Posted by: masterwarlord | January 8, 2009

The Master's Critique — Prof. Rowan

Page 476

Prof. Rowan by The Trophy Master

When I heard you were making a moveset for Prof. Oak I was more interested due to having cared about the earlier generations, particularly their human characters, far more then those of the newer generations. I actually like the third generation of Pokemon better then the second, but I’m not very fond of the fourth at all. My bias that this moveset is not entitled Prof. Oak instead of Prof. Rowan aside, this moveset is quite exceptional for a first, it’s much better then the first mock ups most people make to see if moveset making is for them, such as my own K. Rool. It looks like the standard for newcomers truly has increased in this contest. Let’s begin the review, shall we?

Originality: Firstly, I really like the multiple jumps with Staravia and the alternate aerials when it’s out. The generic aerials of Rowan alone are acceptable due to this simple yet interesting mechanic. The rest of the moves all include Pokemon of some kind in them and most of them have relatively interesting effects when they show up. It’s not stellar, but it’s pretty dang good, all the moves actually relating to the Pokemon games in some way even if they don’t include a Pokemon, such as the bicycle in the dashing attack and the repel in the ledge attack. One thing that rises to my attention like the many others though is the back tilt, which is a very awkward button input. I know you said you wanted the three starters and Pachirisu in the moveset and want the starters all together, so why not make a new utilt featuring Chimchar and make the ledge attack over 100% (Don’t edit out the current one for under 100%, that one is good) feature Pachirisu? Moving on from this minor criticism, the moveset as a whole doesn’t really fit together that well, as there are a large amount of fast weak attacks and slow but powerful attacks. The moves on their own are quite interesting, but it feels like somewhat of a slopped together mess when they’re all brought together to form an actual full moveset.

Detail: I’ve been pretty nice with this category on most reviews despite my reputation as the Detail Nazi, but I have to criticize this category to some extent on this moveset. While your brief references at the end of each move for details are very welcome additions, they don’t really cut it, as the main move descriptions are very brief and vague. There are many ways I could interpret several of the attacks which is a very bad thing, as it greatly distorts my mental picture of the moveset in my mind as I read through it. On several of the more complicated moves there are just too many properties of the moves which come to mind that I’m curious about that aren’t shown. This isn’t terrible, but you could really up the detail to benefit the moveset. For a normal moveset what you have would suffice, but you have some great ideas here that are more complicated then the average move and need more elaboration. Also, your play style describes virtually nothing of how Rowan would play in competitive smash, it needs major elaboration.

Balance: Rowan has plenty of fast attacks, but they’re very weak thus he isn’t good at damaging. Rowan also has an abundance of KO moves, so ultimately it balances out, albeit awkwardly, into the typical heavyweight. However, Rowan also has a ridiculously large amount of disjointed hitboxes in his various Pokemon (Which you didn’t detail, but is a no brainer), massive range, and unholy throws. I’d suggest toning down all the throws significantly, they’re far too powerful, as well as nerfing the range of the utilt and usmash to be much, much smaller. Have them shoot out two stage builder blocks above Rowan at most.
Relevance to Character: I guess a Pokemon professor would rather rely on his Pokemon experience then fight physically, and that’s very true throughout this moveset for the most part. I wouldn’t really suggest any physical attacks at all, though. The main culprit here are the aerials without Staravia. Might I suggest incorporating various Pokemon items into them to make them more in character? Other then that nothing jumps out at me, although giving Rowan two legendary Pokemon is stretching things perhaps a bit too far.

Extras: The taunts and results screen poses are good and in character, but the taunts create too many other things which vanish instantly. Granted, the moveset does this in mass, but particularly the taunt with the other professors is a bit stretching it. Might I suggest making that taunt a victory pose? You can be as flashy as you want with those. If there’s any place in your moveset where your grammar hurts you, it’s in the codec, as that’s the one place where I demand it to be perfect to keep the very serious characters in character. The codec is also a bit short. The alt colors are standard fare, but it’s nice you have a picture for them. The trophy descriptions are too long to be in Brawl, but I’m glad you actually wrote them yourself, unlike other lazy people. Rowan’s personality on the end was a nice thing added on for story mode makers such as myself, much appreciated. This is a decent enough set of extras for a newcomer. Not an unholy amount, but not too few.

Organization: This is the worst part of the moveset, and I very rarely criticize this section. I suggest bolding the move names and making them a different color from the move descriptions, and I also highly suggest that you change that ugly dark blue color for the smash attacks that makes them ridiculously hard to read against Smashboards’ black background. But that’s not even the half of it, as the constant painful grammatical errors are very annoying to deal with as going through the moveset. Use a spell checker or something. . .Write your moveset in Microsoft Word if you must.

Overall: I see you have some potential, as you’ve got the most important things down. You can make a highly original moveset that makes sense for it’s character. . .Now you just need to extend the picture out of your own mind to ours with more detail and organization. Balancing the moveset better wouldn’t hurt either. Unlike the standard newcomer, this moveset at least has something in it to make it worth looking at, and it makes me have some faith in you. I just hope you continue to improve and that this review will help you.



  1. Thanks for the comments! Rowan was my first try, so I’ll get better with Pokey, and Dr. Mario!

    Prepare to be amazed with the amazing Pokey!!

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