Posted by: masterwarlord | January 1, 2009

The Master's Critique — Guillo

Page 454


You wanted somebody else to review this moveset, and you’ve got him. You claim this is your best moveset, so let’s go on and take a look if this meets the detail nazi’s high standards, shall we? . . .That and I need to read my moveset if I’m supposed to give her an SSE Role. Although. . .Why do you constantly refer to Guillo as female throughout the moveset when at the start you clearly state it’s genderless? That just a copy/pasted Wiki blurb or something? Anyway, on to the review. . .

Originality: The specials aren’t the most original in the world despite the side B’s different forms just having slightly different properties of the same move, but they aren’t too bad. Surely the rest of the attacks will make up for it? . . .Not really. The tilts are particularly alarming. They’re all identical to each other with extremely minor distances. The smashes are a decent bit better, and while the aerials are better then the tilts, particularly the dair and bair, the nair and fair being so similar is also rather alarming. There are just too many bland attacks in here and nearly every single one is some form of basic projectile, and the ones that aren’t bland still aren’t exactly amazing, save a rare good few like the usmash and dair. This would be a relatively uninteresting moveset and far below your standard if not for the ex combo mechanic. While the effects on the moves for the most part are all extremely uninteresting, the fact that any bonuses are present at all would make her be played more like a character from a traditional fighting game. The EX combo would bring a interesting play style into Smash for competitive players who would dig into all her combos, but for casuals this would be an extremely bland character, what with being otherwise underpowered and having boring projectiles for nearly every single attack. This moveset could easily be one of the best if there were some more originality to replace the massive amount of projectiles in here. You do at least give the moves slightly different effects, but when I see a light spear being thrown forward for both the nair and the fair, there’s really only so much that can be done to try to justify it. On the whole this moveset doesn’t really give a strong feeling in either direction in this department for me, the bad individual moves canceling out the ex combo mechanic and visa versa.

Detail: On the tilts I just wish you briefly listed the differences of the extremely similar attacks rather then listing out all the painstaking detail which turns them into a bore to read, considering how similar each move is to the last. The same could also be said for the various differences between the side special. Other then that it’s decent, and the explanation of the ex combos is much appreciated. Just tone down the detail on those sections, please, or better yet, change those moves into original ones that aren’t similar to the others to warrant some detail.

Balance: Guillo would be underpowered to all but those who would be willing to learn to use her. While that’s fine, I feel it’s taken to an extreme. Without the ex combos, Guillo has very predictable, slow, weak attacks, and is also a big target for comboing to boot, and comboed to hell she would be for how much chances there are to punish her. The ex combo would help those who learned to master her, but I feel that this character would be rather unpopular due to being shunned by the casual circle. I recommend having Guillo rely slightly less on her ex combos and give her an actual decent KO move that isn’t terribly laggy.

Relevance to Character: I honestly can’t really judge this due to knowing nothing of the character besides what you told me, although you do her plenty of justice in the extras. In her actual moveset I can’t really tell. . .I’ll let you be the judge of that, though considering the fthrow was directly taken from her attacks, I’m confident this is true to character. In any case, this is the least of your problems, but good job on it none the less.

Extras: The taunts/results screen poses are good and true to character, along with a victory jingle that actually makes sense. I also love the codec, even though I’m not that much of a Geno fan, lol. The trophies are WAY too long to fit into actual trophies in Brawl, and I get the hint they’re just wiki copy/pastas. . .Shorten them. Better then not having them, but they scream copy/pasta. I like the item, it’s good and original, and the stage is detailed and a decent choice for one to put in the moveset. It’s decent enough from what I can tell., along with the music choices. I love the personal commentary about Milliarde being on the level of Ivy, ZSS, and Lara. . .You wish, lol. Right you are, she’s a B*tch she is. Yay for stickers. . .If there’s one extra I’ll never include, it’s that. The boss actually has 8 attacks and that’s good, but they are rather underdetailed, the 3rd attack not even saying what the attack’s animation is. It’s better then your other bosses by far, but still has room for improvement. Anyway, extras are a stronger part of this moveset’s arsenal. Good enough job with them.

Organization: One of the better organized movesets in the contest. Have Mendez or K. Rool review your moveset if you want them to talk about this, I’m not an expert, but this is actually one of the moveset’s strongest points. No need to change anything here. Good job.

Overall: What this review boils down to: Change the side special, change one of the smash attacks to be an actual viable KO move without help from the ex combos, and change the tilts. Do that and I’ll vote for this moveset, as there are just a couple parts that seem lazy in comparison to the rest. I think that you have better movesets then this, but if you fixed this one up this would be a good contender for your best.


  1. 1) Wikipedia is the best thing that has ever happened to me. THAT IS ALL.

    2) For the side special…..i might change them to a couple for the tilts, but that would kind of hurt Guillo’s character, cause she/it/potato actually uses the moves in the game.

    3) For balance……yeah. I’ll probably make the lag a bit less or something.

    4) Hooray for using Wikipedia for the trophies

    5) For the Fair, and Nair, i thought so. Maybe i’ll just change the Fair a bit. She/it/potato will no longer be doing the spear attack for the Fair.

    6) I don’t really know what Guillo’s true gender. This is coming from the Baten Kaitos nerd 😛

    7) You think there are better movesets? Which ones? /pickyjerk

    8) Overall, thanks for the review. I’m going to change the attacks to make it more creative (though i think that only the tilts, side special, a few of the aerials need to be changed.)

    9) *insert comment to the sandbag that is sure to make him happy*

  2. 10) I HAVE THE PERFECT COMPLIMENT!!!! I Think that Mewtwo is awesome, and should have been in Brawl!!! =D

  3. 11) I mean SSB4!!!

  4. 12) Stop editing my posts!!!!

  5. 13) Mewtwo is extremely overrated. THAT IS ALL

    14) KK, i’m done.

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