Posted by: SirKibble | January 10, 2009

The Knight's Analysis — Marx

<<~~{{ Marx }}~~>>

– by Baloo –


Ah, Marx. I had high hopes when you announced you’d be making a moveset for him, which was an idea I’d toyed with myself. He’s certainly got a lot of potential, and just judging from the special thing that makes him special (I still think that’s funny, by the way, and I went to get help, and my psychiatrist said I was a hopeless freak), I’d say you’ve most likely tapped into that potential. Anyway, how about I start into the review before I go off on some kind of insane Kirby monologue, huh?

Stat-wise, Marx looks all right. Nothing sticks out as too bad or good. A couple of the numbers might not be complimented very well by their descriptions, but that’s all right. The biggest perpetrator there is the Crouch stat. If Marx squishes himself down like Kirby, and Kirby has about the best crouch in the game, I’m thinking that ought to be a little closer to 10/10. Anyway, that’s a minor thing, and not really worth dwelling on. Looks good, looks good.

The Standard Combo is basic and functional, nothing really special. I’m hoping Marx will have some really crazy attacks later on, though. Interesting Dash Attack, though it could use a little more detail, mostly concerning range. An attack like that has need for range descriptions both horizontally and vertically. By just saying “this attack has high range,” it’s difficult for me to know if he bounces very high, or very far, or both. Anyway, the attack itself seems more-or-less fine, I’d just like to know a little more about that.

Now the Up Tilt, that’s a fun move. I only worry about how complicated it is, having all those different cards and whatnot. Also, if it goes fast and has KO potential. . .that can be scary. Also, forcing someone to possibly use three Taunts when they touch the ground again is pretty brutal, especially if we’re talking about someone like Snake whose Taunts aren’t exactly short. Anyway, moving on: the F-Tilt is a bit of an unorthodox move to use as a sort of transformation like that, but I suppose it’s not too bad. I know I just don’t usually think of Tilts as moves that can transform you. Specials, yes, and in MYM, it wouldn’t be uncommon for a Smash to do it, but a Tilt seems a tiny bit out of place to me. The D-Tilt (which you gave us a preview of before) is just fun. Random effects may be frowned upon, but I can’t help but like this move a lot. Seeing that you fixed what I suggested when you previewed, making the move only useable every 20 seconds, I really can’t complain about this move. I just like it so much.

Oh, now I’m sad. Clever Tilts are followed by such a generic Smash Attack? That pains me to see. I have to admit, I really expected more there. Marx has no need for generic attacks, psychotic as he is. If nothing else, please, I beg of you, change that F-Smash. The other Smashes are fine, though a bit more description of the horizontal range of Volcano Marx would be nice. For the most part, I don’t have trouble picturing these attacks, and understanding them. A little more detail’s probably merited in a couple places here, but it’s nothing terrible. All in all, I like these, but don’t think they measure up to the Tilts.

The Aerials are pretty brief, which I’m not sure about. Seems like they could afford to have some detail added to most of them. The concepts are nice, but there’s just not much said about them. The ball mechanic is nicely used in the Aerials, the place I expected the most out of it, but plain and simple, this section just needs more descriptive detail.

Now, the Monster Marx form, that seems broken. His only weak point is his general inability to combo, which isn’t that bad, when you consider that plenty of characters regularly work around that. Anyway, moving on to the Special Attacks, I’m a bit confused about transformation. He uses his Neutral Special to transform, and in this form can use it as an attack, so how does he transform back to normal Marx? Anyway, Monster Marx has mostly attacks from the actual battle against Marx, so I can picture them fine, but I’m not sure everyone would be able to. A little more description, maybe? Furthermore, they’re really good attacks, so this may be a balance issue here, as suspected. Also, if his Down Special doesn’t put him in helpless mode, then it’s particularly broken, as it would serve as an infinite recovery option.

The Final Smash, now, is simply insane. 150% damage is A TON, even with a flaw like someone being able to steal his immunity. It wouldn’t be too hard to shove someone away long enough that they wouldn’t be able to steal your protection from you. My definite suggestion here is to make it harder to steal his immunity, but greatly decrease the damage, probably to somewhere around 50 or 60%.

The Throws are pretty basic, nothing especially special. They lean toward the good side, definitely, but I’ve already addressed balance issues here, so I’ll move on to Extras. Basic stuff there, which I kind of like, as it’s easy to read through. One little thing, though. You say Marx’s Down Taunt involves him dancing like Kirby’s, but Kirby’s Down Taunt is the dreaded “HIIIIII!!” taunt. You may want to check your source! Anyway, all things considered, I think that, despite the room it has for improvement, this moveset really proves how much you’ve already improved since the beginning. Having just recently reviewed Pac-Man, I can safely say that this is more than a few steps up. It’s really nice to see people improve, and you’re doing an excellent job of showing us how improvement’s really done, Baloo! I, for one, look forward to what I see from you in the future!


  1. I’m sorry, I didn’t even see this.

    I will change the F Smash, I forgot about it when I was making the moveset and only realized it was missing when I has a new page, so put in something random.

    I’ll probably add a bit more detail to the aerials.

    The specials do seem broken. I forgot to add a thing about only using Down B once in midair, I’ll put that in.

    I meant Kirby’s up taunt.


  2. Whoops, I thought this had been up a while and didn’t realize it was just posted. Forget the beginning or my previous comment.

  3. Yeah, sorry the review took so long to get done. Anyway, I really think this moveset has extreme potential with a few touch-ups, so I’d LOVE to see you take this one and fix up those couple of things. It really is a great moveset!

  4. I added a Kirby Hat and more detail to the aerials. I’m still trying to come up with an idea for F Smash…

  5. Oh yeah? You subscribed? Let’s see if you did, Kibble…

    Mwa ha ha ha!

  6. Why oh why must you spam up our pretty little Abyss? =(

  7. *Bans Baloo from Abyss*

    (not really)

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