though the Super Armor frames could possibly lead to abuse. You should probably give the brick wall an effect such as deflecting projectiles or something like that. In addition, what if an opponent were to punch, kick, headbutt, etc. the wall. That could deal like 5% to them at least. Of course, characters like Marth who use a sword wouldn’t really be effected, but its still a nice mechanic.

The Up Smash is a bit less unique, but its good for comic purposes. Awesome matrix move followed by him falling straight on his ***. I don’t see anything really wrong with the balance. The quote and any beginning lag makes it fairly predictable. The dodging projectiles effect was a nice addition. Maybe you could change the dodging effect into Super Armor while he is in the matrix pose instead?

The Down Smash is unique as well and pretty comical. You sure did say random a lot in those first few sentences though didn’t you? I don’t see anything wrong with the balance.

Nothing wrong with the Nair, but…. wait, what?… the Dragonfly is more straight than Link? Well, Link is wearing ear rings… whats manlier… tights or ear rings?

The fair is underpowered if anything. While unique, it should really be a Dair…. something like this would confuse the hell out of me. The suicide thing isn’t great either. What if you made opponents stick to the Dragonfly’s body as he falls. While this would look just plain wrong if they hit the ground, it would make for a nice RickRikerside (because Dragonflyside sounds dumb).

Lolol. That Bair is priceless. “You’re no longer in my 5!” “OH NOES!” *Dies* Seriously killing with this move would be just priceless. Its not out of balance or anything, but this should have more lag and much more knockback so you can enjoy this situation more often.

Ok so the Uair is all about slightly improving The Dragonfly’s (still bad) recovery. Its a unique move and not out of balance. The Dragonfly may need this move, but it doesn’t help his recovery that much.

Wait, what? How does the Dair help you recover? I get the idea that you copy pasted this from the Uair and edited it. I mean the recovery clause is pretty much a fail. Now I see why you made the Fair a Fair. Nothing really out of balance here. It just makes it even more obvious that the Dragonfly has a bad air game.

Ok the grabs and throws are nothing special (lol) for the most part. I like the F-Throw… but couldn’t that be just plain wrong. What if he pulled on Peach’s thong? Additionally, what if he was giving Pikachu a wedgie… see how that doesn’t work out. But still, for simple and classic comedy, this throw rules. The throws are not out of balance and seem to be similar to his attacks for the most part. (Let me guess, he grabs opponents by making them stick to his hands?)

Lastly, the Final Smash. Its main purpose is to eliminate his biggest drawback…. extremely bad recovery. It also makes him invinceable. At a duration of 20 seconds, there is nothing wrong with this. Plus, its not like its interfering with tourneys, right?

You asked for me not to review extras, which there are none of, so I won’t. Extras are… well, extra. If you do them, it gets you a little more credit towards that Super Vote, but if not, then no big deal.

Overall the moveset is actually well balanced considering his huge weakness of a bad recovery. The tilts and other normal attacks just felt really tedious and generic, though Dash Attack to -> 3rd hit of A combo could be a nice addition. The Smashes, Specials, and F-Throw were much more awesome. Not a bad character at all. I wouldn’t say this is on the level of Sagi, Gaara, Milliarde, and Kalas, but its still a great moveset.



  1. 1) Thanks for the review first of all

    2) Yeah, the Dragonfly says those quotes when he wrestles. I forgot to put that in 😛

    3) And yeah, the speed of the Dragongfly increases from a 7 to an 8 with the neutral B

    4) EEESSSShhh Chris. How can you not find that “Marth is a girl” jokes funny? You’re such a Marth fanboy XD

    5) The down special is basically yeah to screw the opponent over. I was just trying to bring out the humor of the moveset lol. I’ll probably lower it to like 5 seconds though

    6) Wow….is the neutral A combo broken? *fixes*

    7) If the opponent attacks the wall…….it will break and mess up the Dragonfly’s forward smash, or something else lol

    8) Yeah, i copied and pasted the D-Air and U-Air around cause i waz lazy XP. Seriously, i’ll fix that in a bit.

    9) Overall, i just made this moveset for the fun purposes. It was a blast making this moveset. I just like the character tis all lol. I don’t expect it to win anything with this moveset, as i think that my other movesets are better, but if i do, i will laugh so hard XD.

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