Posted by: masterwarlord | January 16, 2009

The Master's Critique — Gatomon

Page 93

Gatomon by Tornadith

I didn’t have the best impression of this moveset being just a set of specials from a newcomer and I thought you’d just leave it to rot in the thread and never look back. I was pleasantly surprised to see though that you were more persistent then that and actually came back to finish the thing. Let’s see how it turned out, shall we?

Originality: To be blunt, there really isn’t anything here that hasn’t been thought of. All the attacks are generic swipes. I can’t find anything to praise in even the specials besides perhaps slightly down B, as neutral B is Captain Falcon’s and side B is Ike’s without having to be charged, making it all the more generic. My first moveset was pretty generic too. . .But can’t you come up with something besides swipes for the specials at least? Give her some sort of Digimon abilities. I don’t know. The Final Smash is the only particularly part worthy of praise as you make it a transformation with the ability to go past the time limit, but with bad side effects. Well done on that.

Detail: The Specials and Final Smash are very detailed for a newcomer, good job with them. The other attacks have very brief descriptions that only say what’s absolutely necessary. Attack speed and range would be nice statistics to have, albeit I can already tell that the attacks far more likely then not have virtually no lag. Other then that, the attacks are partly underdetailed so much just because the attacks are so generic there’s not much to describe, so it’s not this fault’s section that much, albeit you really do need to list the attack speeds and ranges.

Balance: Can it really be that bad here too? Sorry to say it, but yes. All of Gatomon’s attacks are extremely fast and yet she still has KO potential with moves that are still pretty dang fast like the neutral special (GATO PAUUUUUNCH!). Also, NEVER give a character a chain grab under any circumstances. That automatically makes themoverpowered, and Gatomon was already top tier material. . .So now she’s god tier. In stark contrast, it’s awkward some of her moves are so useless while some are so useful. Some such as the usmash are pathetic while Gato Paunch is godly, so I suggest balancing your moves out some. The Final Smash on it’s own is underpowered as you have to end the Final Smash to use it’s KO move. I’d suggest increasing the duration without any penalties on Gatomon to 15 seconds.
Relevance to Character: I get the feeling Gatomon doesn’t have much character to be true to, but with every attack being a generic swipe I think you could still do a better job. Aren’t there any more Digimon abilities you could incorporate into Gatomon? Granted I’m not familiar with the series at all, but I imagine there have to be some unique abilities or else the series probably wouldn’t of gotten too far. . .I feel Gatomon acts a bit too feral for such a cute little kitten as well, but that might just be me, as I know nothing of the character.

Extras: No extras here whatsoever. Not even a bloody taunt. Ouch. You said you wern’t finished, so I’ll just let this go. Still, this would be a good section to show more of Gatomon’s character.

Organization: It’s a whit wall of text with the only use of BBCode being underlines. I’d suggest increasing the size of the headers and bolding the move names. That’s all that’s really essential to make this moveset more presentable. Due to this moveset being underdetailed it doesn’t really need to be made easy on the eyes as you can read it an instant, but it still gives off a bad first impression.

Overall: To be honest. . .I can’t really find much of anything to praise in this moveset besides the final smash, and even that has it’s flaws. Replace some of Gatomon’s generic attacks with more original ones, buff up the detail of the ones you don’t change with attack speeds and ranges, try to balance out the god that is Gatomon, add in some BBCode, and this could be a good moveset. I wish I could say this is above average and it’s a term I slap on a lot of things. . .But in MYM 4 this is below the standard. You could’ve shown up before MYM 4 to have this accepted just fine without criticism. Don’t think I’m criticizing for the sake of doing it, as I’m actually trying to help you improve. This moveset has potential, but in it’s current state, it’s not going anywhere.


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