Posted by: masterwarlord | December 30, 2008

The Master's Critique — Ed

Page 133

Ed by Mardyke

It’s a shame you don’t post in MYM more often with this excellent entry. This is a very good first serious entry, it slaughters my K. Rool and makes it cry for it’s mommy. If only you posted more I’m sure this set would’ve gotten more attention. I noticed you having requested this moveset to be in several SSEs, and due to how underrated it is I’m gonna throw it into mine as well (Which is rare at this point – With now 127 slots I can’t afford to add many more and keep my sanity). Oh, you want an actual review? If you insist.

Originality: I really like the specials, dsmash, and play style. Ed is Snake taken to a whole other level, being extremely tactical and revolving around controlling the stage. The specials are also rather unique at a glance save perhaps neutral special, though that’s still decent. I’m a big fan of the up special and it’s many uses, and the dsmash, side special and down special also clearly have lots of thought put into them and are skillfully crafted. This moveset is a perfect example of how an Advanced Wars character would work if they were actually implemented in Brawl. . .But that’s the thing. You’re looking more at Sakurai’s standards with this moveset. The specials are all interesting for sure, but the rest of the attacks are all so very bland. The usmash is so similar to Snake’s it’s not even funny, and the rest of the attacks are just generic melee strikes. Granted, the generic melee strikes have slightly more interesting properties then most of the Brawl cast, but at their heart that’s still all they really are. . .Generic melee strikes. Surely you can have him use some interesting weaponry for his attacks rather then have a rather generic moveset, or perhaps even sneak in some more attack orders? The final smash is true to game and goes into good detail, but it’s also very uninteresting. It’s really just a generic stat buff a-la Wario Man. Why not do something interesting that’d be more RTS like and have Ed be able to place deploy infinite infantry and artillery for a brief period of time?

Detail: This is another thing that really brings the moveset down. Some parts of the moveset are explained in good detail, namely the specials, dsmash, final smash, and notes, but others are lacking in it. You explain all those other moves well for the most part. . .But you neglect to mention one of the most crucial factors of the attack: How much it lags. You even sometimes tell me the priority of the attack but still don’t bother to tell me the lag. Range is also absent in most of this moveset. These two details are essential and need to be included in every move to have any real picture of how the character functions.

Balance: Due to the lack of detailing of range and attack speed, I can’t even really tell here. . .But you regularly say throughout the moveset that Ed’s melee moves are fast and can combo. When I’m looking at the amount of damage/knockback, I’d think I’m looking at the amount for a more powerful character like Wario or DK. . .But all this power in addition to speed and comboability? Add to that an amazing ungimpable recovery, excellent stage control and what also looks to be insane range what with his huge disjointed hitboxes from his army support, and you’re looking at a god who makes Meta Knight cringe in fear. The Final Smash is also just as powerful as Wario-Man, considering the character is already fast and powerful but being made even faster. That’d be fine on it’s own. . .But it lasts forever. Once Ed has the smash ball, if the player knows anything of what he’s doing, he’s got the entire match in the bag. Ed needs significant nuking.

Relevance to Character: Like I said in the originality section, this is how I’d picture a RTS character functioning, and you make plenty of references to the “Never give up” nonsense of the character. A bit too many for my taste, but that’s more the character’s fault then yours. I find it doubtful Ed would be as powerful if not more so then Snake, albeit that’s more of a balance issue. I also find it doubtful that Ed would do so many basic kicks and punches over using his weaponry. Other then that it’s fine, so if you fix up originality and balance (Thus detail) this section should be fine too. This isn’t nearly as bad as some of the flaws as the other categories, not hindering up nearly as much. This is for the most part indeed Ed.

Extras: The SSE Role gives Ed little screen time, but it’s better then some of the other pathetic excuses people come up with for an SSE role. The taunts and victory poses are in character for him as far as I can tell, and you actually detailed the trophy descriptions, so kudos to you. The music is a welcome addition. . .But what I’m most excited about is the Solid Snake Codec. It’s the best one I’ve ever seen. It was interesting without some sort of dumb humor gag, and was kept perfectly in character throughout. Better yet, it used Mei Ling, who nobody uses! The animations are standard fare, but it’s good you have them. This is a decently healthy plate of extras of good quality, good job on them. It’s far from a feast, but it still makes a good meal.

Organization: Nothing to complaint about here. This is the least of your problems. Nothing needs to be changed here and this doesn’t really effect a moveset as a whole much at all once you reach a certain point. Decent enough, not like my moveset is really any better here. I’ve never been a fan of trying to perfect this category.


Overall: It seems that great care was put into some parts of the moveset while other parts were more tossed aside. I can tell you put plenty of time into this, but it feels as if you quit trying halfway through once you were done with the specials and smash attacks. I can tell you also tried to picture Ed in competitive Smash a lot what with the extensive and well done notes section, but you underestimated your character and don’t pay enough attention to percents, and don’t communicate your idea as well as you could. I’m being harsher on you in this review then the other newcomers because I see some quality hidden within the other bad parts of the moveset and thus see massive potential for you to improve. Heed the originality, detail, and balance sections of this review, and this moveset will be a worth to be reckoned with. Never give up!







  1. Thank you very much, Master. And forgive me if I come across as defensive anywhere here, because I’m not that in the slightest.

    Well you got me on where I went wrong, and for that I thank you. Underestimation was my big thing, I suppose, particularly in damage percentages. In detail I didn’t deliberately skip over things, but I definitely made the blunder of assuming the reader would get sufficient enough impression of lag, priority and other details from the animation alone. Thanks for catching me on those points.

    Looking back at the percentages I suppose I made the mistake of comparing them with my own memory of attack moves and not comparing them with fair standards: thus his damage was far more than is appropriate.

    Originality does bother me too. I’m not worried about melee strikes prioritising weapons as far as tilts go, but I’m definitely concerned on that regard, having made another mistake following purely Sakurai’s standards I suppose.

    I’m honoured and incredibly thankful that you deem him worthy of entering your SSE; I was going to refrain from requesting since you have so many as it is. But hey, I’m not complaining. 😀
    As a tip on his personality, while he is definitely the never-say-die character, and that morale is fundamental to the game’s theme, half of the NEVAR GIEF UP stuff is exaggerated on the community’s sake for comedy. He can be deadly serious.

    I’m going to try and revise some of Ed’s percentages and abilities if that’s permissible. You don’t need to view it again, of course, just wondering if any changes now would make him illegal. D:

    This was really constructive, fair and helpful for me, and as such I’m highly thankful to you. I don’t give a dang if it’s New Years, I’m working all night ’til I do him justice. I can’t just give up hope!


  2. And here I thought you vanished into thin air. Good to see you’re still sticking around.

    The tilts can stay as melee strikes, but the smashes and aerials all being melee strikes is a slight stretch. We’re a bit spoiled here with people putting thought into even the most basic of button inputs.

    So long as you put in the extra detail and balance him though, this will be a fine set. And no, changes won’t disqualify you, it’s more then encouraged you try to improve from these reviews. That’s the whole point of ’em. Only thing is your moveset can only be reviewed once.

    I already have his SSE (Or SM) role planned out, so I decided what the heck. It’s an interesting moveset to work with for level design.

    What’s wrong with me saying ADVANCED WARS?

  3. It’s spelled “Advance”, not “Advanced”. :V

    And I do stick around – believe it or not I’m still following the adventure modes and the thread daily. It’s just that I usually end up saying nothing because it takes me a while to end up saying something valuable half the time, not to mention the time into reading the review itself, and I end up psyching myself out of saying something at all.

    Though I’m hesitant about changing a few of his moves (okay, his Forward Smash) – I don’t want the overall structure to resemble Snake TOO closely (and yeah, the upsmash wasn’t very good: that’s been changed already). Aerials will be a challenge for me to work any weaponry/army support into…but hey, I can try. 😀

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